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Full Name: Kelly Robinson and Alexander Scott
Codename: Domino
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Sheldon Leonard
Time Span: 1965 - 2002


Kelly Robinson and Alexander Scott are agents for the CIA.

The two men who comprised Domino, considered the best of eight pairs of agents working for the CIA around the world, were Robinson and Scott. Their cover was that of a tennis-bum and his trainer. Under that camouflage, they were able to travel to various parts of the world entering tournaments, performing exhibitions, or just relaxing.

These men were considerably different from each other but those differences helped to complement each other rather than clash.

Robinson was the athlete. Born in sunny California, Kelly possessed a bright, outgoing attitude which helped make the frivolous former athlete believable. His good looks and glib tongue made him a constant hit with the ladies, although his soft heart made falling in love too easy. He was highly intelligent having been a law student at Princeton before his career started. Of the two, he was the senior agent having been in the service for a few years before the pairing took place. He certainly made a number of contacts, some not so friendly, over those years.

Scott was the intellectual. A graduate of Temple University and a Rhodes Scholar, Alexander spoke 11 languages fluently and was an expert in cryptography. More cerebral and far more introverted, Scott preferred to stand in the background, which fit beautifully with the trainer role. It also helped him be considerably more observant of what was happening around them. That did not mean, though, that he was anywhere less capable or important as his keen insight noticed facts that kept the two alive when other agent teams perished.

There is no doubt that besides being a good and experience team, these two men have bonded over the years to be closer than brothers, men willing to give their lives for each other and willing to take out anyone who threatened the other.


Number of Books:8
First Appearance:1966
Last Appearance:2002

As was very common in the television industry, and still exists today, if a show looks like it might be a hit, the urge to capitalize on the merchandising takes hold. This is especially true with I Spy and the book market because of the success of the Bond books and the Man From U.N.C.L.E. franchise. While many of the published works were novelizations or fluff pieces, the owners of the I Spy property went one better.

Walter Wager was a seasoned writer who had worked both in the radio and television business as a writer and had published his own paperback detective novels. He had considerable experience and was a great choice to go to to draft novels based on the show. He used a pen-name of John Tiger for the books he wrote for the series.

The books were, as all books based on intellectual property of another media, hamstrung by not being able to go directions that might affect or conflict with the television show and since the show was still being produced and thus directions were potentially changing there, Wager/Tiger had severe limitations as to what he could and could not do.

Nevertheless, the books are very well crafted and worth the time to read, especially if you are a fan of the TV show.

1 I Spy I Spy
Written by John Tiger
Copyright: 1966

The group called itself Force I. Comprised of a strange mixture of Japanese, Chinese, and Nazis, it put together Operation Destiny. If successful, it would destroy the minds of the top men in the Pentagon, opening the country to attack. It is Kelly and Scott's job to find out who was the head of Force I, how the destruction would take place, and stop it.

2 Masterstroke Masterstroke
Written by John Tiger
Copyright: 1967

The title refers to the scheme the madman who wanted to strike back at the United States had for his foolproof strike at one of America's most beloved cities. Unless Domino can track him down in time, San Francisco will be no more but their only clue is the delectable Dolly Chen. Recently escaped from the villain, she must lead them back to his lair but she would rather just spend dime with Kelly.

3 Superkill Superkill
Written by John Tiger
Copyright: 1967

Superkill is the brainchild of the dastardly criminal organization known as Force One (previously spelt Force I), anxious to destroy half the world so they might take control of the remainder. While several Intelligence organizations stand by to step in and break up the scheme, they need vital information from Domino before they dare make a move.

4 Wipeout Wipeout
Written by John Tiger
Copyright: 1967

Kelly and Scott have two problems facing them while fighting the danger of Wipeout. The first is a scientist devoted to greed who has created a concoction that could destroy all life on this planet. The second is a dictator of a Caribbean island nation that wants to ensure his power for years to come. Together, these two people would make a horrible danger.

5 Countertrap Countertrap
Written by John Tiger
Copyright: 1967

The activity of the KGB in activating a highly successful assassin has the attention of the CIA but the stunning fact seems to be that the intended victim might be a Soviet leader and the CIA wants to prevent it. That's the job of Kelly and Scott as they get to travel to the heartland of their biggest opponent, the Soviet Union.

6 Doomdate Doomdate
Written by John Tiger
Copyright: 1967

The Nazi organization known as ODESSA is active again, once more secreting former Nazi SS officials out of prison and to freedom. This time, however, the evil freed men are being used to help an Arab dictator increase his power to achieve his ultimate goal of being the main force in the Middle East. Domino must stop them to stop him.

7 Death-Twist Death-Twist
Written by John Tiger
Copyright: 1968

The leader of the Latin American nation of Costa Verde has a plot to increase his influence about Central America by decreasing the influence of the United States. This will be accomplished by wrecking the honor of the American government unless Kelly and Scott can stop him.

8 I Spy I Spy
Written by Max Allan Collins
Copyright: 2002

This is the novelization of the movie starring Eddie Murphy and Owen Wilson. Scott and Robinson must sneak into the fortress of a billionaire and retrieving a stealth fighter.


Number of Books:1
First Appearance:1966
Last Appearance:1966

Western Publishing made a good business during the 50s-70s capitalizing on the merchandizing of television shows. One of its imprints was Whitman which brought out many hardcovered books, often illustrated, aimed at the young adult market, ages 10-15. They usually put out one or two only as that was what they perceived was the most they would find an audience for.

The sole Young Adult book about I Spy was not very good as it would seem the author likely had never viewed an episode or had any blueprint to go on. The characters are not at all like the show.

1 Message From Moscow Message From Moscow
Written by Brandon Keith
Copyright: 1966



Number of Movies:2
First Appearance:1994
Last Appearance:2002

Two I Spy movies were made after the celebrated television series left the air and they could not have been more different.

The first was a made-for-tv movie which was also released in parts of the world as a big screen event. It depicted the lives of the two operatives a quarter century later. Alexander Scott (Cosby) had left the business to make his mark in academia while Kelly Robinson (Culp) had become the head of the Department for which they had both worked.

The reunion came about when their children, now fully grown, had become agents themselves and were heading out on their first mission together. Worried about their safety, the two old-timers brush off their cloaks and sharpen their daggers to make sure the kids survive what turns out to be a pretty hair-raising assignment. Scotty and Kelly may have gotten a lot older but the affection and the banter and the ease of companionship were still there in full force.

The other movie was a re-invention of the I Spy brand made for the big screen and starring two big names in the movie business. The roles were reversed in this version. Alexander Scott (Owen Wilson) is the white guy. He is a highly trained experienced agent. Kelly Robinson (Eddie Murphy) is the black guy and is the athlete this go around, although he is a boxer instead of a tennis pro.

In the late 90s and early 2000s, it was hip to take shows from the 50s-70s and revive them for movie fodder. Almost always that meant poking fun at the original shows as if to say "I am cool. You were not."

That was the style that made up the one movie from the series. It was totally unlike the series and it could easily have been. The television series was cool and hip and just needed brushing off. Instead, the producers went for a comedy. It was not I Spy.

It was fun, though.

1 I Spy Returns I Spy Returns
Director: Jerry London
Writers: Michael Norell, Morton Fine, David Friedkin
Actors: Robert Culp as Kelly Robinson, Bill Cosby as Alexander Scott, George Newbern as Bennett Robinson, Salli Richardson as Nicole Scott
Released: 1994

When their oldest children take on the family business and become agents of their own, both worrisome dads cannot sit back and let them at it - they have to follow to make sure the kids are safe.

2 I Spy I Spy
Director: Betty Thomas
Writers: Marianne Wibberley, Cormac Wibberley, Jay Scherick, David Ronn
Actors: Eddie Murphy as Kelly Robinson, Owen Wilson as Alex Scott, Famke Janssen as Rachel, Malcolm McDowell as Gundats
Released: 2002

A super-secret, high-tech jet has gone missing and agent Alex Scott needs the services of boxing champion Kelly Robinson to provide a cover identity to get it back.


Number of Episodes:83
First Appearance:1965
Last Appearance:1968

Robert CulpKelly Robinson [ 1-3 ]
Bill CosbyAlexander Scott [ 1-3 ]

In 1965, television producer Sheldon Leonard combined an established star and an up-and-comer in a unique spy drama and had a hit. While the show lasted only three seasons, which in the business is better than most series but not as good as hoped, it became a cult hit and the characters became part of Americana.

He had been working on the idea of a television spy series, working with Desilu Productions and the creative team from Three F Productions, Morton Fine, David Friedkin and Fouad Said. While Leonard would be given creative credit and executive producer position, Fine and Friedkin would become co-producers and head writers. They also contributed 16 of the 82 scripts.

Leonard had been an accomplished actor for many years, often taking the role of gangster or heavy, but his true talents shown best behind the camera. He had been a producer on such giants as The Andy Griffith Show and The Dick Van Dyke Show, among others. He wanted something to enjoy the success of other spy series on both the big and small screens and he found it in I Spy.

One reference I read said that even as Leonard was working on the premise of his show, Robert Culp approached him with his own idea. Leonard stuck with his idea but liked the idea of Culp being one of the agents. Robert Culp was already a veteran of many television shows, both as an actor and as screenwriter. He had become best known to millions on the western Trackdown as well as guest starring on a wide variety of other dramas. He was also getting into the creative end with scriptwriting.

Bill Cosby was making a name for himself as a stand-up comic, taking breaks from the comedy circuit to appear on the Tonight Show as well as making several highly successful comedy albums. While Leonard had at first planned that the other member of the duo would be an older agent playing the part of a mentor, when he saw one night Cosby do his standup routine, he had an inspiration and changed his mind totally.

While there was some controversy in certain areas of the country over an equal partnership between a white man and a black man, to the credit of the actors and the creative staff, the racial differences played no part in the show. Scott and Kelly were equal partners just as Cosby and Culp were.

Together they would create a pair of agents who would defend the nation through 82 different missions from September of 1965 to April of 1968. They would also reunited in February of 1994 for a reunion.

1 So Long Patrick Henry
Episode 1x01, first aired 09/15/1965
Director: Leo Penn
Writer: Robert Culp
Guest Stars: Ivan Dixon as Elroy Browne, Cicely Tyson as Princess Amara, Richard Loo as Mr. Tsung, Ricky Der as Mickey, Tiger Joe Marsh as Chinese Bodyguard, John Lasell as Mr. Laswell

In Hong Kong an American athlete is defecting to the East. Scott and Kelly head there to talk him back but find that he is difficult, even to his new Chinese friends.

2 A Cup of Kindness
Episode 1x02, first aired 09/22/1965
Director: Leo Penn
Writers: Morton Fine, David Friedkin
Guest Stars: David Friedkin as Russ Conway, Irene Tsu as Girl, Lee Kolima as Kwan Tak, Robin Lee as Child, Tommy Lee as Bellhop

Ordered to kill an old friend in Hong Kong, Kelly is surprised when that friend asks him to help recover a item that will restore his reputation.

3 Carry Me Back to Old Tsing Tao
Episode 1x03, first aired 09/29/1965
Director: Mark Rydell
Writer: David Karp
Guest Stars: Pilar Seurat as Catherine, Philip Ahn as Charlie Huan, Bernard Fox as Harold, David Sheiner as Turkey, Michael Conrad as Morton, Joan Swift as Girl

To earn the right to retire to Formosa, an aging Chinese smuggler has agreed to pay a $1 million tax bill to the IRS. Scott and Kelly are sent to collect it but it is in the form of a gold stove and the man's sons are not anxious to part with it - nor is the smuggler.

4 Chrysanthemum
Episode 1x04, first aired 10/06/1965
Director: David Friedkin
Writer: Edward J. Lakso
Guest Stars: John Hoyt as Commander Riddle, Marcel Hillaire as Maximilian de Brouget, Richard Lee Sung as Seaman, Michael Sung as Waiter, Willard Lee as Wang Loo, Franklin Sui as Charlie

Naval Intelligence asks Scott and Kelly to get back some stolen defense plans. They insist that the pair work with a local agent, a French citizen who is less than capable.

5 Dragon's Teeth
Episode 1x05, first aired 10/13/1965
Director: Leo Penn
Writer: Gilbert Ralston
Guest Stars: Joanne Linville as Alicia Cavanaugh, Laya Raki as Tia Chang, Walter Burke as Johnny Sax, Ron Whelan as Capt. Porter, Michael Faulkner as George Serengi, Kam Tong as Wang Lee

Still in Hong Kong, the job for Scott and Kelly is to track down an arms dealer who uses opium to get the arms. They find him but he has just been killed and his killer is now after them.

6 The Loser
Episode 1x06, first aired 10/20/1965
Director: Mark Rydell
Writer: Robert Culp
Guest Stars: Eartha Kitt as Angel, Albert Paulsen as Ramon, Fuji as Mano, Joseph Kim as General Chu, Mako as Jimmy, Linda Wong as Lillly

Though they were successful in hijacking a shipment of heroin, Scott and Kelly find the trouble is just starting. Scott is kidnapped. While Kelly tries to find a way to free him, Scott turns for help to a nightclub singer who is also an addict.

7 Danny Was a Million Laughs
Episode 1x07, first aired 10/27/1965
Director: Mark Rydell
Writer: Howard Dimsdale
Guest Stars: Martin Landau as Danny Preston, Jeanette Nolan as Helen Robinson, Keye Luke as Lt. How, Linda Ho as Nancy, Aki Aleong as Kim, Ron Starr as Sam

Given orders to protect a mob informer in Hong Kong, Scott and Kelly discover that he is such a jerk that they would rather the mob just take him out.

8 The Time of the Knife
Episode 1x08, first aired 11/03/1965
Director: Paul Wendkos
Writer: Gilbert Ralston
Guest Stars: Madlyn Rhue as Jean Dillard, Warren Stevens as Michael Fane, Jay Novello as Corday, John van Dreelen as Alexis Kraft, Dale Ishimoto as Oshira, June Kim as Richi Ota

Missing documents are what bring Scott and Kelly to Tokyo. They discover the data may or may not have been destroyed in the car bomb that claimed a friend.

9 No Exchange on Damaged Merchandise
Episode 1x09, first aired 11/10/1965
Director: Leo Penn
Writers: Jerry Belson, Garry Marshall
Guest Stars: Sue Randall as Louise Richards, Mako as Jimmy, H. T. Tsiang as Jimmy's Father, Joanne Miya as Kai Hu, Kai Hernandez as Secretary, Byron Morrow as Bentley Reed

A double agent in Hong Kong must be exchanged for an American pilot but the agent has escaped and Scott and Kelly must find him.

10 Tatia
Episode 1x10, first aired 11/17/1965
Director: David Friedkin
Writer: Robert Lewin
Guest Stars: Laura Devon as Tatia, Richard Garland as John Irving, John Rayner as Roderick

While Kelly falls for a gorgeous photographer, the death of an agent makes Scott wonder if the woman is more than just a shutterbug and that Kelly's life might be in danger.

11 Weight of the World
Episode 1x11, first aired 12/01/1965
Director: Paul Wendkos
Writer: Robert Lewin
Guest Stars: Albert Salmi as Dr. Chulock, Marlyn Mason as Vicki, Rex Ingram as Dr. Bingham, Yuki Shimoda as Koyo, Fuji as Ko, Hideo Imamura as Mok

Scott and Kelly must track down a Chinese scientist at a convention who is planning on releasing a virus to test its potency. As cover, they must use another scientist who is not trained as a agent. Nor apparently is the junior agent they have been shackled with.

12 Three Hours on a Sunday Night
Episode 1x12, first aired 12/08/1965
Director: Paul Wendkos
Writers: Morton Fine, David Friedkin
Guest Stars: James Shigeta as Tommy, Julie London as Phyllis, Sheldon Leonard as Sorge, Simon Scott as Mr. Starrett, Key Shimatsu as Lieutenant, Kai Pat Li as Madame One Ten

As they try to get back from a fence some microfilm, the man captures Scott and gives Kelly just a few hours to raise $50,000 to buy his freedom.

13 Tigers of Heaven
Episode 1x13, first aired 12/15/1965
Director: Allen Reisner
Writers: Morton Fine, David Friedkin
Guest Stars: Miiko Taka as Yoshino Tasuko, Teru Shimada as Mr. Okura, George Matsui as Kozo, Soon-Tek Oh as Kabuki, Grant Sullivan as Colonel John Allen, Kay Reynolds as Woman

The Tigers of Heaven are a group of neo-fascists who want Japan to return to the days of the samurai and throw out all foreigners. Scott and Kelly have order to break up the group.

14 Affair in T'Sien Cha
Episode 1x14, first aired 12/29/1965
Director: Sheldon Leonard
Writers: Morton Fine, David Friedkin
Guest Stars: Vera Miles as Rachel, Roger C. Carmel as Edwin Wade, John Orchard as Gavin, Lukas Shimatsu as Lee Ho, H. T. Tsiang as Yau Shui, Hedley Mattingly as Hardy

When a sniper bullet almost hits Kelly, they discover that someone is serious about their not finding info on a mysterious train that came to Hong Kong from China and vanished.

15 The Tiger
Episode 1x15, first aired 01/05/1966
Director: Paul Wendkos
Writer: Robert Culp
Guest Stars: Lew Ayres as Dr. Maclean, France Nuyen as Sam, Robert Brubaker as Col. Wise, Allen Yung as Commandant, William Boyett as Pilot, Martin Fong as Groggy Soldier

Guerilla in Southeast Asia have taken a medical missionary's daughter as bait in a trap to kill him. Kelly must get there first to prevent the doctor's death but he learns the daughter is also an agent, and a former lover.

16 The Barter
Episode 1x16, first aired 01/12/1966
Director: Allen Reisner
Writers: R. S. Allen, Harvey Bullock
Guest Stars: Roger C. Carmel as Gordon Merritt, John Abbott as Professor Shenko, Philip Ober as Mr. Sommers, John Alderson as Koski, Michael Forest as Igor, Lisa Jager as Lin Sommers

While in Tokyo Scott and Kelly are asked by an American businessman to help rescue a Russian defector. The Russians capture the businessman's daughter to trade her for the defector.

17 Always Say Goodbye
Episode 1x17, first aired 01/26/1966
Director: Allen Reisner
Writers: Earl Barret, Robert C. Dennis
Guest Stars: Kent Smith as James Winthrop, Dan Tobin as Male Secretary, Florence Marly as Eliska, Tanigoshi as Ito, Jerry Fujikawa as Mr. Takata, Tad Horino as Oshima

During negotiations on gold reserves, an American member of the team, known for being a womanizer, is under the watch of Scott and Kelly to keep him from being an embarrassment. The Russians are determined to wreck that.

18 Court of the Lion
Episode 1x18, first aired 02/02/1966
Director: Robert Culp
Writer: Robert Culp
Guest Stars: Godfrey Cambridge as Cetshyayo, Miko Mayama as Mei, Mako as Baby Face, Dale Ishimoto as Captain Shimatsu, Eddie Parker as Udo, Joseph Kim as General

A Japanese village is being held hostage by a gangster who has radioactive isotopes and threatens to use them against the people unless they help protect him. Scott and Kelly are sent to bring him down.

19 Turkish Delight
Episode 1x19, first aired 02/09/1966
Director: Paul Wendkos
Writer: Eric Bercovici
Guest Stars: Victor Buono as Karafatma, Franco Corsaro as Steffanello, Louis Mercier as De Pierrefeu, Nicholas Georgiade as 1st Guard, Charles Horvath as 2nd Guard, Rodolfo Hoyos, Jr. as Beltran

Three agronomists have gone missing. To track them down, Scott poses as another agronomist. He discovers that a freelance spy is holding them and plans on selling them to the highest bidder.

20 Bet Me a Dollar
Episode 1x20, first aired 02/16/1966
Director: Richard C. Sarafian
Writers: Morton Fine, Davie Friedkin
Guest Stars: Pepito Hector Galindo as Ramon, Lou Krugman as Hidalgo, Miguel Angel Landa as Dr. Munoz, Danielle de Metz as Racquel, Martin Garralaga as Limon, Stella Garcia as Nurse Frias

Needing some R&R, Scott bets his partner that Kelly cannot evade him for a week. After Kelly departs, Scott learns that his friend has been infected with anthrax and has one day to live without medicine.

21 Return to Glory
Episode 1x21, first aired 02/23/1966
Director: Richard C. Sarafian
Writers: Morton Fine, Davie Friedkin
Guest Stars: Victor Jory as Ortiz, Dolores Del Rio as Cerita, Mark Dana as Martin, Antoinette Bower as Shelby, Roberto Klesias as Cordoba, Makee K. Blaisdell as Sniper

An exiled general from a Caribbean country wants to return to his homeland to take charge again. It is up to Scott and Kelly to determine if he is fit.

22 The Conquest of Maude Murdock
Episode 1x22, first aired 03/02/1966
Director: Paul Wendkos
Writers: Earl Barret, Robert C. Dennis
Guest Stars: Jeanette Nolan as Maude, Philip Bourneuf as Saunders, Pedro Gonzales Gonzales as Jaime, Laurence Haddon as Social Secretary, William Stevens as Security Man, Larry Thor as Walter Kermit

Scott and Kelly are instructed to kidnap a bureaucrat to prove her security is too lax. They do not know that their boss wants the woman's job and plans to turn the assignment to his advantage.

23 A Day Called 4 Jaguar
Episode 1x23, first aired 03/09/1966
Director: Richard C. Sarafian
Writer: Michael Zagor
Guest Stars: Rory Calhoun as Dimitri Balin, George Montgomery as Nicolai, Kamala Devi as Felicitas, Robert Carricart as Doctor, Larry Ward as Blair, Joe Dominguez as Peasant

When Scott and Kelly go to investigate a car accident in Mexico involving Kelly's girlfriend, she tells them her rescuer was the Aztec god Quetzalcoatl. Not quite sure she is right, they look further and come across a Russian pilot who wants to defect.

24 Crusade to Limbo
Episode 1x24, first aired 03/23/1966
Director: Richard C. Sarafian
Writers: David Friedkin, Morton Fine, Jack Turley
Guest Stars: Charles Winters as Elliot, Wesley Addy as Hubbard, Gene Lyons as Tom Keith, Antoinette Bower as Shelby, Frank Silvera as Munoz, Howard Duff as Sean

Kelly gets a fist instead of a handshake when he approaches a movie star while in Mexico City. Intrigued and ticked, he and Scott find out that a rebel wants to use this and other celebrities to take part in his invasion of a neighboring country.

25 My Mother the Spy
Episode 1x25, first aired 03/30/1966
Director: Richard Benedict
Writer: Harold Gast
Guest Stars: Sally Kellerman as Angela, Alejandro Rey as Ferenc, Theodore Marcuse as Tiba, Walter Kray as Kalmar, Edward Colmans as Dr. Jalis, Begonia Placios as Nurse

Scott and Kelly are told to track down a female agent who has disappeared. They find her in Mexico ready to give up her career even as she is ready to give birth.

26 There Was a Little Girl
Episode 1x26, first aired 04/06/1966
Director: John Rich
Writers: Robert Bloch, Stephan Kandel
Guest Stars: Mary Jane Saunders as Kathy, Harry Raybould as Porada, Estelita Rodriguez as Filipa, Jose DeVega as Miguel, Fred Carson as Rivera, Chet Stratton as Peterson

The government bigwig's teenage daughter Scott and Kelly are ordered to protect on a trip abroad is a spoiled brat but she truly did not know the clay mask she picked up as a souvenier contained heroin.

27 It's All Done with Mirrors
Episode 1x27, first aired 04/13/1966
Director: Robert Butler
Writer: Stephen Kandel
Guest Stars: Carroll O'Connor as Karolyi, Fay Spain as Vanessa, Richard Bull as Blaine, James Frawley as Greenberg, Roy Jenson as Tate, Lawrence Montaigne as Smollet

When Kelly is kidnapped by a foreign power and programmed to kill Scott to create an international incident, Scott must find a way to get through to his partner before his bosses have him killed.

28 One Thousand Fine
Episode 1x28, first aired 04/27/1966
Director: Paul Wendkos
Writer: Eric Bercovici
Guest Stars: Dane Clark as Gannon, Susan Oliver as Jean, Alex Montoya as Guzman, Stacy Harris as Hamilton, Jerado Decordovier as Padre, Ruben Moreno as Gaspar

A high school friend of Kelly, a pilot, bailed out of a crashing plane which carried a considerable amount of gold. He now suffers from amnesia and Scott and Kelly try to help him find the plane but old jealousies get in the way.

29 So Coldly Sweet
Episode 2x01, first aired 09/14/1966
Director: Paul Wendkos
Writer: Stephen Kandel
Guest Stars: Larry Thor as Masters, Craig Shreeve as Bennett, Charles Korvin as General Sorin, Michael Conrad as Dinat, Diana Hyland as Marisa Terezcu

Scott and Kelly travel to Palm Springs where they must decide if a female agent's defection to the West is legitimate.

30 Lori
Episode 2x02, first aired 09/21/1966
Director: Paul Wendkos
Writers: Morton Fine, David Friedkin
Guest Stars: Frank Maxwell as Paul Landon, Greg Morris as Jim Rogers, Malachi Throne as John Keegan, Billy Gray as Gershon Stutman, Nancy Wilson as Lori Rogers

A friend of Scott as well as his sister are implicated in the deaths of four members of an elite group of agents, the fifth of whom the partners have been ordered to protect.

31 Sophia
Episode 2x03, first aired 09/28/1966
Director: Robert Butler
Writers: Morton Fine, David Friedkin
Guest Stars: Raffaella Carra as Sophia, Enzo Cerusico as Gino, Caterina Boratto as Contessa, Umberto D'orsi as Bartender, Aldo Bufi Landi as Policeman, Fulvia Franco as Wife

An Italian foster-daughter of Scott is about to get married in Rome. Visiting there, he and Kelly get involved in strained relations that get Scott thrown in jail.

32 Vendetta
Episode 2x04, first aired 10/05/1966
Director: Alf Kjellin
Writer: Marion Hargrove
Guest Stars: Fausto Tozzi as Ascanio, Patrizia Valturri as Alice, Massimo Serato as Emilio Paolo, Osvaldo Ruggieri as Romolo, Victor Francen as Don Federico

For his actions during WWII, Kelly is the subject of a death sentence in a kangaroo court that the family of the victim decides to hold.

33 A Gift from Alexander
Episode 2x05, first aired 10/12/1966
Director: Alf Kjellin
Writer: Barry Orringer
Guest Stars: Alan Oppenheimer as Benkovski, Anna Karina as Alina, Michael Constantine as Plotkin, Jay Novello as Krauss

Scott and Kelly are on their own time when they decide to take part in a search for a valuable manuscript in beautiful Venice

34 Trial by Treehouse
Episode 2x06, first aired 10/19/1966
Director: Richard Sarafian
Writer: Michael Zagor
Guest Stars: Marge Redmond as Nettie, Cicely Tyson as Vickie Harmon, Raymond St. Jacques as Edward Prince Edward, Michael J. Pollard as Bernie

When they are told of a plot to destroy a hydroelectric plant, Scott and Kelly go undercover to thrawt the scheme.

35 Sparrowhawk
Episode 2x07, first aired 10/26/1966
Director: Paul Wendkos
Writers: Walter Black, Marion Hargrove
Guest Stars: Andrea Darvi as Nezhnet, Michael Constantine as Colonel Halouf, Clive Clerk as Bashik, Walter Koenig as Bobby Seville

The young ruler of a country wants very much to see Las Vegas but when given protection duty, Scott and Kelly find that Sin City can be a killer.

36 Will the Real Good Guys Please Stand Up?
Episode 2x08, first aired 11/22/1966
Director: Richard Sarafian
Writer: Rick Mittleman
Guest Stars: Val Avery as Josef, Henry Wilcoxon as Laslo Gagni, Ahna Capri as Jolie Gagni, Hari Rhodes as Scott #2, Lee Philips as Robinson #2

To snatch a prominent American rocket scientist, two enemy agents assume the identities of two American agents: Scott and Kelly.

37 Bridge of Spies
Episode 2x09, first aired 11/09/1966
Director: Alf Kjellin
Writer: Stephen Kandel
Guest Stars: Barbara Steele as Giana, Carlo Croccolo as Metkovic, Giustino Durano as Agent #1, Vittorio Bonos as Agent #2

The gorgeous Italian guide shows Scott and Kelly the scenes of several strange murders as they look for an assassin.

38 One of Our Bombs is Missing
Episode 2x10, first aired 11/16/1966
Director: Earl Bellamy
Writer: Barry Oringer
Guest Stars: Richard Bull as Newsman, Ernest Sarracino as Garibaldi, David Bond as Antonio, David Mauro as Angelo, Dewey Martin as Father Bellini

Scott and Kelly are directed to search where an unmanned American plane went down and to get its cargo back - a nuclear bomb.

39 To Florence, with Love - Part 1
Episode 2x11, first aired 11/23/1966
Director: Robert Butler
Writer: Norman Borisoff
Guest Stars: Joey Heatherton as Katie, Gabriele Ferzetti as Aldo, Eleanor Sommers as Maria, Mario Badolati as Bonfiglio, Arthur Batanides as Rocco

The young American woman is totally innocent of any crime but needs to return a stolen painting even as a gang of bunglers try to steal it from her.

40 To Florence, with Love - Part 2
Episode 2x12, first aired 11/30/1966
Director: Robert Butler
Writer: Norman Borisoff
Guest Stars: Joey Heatherton as Katie, Gabriele Ferzetti as Aldo, Eleanor Sommers as Maria, Mario Badolati as Bonfiglio, Arthur Batanides as Rocco

The young American woman is totally innocent of any crime but needs to return a stolen painting even as a gang of bunglers try to steal it from her.

41 Lisa
Episode 2x13, first aired 12/07/1966
Director: Richard Sarafian
Writer: Jackson Gillis
Guest Stars: Adam Williams as Miller Stevens, Jack Kruschen as Aram Kanjarian, Linda Marsh as Lisa, James Best as Sam

She was a mail-order bride from Greece looking for love and security in the States when she is accused of being a courier for an enemy country.

42 Little Boy Lost
Episode 2x14, first aired 12/14/1966
Director: Paul Wendkos
Writer: Chester Krumholz
Guest Stars: George Tyne as General, Larry Duran as Burnett, Fabrizio Mioni as Johnson, Sarah Marshall as Carol Baines, Ron Howard as Alan Loden, Richard Anderson as Dr. Loden

The teenager was tired of his father's indifference as the older scientist devoted his life to research so the young man left, taking some valuable data with him.

43 Father Abraham
Episode 2x15, first aired 12/21/1966
Director: Tony Leader
Writer: Stephen Kandel
Guest Stars: George Sawaya as Georges, Austin Willis as General Shaw, Jill Donohue as Senja, David Sheiner as Vaccaro, Tony Bill as Gary

The female agent working with Scott and Kelly agree to be bait in a scheme to entrap enemy agents but when her concerned father steps in, things go awry.

44 Rome ... Take Away Three
Episode 2x16, first aired 12/28/1966
Director: Alf Kjellin
Writers: Tim Ballinger, Mort Fine, David Friedkin
Guest Stars: Elisha Cook, Jr. as Erik Magnuson, Ulla Stromstedt as Tilde, Alf Kjellin as Dean Sherman, Nehemiah Persoff as Coly Collisis

As they investigate a series of information leaks in Italy, Scott and Kelly uncover a diplomat the subject of blackmail.

45 Tonia
Episode 2x17, first aired 01/04/1967
Director: Alf Kjellin
Writer: Michael Zagor
Guest Stars: G. D. Spradlin as Blair, Michael Gualon as Mortoni, Ronald Feinberg as Cesare, David Opatoshu as Zugman, Leslie Uggams as Tonia

A revolutionary group wants to break up the partnership for reasons known only to them. To achieve this, they make use of the beautiful woman that Scott has fallen for.

46 Child Out of Time
Episode 2x18, first aired 01/11/1967
Director: Alf Kjellin
Writers: Mort Fin, David Friedkin
Guest Stars: Nina Foch as Gerta, Eileen Baral as Lena, Paul Lambert as Lew, Peggy Webber as Sister Agatha

A young girl with amazing memory abilities is being used in a ploy by her mother to sell Nazi secrets to the Israelis in a scheme that is likely to cost both their lives.

47 The Trouble with Temple
Episode 2x19, first aired 01/25/1967
Director: Tom Gries
Writers: Mort Fin, David Friedkin
Guest Stars: Joan Huntington as Anya, Kurt Kasznar as Dr. Ibanez, Jack Cassidy as Nick Fleming, Carol Wayne as Temple

When he is being suspected of being a spy, a movie producer operating in Spain uses his girlfriend as a dupe to target for death Scott and Kelly.

48 The War Lord
Episode 2x20, first aired 02/01/1967
Director: Alf Kjellin
Writer: Robert Culp
Guest Stars: Jean Marsh as Catherine Faulkner, Cecil Parker as Sir Guy Faulkner, Patrick Barr as The General

Scott and Kelly are able to sneak into the back country location in China where a young English girl is being held by a Chinese warlord but when they get ready to rescue her, she refuses to go.

49 A Room with a Rack
Episode 2x21, first aired 02/08/1967
Director: David Friedkin
Writer: Michael Zagor
Guest Stars: Leo Penn as Dr. Minores, Jose Nieto as Don Jose, Cyril Delevanti as Bendat, Keith Andes as Anderson, Salome Jens as Lindy

Kelly is slow to recover from wounds received in the line of duty and fears that his worth is being questioned by his superiors. To counter this, he goes out of his way to show he still have what it takes.

50 Mainly on the Plains
Episode 2x22, first aired 02/22/1967
Director: David Friedkin
Writers: Mort Fine, David Friedkin
Guest Stars: Denny Miller as Guard, Eduardo San Jose as Policeman #1, Mona Hamlin as Maid, Axel Darner as Kurt, Carl Schell as Horst, Boris Karloff as Don Ernesto

The old man loved a good joke and a fun time and made the most of his chances for them but his formula for a missle makes him a target for not so fun things.

51 Get Thee to a Nunnery
Episode 2x23, first aired 03/01/1967
Director: Alf Kjellin
Writers: Barbara Merlin, Milton Merlin, Marion Hargrove
Guest Stars: Sal Ponti as White Jacket #2, Martin Garralaga as Brother Juan, Lilia Skala as Mother Superior, Vincent Gardenia as Dr. Mellado, Peter Lawford as Hackaby

Agents from both America and England are vieing for a chance to recover a fortune in WWII contraband rumored to exist, going to great lengths to keep the other side from getting it.

52 Blackout
Episode 2x24, first aired 03/08/1967
Director: Alf Kjellin
Writer: Barry Orringer
Guest Stars: Shepherd Sanders as Tough, Lou Krugman as Inspector, Lawrence Dane as Boris, Zohra Lampert as Zili, James Victor as Hernando, Alan Oppenheimer as Benkovsky

The Russian ballerina was also a suspected agent and someone killed her. Now Kelly, who was very close to her, is suspected and he and Scott are given less than a day to prove his innocense.

53 Magic Mirror
Episode 2x25, first aired 03/15/1967
Director: Tom Gries
Writer: Robert Culp
Guest Stars: Roy Jensen as Rochovsky, Virginia Grey as Grace, France Nuyen as Sam McLean, Ricardo Montalban as General Vera

The woman that Kelly is in love with is somehow linked to a dictator in exile, a man that Scott and he have been told to investigate for arms trafficing.

54 Night Train to Madrid
Episode 2x26, first aired 03/22/1967
Director: David Friedkin
Writer: Stephan Kandel
Guest Stars: Marianna Hill as Joanne, Barbara McNair as Leona, Michael Strong as Kutma, Don Rickles as Frank Bodie

The USO troupe on tour were meant to entertain the soldiers serving overseas but the leader, a egotist with his own agenda, is the target by the enemy.

55 Casanova from Canarsie
Episode 2x27, first aired 03/29/1967
Director: Hal Cooper
Writer: Rick Mittleman
Guest Stars: Wally Cox as Herbie, Sandy Kenyon as Barnes, Will Kuluva as Smerlov, Leticia Roman as Consuelo

He certainly did not look like much nor did he pretend to be but the man held in his head the secret to the US nuclear program and while on vacation in Spain, he becomes the interest of a femme fatale.

56 Cops and Robbers
Episode 2x28, first aired 04/12/1967
Director: Christian Nyby
Writer: Jerry Ludwig
Guest Stars: Bob Kline as Clerk, Hazel Medina as Jo, Rupert Crosse as Chester, Jim Brown as Tommy, Beah Richards as Mrs. Scott

Scott sees only his old friend paying a visit. Others know he is now an enemy agent trying to steal top secret information under his friend's nose.

57 Let's Kill Karlovassi
Episode 3x01, first aired 09/11/1967
Director: Christian Nyby
Writer: Michael Zagor
Guest Stars: Walter Slezak as Denis Karlovassi, Peter Wyngard as George, Ruth Roman as Maria

It was supposed to be a simple assignment for a change but the person at the Greek resort that was to help them is really an enemy agent with orders to kill the man they need to meet.

58 The Beautiful Children
Episode 3x02, first aired 09/18/1967
Director: Earl Bellamy
Writer: Berkely Mather
Guest Stars: Harold J. Stone as Zarkas, Eduardi Ciannelli as Charamboulis, Anna Brazou as Philipa, Paris Alexander as Andreas

With his identity as an undercover agent behind the Iron Curtain is revealed, he is set to be brought out by Scott and Kelly but he is not ready to leave.

59 Laya
Episode 3x03, first aired 09/25/1967
Director: Earl Bellamy
Writers: Mort Fine, David Friedkin
Guest Stars: Michael Rennie as Hamilton, Janet MacLaclan as Laya, Keith Andes as Troy, Marino Mase as Miklos

She had a relativly minor position at the embassy in Greece but she is the unwilling center of an immense set of maneuvers in the cloak and dagger world.

60 The Medarra Block
Episode 3x04, first aired 10/02/1967
Director: Earl Bellamy
Writer: Barry Orringer
Guest Stars: Jack Kruschen as Isaac, Norman Fell as Karin, David Bond as Reynaldo, Edmund Hashim as Sharp

The Moroccan government is ready to be toppled in a coup unless Scott and Kelly can find a way to stop it and time is running out.

61 Philotimo
Episode 3x05, first aired 10/09/1967
Director: Earl Bellamy
Writer: Ernest Frankel
Guest Stars: Harold J. Stone as Zarkas, John Megna as Stefan, Arthur Batanides as Constantinos, Eleanor Sommers as Maria

Helping a child prodigy, known around the world, to defect from Bulgaria seemed like a good idea but the trouble Scott and Kelly fall into is intense.

62 The Honorable Assassins
Episode 3x06, first aired 10/16/1967
Director: Christian Nyby
Writers: Les Fine, Tina Fine
Guest Stars: Dorothy Lamour as Helima, Nehemiah Persoff as Ropp, Edgar Stehli as Qazzani, Dan Seymour as Akun

The bandits of North Africa are determined that the aging Moroccan and his daughter must die but Scott and Kelly think otherwise.

63 Now You See Her, Now You Don't
Episode 3x07, first aired 10/23/1967
Director: Earl Bellamy
Writer: Jerry Ludwig
Guest Stars: Barbara Mullen as Kate, Keith Andres as Troy, Gregoire Aslan as Mandras, Samson Burke as Grogot

She was on a vacation visiting much of Europe when the pretty and smart mathmetician for the space agency disappears and Scott and Kelly are assigned to find her.

64 Red Sash of Courage
Episode 3x08, first aired 10/30/1967
Director: Christian Nyby
Writer: Oliver Crawford
Guest Stars: Roger C. Carmel as Pappas, Louise Sorel as Stephanie, John Qualen as Hannos

Their job was to find out why several NATO aircraft had crashed in the region around Greece but they ran into trouble with the father of a very pretty peasant girl who accuses Kelly of dishonoring her.

65 The Seventh Captain
Episode 3x09, first aired 11/13/1967
Director: Earl Bellamy
Writer: Berkely Mather
Guest Stars: Harold J. Stone as Zarkas, Nick Dennis as Kostas, George Economu as Gronow, Jack Stany as Lexae, Rita Moussouri as Madam Kyracua

Scott and Kelly have been directed to find how enemy anti-submarine hunters have operated so easily in Greece but they come up against a potent Rumanian agent.

66 Apollo
Episode 3x10, first aired 11/20/1967
Director: Earl Bellamy
Writer: Ernest Frankel
Guest Stars: Pippa Scott as Bobbie, Nancy Kovacks as Bronwyn, Ron Rich as Roger, Charlene Jones as Margo

With the Americans nearing a successful moon shot, Scott and Kelly are directed to find a threat to the security of the project.

67 Oedipus at Colonus
Episode 3x11, first aired 11/27/1967
Director: Christian Nyby
Writer: Marion Hargrove
Guest Stars: Maurice Evans as Jahbad, Delia Boccardo as Perizadah, Fouad Said as Mousa, Ken Tobey as Conway

With a holy war about to erupt in Morocco, only one man seems able to calm the tensions but he has gone missing and Scott and Kelly must find him.

68 The Lotus Eater
Episode 3x12, first aired 12/11/1967
Director: Christian Nyby
Writers: Elick Moll, Joseph Than
Guest Stars: Vivianne Ventura as Irena, Michael Evans as Harris, James Seay as Smith, Sheldon Leonard as Sorgi

Kelly has disappeared somewhere in the Greek isles and Scott is on a week-long hunt for him only to learn after finding him that he has quit the service.

69 An American Empress
Episode 3x13, first aired 12/25/1967
Director: Earl Bellamy
Writers: Elick Moll, Joseph Than
Guest Stars: France Nuyen as Cheng, Philip Ahn as Tu Po, James Hong as the Curator, Beulah Quo as Amah

Coming to the aid of a beautiful young Chinese girl in San Francisco, Scott and Kelly are surprised to find a plot underfoot to take over the country of China

70 Home to Judgement
Episode 3x14, first aired 01/08/1968
Director: Richard C. Sarafian
Writer: Robert Culp
Guest Stars: Will Geer as Uncle Harry, Robert Donner as Mailman, Una Merkel as Aunt Alta, Walter Coy as Sheriff Homer

When an assignment in the States go terribly wrong, Scott and Kelly are pursued by a strange band of criminals and must take refuge at Kelly's uncle and aunt's home.

71 Anyplace I Hang Myself is Home
Episode 3x15, first aired 01/15/1968
Director: Christian Nyby
Writer: Michael Zagor
Guest Stars: Henry Silva as Dr. Akvic, Mary Murphy as Cass, Denny Miller as Wally, Bill Henry as Colonel Shay

Without warning, Scott tries to take his life and when he is forced into medical treatment, he must relive his past to find the cause.

72 Tag, You're It
Episode 3x16, first aired 01/22/1968
Director: Earl Bellamy
Writers: Stephen Kandel, M. J. Waggoner
Guest Stars: Paul Mantee as Halsey, John Smith as Oliver, Norman Burton as Brandon

It was a training exercise - not the real thing. Then an assassin kills and Scott and Kelly are suspected.

73 A Few Miles West of Nowhere
Episode 3x17, first aired 01/29/1968
Director: Arthur Marks
Writers: Elick Moll, Joseph Than, Jerry Ludwig
Guest Stars: Andrew Duggan as Pierson, Richard Keil as Tiny, Diahn Williams as Kathy, Ken Swofford as Clay

An agent sent to investigate trouble in a desert community proposed for a nuclear plant is killed and Scott and Kelly are sent to find why. They find they are the next targets.

74 This Guy Smith
Episode 3x18, first aired 02/05/1968
Director: Ralph Senesky
Writer: Jackson Gillis
Guest Stars: Richard Denning as Delaney, Diana Muldaur as Sally, John Lupton as Sgt. Shaw, Ken Tobey as Russ

An enemy agent who may be guilty of murder is hiding in a mountain fishing resort. Scott and Kelly take the roles of vacationers on a fishing trip to find him.

75 Turnabout for Traitors
Episode 3x19, first aired 02/19/1968
Director: Earl Bellamy
Writer: Ernest Frankel
Guest Stars: Peter Donat as Hampton, Jose Chavez as Goya, Andreas Garcia as Tomas, Regina Torne as Elena

When Kelly is accused of being a traitor, he becomes the target for a major manhunt, many ready to shoot on site. One of the key hunters is his partner, Scott.

76 Happy Birthday... Everybody
Episode 3x20, first aired 02/26/1968
Director: Earl Bellamy
Writers: Morton Fine, David Friedkin
Guest Stars: Jim Backus as Tom Mathews, Gene Hackman as Frank Hunter, Jeane Bal as Shirl Mathews, Perla Walter as Rosy

A very angry prisoner has broken free and is out to get revenge on the agent who brought him to justice. Providing security are Scott and Kelly but the skills of the would-be killer are very, very good.

77 Shana
Episode 3x21, first aired 03/04/1968
Director: Christian Nyby
Writer: Robert Lewin
Guest Stars: Gloria Foster as Shana, Albert Dekker as Indris, Mary Wickes as Mildred

Somone stole a sample of a revolutionary type of rocket fuel and the word is out that all bidders should come to Acapulco. Scott and Kelly head there to find it is a beautiful model who hold the key.

78 The Name of the Game
Episode 3x22, first aired 03/11/1968
Director: Earl Bellamy
Writer: Jerry Ludwig
Guest Stars: Lloyd Nolan as General Manion, Barbara Angely as Tracy, Jorge Russek as Raul

The General misses the excitement of war and challenge of the chase. He has come up with a twist to his sport - real people as targets. Scott and Kelly are his latest prey.

79 Suitable for Framing
Episode 3x23, first aired 03/25/1968
Director: Earl Bellamy
Writer: Arthur Dales
Guest Stars: John Fiedler as Andrew, James Best as The Doctor, Dan Tobin as The Senator

The assignment seemed simple - escort a government bigwig on a routine trip to Mexico. Then someone tries to take out the President and things get complicated.

80 The Spy Business
Episode 3x24, first aired 04/01/1968
Director: Christian Nyby
Writers: Mort Fine, David Friedkin
Guest Stars: Dane Clark as Mike Woods, Paul Richards as Chanetsov, George Voskovec as Hasel

Did the defector hire his own would-be killers or is there a traitor in the system trying to silence him? Scott and Kelly try to answer those questions as evidence point to their good friend as the bad guy.

81 Carmelita is One of Us
Episode 3x25, first aired 04/08/1968
Director: Christian Nyby
Writers: Robert C. Dennis, Earl Barret
Guest Stars: Marie Gomez as Alma Roas, Nate Esformes as Arista, Paul Bertoya as Rudy

The death of a Mexican agent friend leave Scott and Kelly with his baby daughter. What they do not know is that somewhere in her belongings is a microdot that her father's killers are still after.

82 Pinwheel
Episode 3x26, first aired 04/15/1968
Director: Christian Nyby
Writers: Mort Fine, David Friedkin
Guest Stars: Arlene Golonka as Melanie, Marino Mase as Wellington, Victor Sen Yung as Han, Stella Garcia as Kull

Melanie is a very good agent even though she appears to everyone, including Scott and Kelly, as scatterbrained and easily befuddled. She is also the third member of their team on an Acapulco mission.


Number of Stories:6
First Appearance:1966
Last Appearance:1968

Gold Key, a subsidiary of Western Publishing, had the largest piece of the television-comic tie-in business during the 50s-60s. Their paper was usually not as good as the other two major comic players, DC and Marvel, but they did have good artists who were able to, when legally allowed, captured the likeness of the actor playing the character on the small screen.

Not many issues were published about the Domino team of Scotty and Kelly. That is a shame because they were not bad.

1 Stolen Secret Stolen Secret
Published by Gold Key
Contributors: Paul S. Newman (writer), Al McWilliams (illustrator)
Copyright: 08/01/1966

"Scotty and Kelly slug it out with enemy agents to recapture an American defector."

2 'The Missing Man' and 'The Tell-Tale Camera' 'The Missing Man' and 'The Tell-Tale Camera'
Published by Gold Key
Contributors: Paul S. Newman (writer), Al McWilliams (illustrator)
Copyright: 04/01/1967

"Orders to Scotty and Kelly: Get atomic scientist before he sleeps - and talks."

3 A Deadly Friend A Deadly Friend
Published by Gold Key
Contributors: Paul S. Newman (writer), Al McWilliams (illustrator)
Copyright: 09/01/1967

"Order to Kelly - Kill a friend. Order to Scotty: Pull the trigger!"

4 Duet For Danger Duet For Danger
Published by Gold Key
Contributors: Paul S. Newman (writer), Al McWilliams (illustrator)
Copyright: 02/01/1968

"Assignment for Scotty and Kelly: Crash an Iron Curtain prison and smash a frame-up!"

5 The Maximum Guerilla The Maximum Guerilla
Published by Gold Key
Contributors: Paul S. Newman (writer), Al McWilliams (illustrator)
Copyright: 06/01/1968

"Scotty and Kelly learn about guerilla warfare ... from a terrorist anxious to give them the final lesson!"

6 Live Bait Live Bait
Published by Gold Key
Contributors: Paul S. Newman (writer), Mike Roy (illustrator)
Copyright: 09/01/1968

"Scotty needs help in solving a lethal Chinese puzzle, but a vital clue is missiong - Kelly."


Number of Entries:1
First Appearance:1967
Last Appearance:1967

1 Why Spy? - Hang-Up In Hong Kong Why Spy? - Hang-Up In Hong Kong
Published by EC
Contributors: Mort Drucker (artist), Stan Hart (writer)
Copyright: 06/1967

Printed in MAD Magazine #111 (UK - #68) and from the 'Caustic Agents Dept.'
A parody satire of the TV series with Robert Culp as Killy and Bill Cosby as Scoot that travel to Hong Kong posing as tennis pros to find the kidnapped atomic scientist that's also a part-time swimsuit model.
Click here to read the story.


Number of Games:2
First Appearance:1965
Last Appearance:1966

1 I Spy Game I Spy Game
Game Type: Boardgame
Published by: Ideal
Copyright: 1965

Each player is a secret agent with his/her own mission. The goal of the game is to finish the mission before the others finish theirs.

2 I Spy Mini-Board Card Game I Spy Mini-Board Card Game
Game Type: Cards & Peg
Published by: Ideal
Copyright: 1966

Object of game is to skillfully play ones cards to be the first "Spy" to finish the assigned mission. Winner is the player that gets a peg from start to finish. Includes Cards, 2 Colored Pegs for 2 players and the Peg Board.


Number of Books:1
First Appearance:2017
Last Appearance:2017

1 Hero-A-Go-Go! Hero-A-Go-Go!
Written by , Michael Eury
Copyright: 2017

This book is subtitled "Campy Comic Books, Crimefighters & Culture Of The Swinging Sixties." It mentions and gives details on a number of Spy Series within! Welcome to the Camp Age when spies liked their wars cold and their women warm and good guys beat bad guys with a pun and a punch. Celebrate the Camp Craze of the Swinging Sixties when just about everyone was a secret agent.


One of the best television shows dealing with espionage was, without a doubt, I Spy. The stories were entertaining, the dialogue spiffy, and the rapport between the two stars was fantastic. It would be normal to worry that the atmosphere so important in the show would not transfer well to the printed page.

If the writer had not been the extremely qualified John Tiger (Walter Wager), the results would have been disastrous. These books are not perfect but they are good, especially if you are an I Spy fan.


My Grade: A


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