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Full Name: Hubert Bonisseur de La Bath
Codename: OSS-117
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Jean Bruce
Time Span: 1954 - 1968


OSS-117 is an agent for the CIA.

His proper name is Hubert Bonisseur de La Bath. Born to wealthy parents, he knew he could have found a way out of serving in combat during WWII but that was something he would never consider. Not only did he insist on serving, he took the incredibly dangerous job of working behind enemy lines for the OSS. He was assigned the codenumber of 117 in that organization and had earned the rank of Colonel by the time the war ended and his services were no longer needed.

Returning to the States, he considered entering the family business or looking for something to do elsewhere but the creation of the new CIA was too big of a draw to him and he knocked on its door offering his skills. With no hesitation he was accepted and even given the chance to continue to use his previous designation while working for the Agency.

As the series begins, the CIA is still very young and so is Hubert, though only in years. As the years pass and the adventures mount, the agent ages as well but not at the same rate. OSS-117 remains a dynamic, dangerous agent who is known for being extremely ruthless when needed and to whom the toughest, most dangerous jobs are routinely given. He would have it no other way.

Regardless of where the action takes de La Bath, he has the confidence to feel at ease and, if he cannot blend in necessarily, he certainly can be confident he has the agility and the intelligence to survive. This is vital because in the many dozens of assignments he is given over the years, there is really no place on the planet that he has not found himself at least once, sometimes more often.


Number of Books:255
First Appearance:1954
Last Appearance:1968

The OSS-117 series were originally written in French. Out of the 240+ published casefiles, only a handful were translated into English, and just a couple made it to the U.S.

The authorship of the adventures is an interesting matter for it became a family affair. The creator and initial writer was prolific author Jean Bruce, a man who wrote under several pseudonyms and in several different genres though action thrillers were his forte. The fact that his wealthy, suave, dashing, and dangerous hero came out 4 years before Ian Fleming published the first Bond adventure is worth noting.

M.Bruce had scribed nearly 90 adventures (one source indicates 90+) when he died in a car accident in 1963, producing around one new thriller every two months. With his death the series came to an abrupt end, at least for a couple of years. In 1966, the publishers and his widow, Josette Bruce, decided that she would continue the series and for the next 19 years, she kept the agent quite busy with an even greater output. Upon her retirement, the grown children of the Bruce's took up the writing and continued for another 24 adventures.

In addition to the impressive number of adventures, there have been several movies made of the agent. The first, OSS 117 Is Not Dead, was releasted in 1956. In the mid 60's five action adventure movies were released, at least two of which were released in English (?dubbed?). One starred John Gavin, an actor who had been strongly considered for taking Sean Connery's role as Bond. Two more movies were done in the early 70's.

In 2006 and 2009, two parody action films were made with the hero being played more as a satire than as a serious spy. Both did well though how they were received by fans of the books is not known.

* One book lists OSS-117's family home as being in Boston while online sites refer to his lineage as being from Louisiana French aristocracy.

Listed in the Books section are those adventures which have been translated into English. Listed immediately below are the books I have discovered in Wikipedia. There had been an excellent website devoted to OSS-117 complete with publishing schedules and cover art but apparently that site has gone down.

Note: A very good introduction to OSS 117 can be found at the excellent spy blog Dougle O Section.

Note 2: One of the French books, Contact Impossible, has been listed on one occasion as being also in English but I have never found evidence of that.

Nr   French Title (Translation)

Adventures By Jean Bruce, Written From 1949 To 1963:

1  Talk About A Naive (Here OSS 117) (Talk About A Naive (Here'S OSS 117)

2  Tous Des Patates ( OSS 117 Et Force Noire ) (All Potatoes (OSS 117 And Force Black)

3  Une GOSSe Qui Charrie ( OSS 117 Joue Le Jeu ) (A Kid Who Carries (OSS 117 Plays The Game)

4  Faut Pas S'Y Fier (Should Not Be Relied Upon)

5  Romance De La Mort (Romance Of Death)

6  Ne Jouez Pas Avec Les Filles (Do Not Play With Girls)

7  Cadavre Au DéTail (Carcass Retail)

8  OSS 117 Appelle (OSS 117 Calls)

9  Trahison (Betrayal)

10  Contact ImpOSSible (Contact ImpOSSible)

11  PièGe Dans La Nuit (Trap In The Night)

12  Une Vraie PanthèRe (A True Panther)

13  Cessez D'éMettre (Cease To Issue)

14  L'Arsenal Sautera (The Arsenal Jump)

15  Une Poule Et Des Poulets (A Hen And Chickens)

16  Cité SecrèTe (Secret City)

17  Vous Avez Trahi (You Have Betrayed)

18  Un Fromage Pour Une Souris (Cheese For A Mouse)

19  L'Espionne S'éVade (The Spy Escapes)

20  OSS 117 Contre X (OSS 117 Against X)

21  Chasse Aux Atomes (Hunt Atoms)

22  Pas Une Pour Racheter L'Autre (Not To Buy The Other)

23  Tortures (Torture)

24  Pays Neutre (Neutral Country)

25  Alerte (Alert)

26  À Qui Perd Gagne (Who Loses Wins)

27  Angoisse (Anxiety)

28  Sous Peine De Mort (On Pain Of Death)

29  OSS 117 N'Est Pas Mort (OSS 117 Is Not Dead)

30  Bonne Mesure (Good Measure)

31  OSS 117 RéPond Toujours (OSS 117 Is Still Responding)

32  Un Sarcophage Pour Isa (A Sarcophagus In Isa)

33  Carte Blanche Pour OSS 117 (Carte Blanche To OSS 117)

34  OSS 117 Top Secret (OSS 117 Top Secret)

35  Ombres sur le Bosphore (Shadows On The Bosphorus)

36  Meurtre Sur L'Acropole (Murder On The Acropolis)

37  Affaire N°1 (Case No. 1)

38  Inch Allah (Inshallah)

39  Tirez Les Ficelles (Pull The Strings)

40  Cache-Cache Au Cachemire (Hide And Seek In Kashmir)

41  Hara-Kiri (Hara-Kiri)

42  Les Marrons Du Feu (Chestnuts From The Fire)

43  Documents à Vendre (Documents For Sale)

44  Travail Sans Filet (Working Without A Net)

45  Dernier Quart D'Heure (Last Fifteen Minutes)

46  OSS 117 Rentre Dans La Danse (OSS 117 Goes Into The Dance)

47  OSS 117 S'En Occupe (OSS 117 Takes Care)

48  OSS 117 Voit Rouge (OSS 117 Sees Red)

49  NoëL Pour Un Espion (Christmas For A Spy)

50  Visa Pour Caracas (Visa For Caracas)

51  OSS 117 N'Est Pas Aveugle (OSS 117 Is Not Blind)

52  OSS 117 Tue La Taon (OSS 117 Kills Gadfly)

53  OSS 117 Franchit Le Canal (OSS 117 CrOSSes The Canal)

54  Festival Pour OSS 117 (Festival For OSS 117)

55  Chinoiseries Pour OSS 117 (Chinoiserie For OSS 117)

56  Plan De Bataille Pour OSS 117 (Battle Plan For OSS 117)

57  Partie De Manille Pour OSS 117 (From Manila To OSS 117)

58  Un As De Plus à Las Vegas (Ace In Las Vegas)

59  Le Sbire De Birmanie (The Henchman Of Burma)

60  A Tout Coeur à Tokyo (Core Asset In Tokyo)

61  Moche Coup à Moscou (Ugly Blow To Moscow)

62  GâChis à Karachi (Mess In Karachi)

63  Panique à Wake (Panic In Wake)

64  Les Secrets Font La Valise (The Secrets Are The Bag)

65  Pan Dans La Lune (Pan In The Moon)

66  Cinq Gars Pour Singapour (Five Guys In Singapore)

67  Double Bang à Bangkok (Double Bang In Bangkok)

68  DéLire En Iran (Delirium In Iran)

69  MéTamorphose à Formose (Metamorphosis In Formosa)

70  Arizona Zone A (Arizona Area A)

71  Lila De Calcutta (Lila Calcutta)

72  Tactique Arctique (Tactical Arctic)

73  Agonie En Patagonie (Agony In Patagonia)

74  Poisson D'Avril (April Fools)

75  À Tuer (To Kill)

76  OSS 117 à L'éCole (OSS 117 In School)

77  Du Lest à L'Est (Ballast In The East)

78  Plein Gaz Pour OSS 117 (Full Throttle For OSS 117)

79  OSS 117 PréFèRe Les Rousses (OSS 117 Prefers Red)

80  OSS 117 Prend Le Maquis (OSS 117 Goes Underground)

81  OSS 117 ? Ici Paris (OSS 117, This Is Paris)

82  FidèLement VôTre...OSS 117 (Yours Faithfully ... OSS 117)

83  Strip-Tease Pour OSS 117 (Striptease For OSS 117)

84  OSS 117 Au Liban (OSS 117 In Lebanon)

85  Les Espions Du PiréE (The Spies Of Piraeus)

86  Les Monstres Du Holy-Loch (Monsters Of The Holy-Loch)

87  Valse Viennoise Pour OSS 117 (Viennese Waltz For OSS 117)

88  OSS 117 à Mexico (OSS 117 In Mexico)

Adventures By Josette Bruce, Written From 1966 To 1985:

89  Los Angeles Angels (Los Angeles Angel)

90  Stop In Malta (Stop In Malta)

91  RéSeau ZéRo (Zero Network)

92  PalmarèS à PalomarèS (Awards In Palomares)

93  Congo à Gogo (Congo Galore)

94  OSS 117 Contre OSS (OSS Against OSS 117)

95  Boucan à Bucarest (Boucan In Bucharest)

96  Ombres Chinoises Sur Tanger (Shadow Of Tangier)

97  Des Pruneaux à Lugano (Prunes In Lugano)

98  Pas De Roses à Ispahan (No Roses In Isfahan)

99  DéTour à Hambourg (Detour In Hamburg)

100  Avanies En Albanie (Outrages In Albania)

101  Tornade Pour OSS 117 (Tornado For OSS 117)

102  Coup D'éTat Pour OSS 117 (Coup For OSS 117)

103  Sarabande à Hong-Kong (Sarabande In Hong Kong)

104  Surprise-Partie En Colombie (Surprise Party In Colombia)

105  Finasseries Finlandaises (Finnish Finesse)

106  Interlude Aux Bermudes (Interlude In Bermuda)

107  Vacances Pour OSS 117 (Holidays For OSS 117)

108  MéDaille D'Or Pour OSS 117 (Gold Medal For OSS 117)

109  Spatiale DernièRe (Spatial Last)

110  Jeux De Malins à Berlin (Games In Berlin Malignant)

111  OSS 117 RéColte La TempÊte (OSS 117 Harvested Temp & Ecircte)

112  Magie Blanche Pour OSS 117 (White Magic For OSS 117)

113  Gare Aux Bulgares (Beware Of Bulgarians)

114  Zizanie En Asie (Discord In Asia)

115  Un Soir En CôTe-D'Ivoire (One Evening In Ivory Coast)

116  Dans Le Mille Au BréSil (In The Mile In Brazil)

117  La Rage Au Caire (Rabies In Cairo)

118  Alibi En Libye (Alibi In Libya)

119  Mission 117 Pour OSS 117 (Mission 117 For OSS 117)

120  Coup De Dingue à St-Domingue (Crazy Shot In Santo Domingo)

121  OSS 117 Chez Les Hippies (OSS 117 Among Hippies)

122  OSS 117 S'Expose (OSS 117 Is Exposed)

123  MéLi-MéLo à Porto-Rico (Scramble In Puerto Rico)

124  OSS 117 En PéRil (OSS 117 In Peril)

125  OSS 117 Traque Le TraîTre (OSS 117 Tracks The Traitor)

126  Chassé-Croisé Pour OSS 117 (CrOSSover For OSS 117)

127  OSS 117 Joue De La Polonaise (OSS 117 Plays Polonaise)

128  OSS 117 Aime Les Portugaises (OSS 117 Loves The Portuguese)

129  OSS 117 Voit Tout En Noir (OSS 117 Sees Everything In Black)

130  OSS 117 Malaise En Malaysia (OSS 117 Malay In Malaysia)

131  OSS 117 Part En FuméE (OSS 117 Goes Up In Smoke)

132  Du Sang Chez Les Afghans (Blood Among Afghans)

133  OSS 117 Liquide (OSS 117 Liquid)

134  Balade En Angola (Walk In Angola)

135  IntermèDe En SuèDe (Interlude In Sweden)

136  Maldonne à Lisbonne (Misdeal In Lisbon)

137  HéCatombe Pour OSS 117 (OSS 117 To Slaughter)

138  Ramdam à Lausanne (Ramdam In Lausanne)

139  TraîTrise à Venise (Treachery In Venice)

140  DéRive Sur Tananarive (Drift Tananarive)

141  PéRil Sur Le Nil (Peril On The Nile)

142  OSS 117 Cherche Des CrOSSes (OSS 117 Is Looking For Butts)

143  FréNéSie à Nicosie (Frenzy In Nicosia)

144  SéRéNade Espagnole Pour OSS 117 (Spanish Serenade For OSS 117)

145  Matin Calme Pour OSS 117 (Morning Calm For OSS 117)

146  Autopsie En Tunisie (Autopsy In Tunisia)

147  Tnt à La Trinité (Tnt In Trinidad)

148  OSS 117 Dans Le Brouillard (OSS 117 In The Fog)

149  Pleins Tubes Sur Le Danube (Filled Tubes On The Danube)

150  OSS 117 Riposte (OSS 117 Response)

151  OSS 117 Sur La BrèChe (OSS 117 On The Go)

152  Plaies Et BOSSes à Mykonos (Cuts And Bruises In Mykonos)

153  OSS 117 Aux Commandes En ThaîLande (OSS 117 Flying To Thailand)

154  Tango Sur Une Corde à Piano (Tango On A Piano Wire)

155  Franc Et Fort à Francfort (Frank And Clear In Frankfurt)

156  OSS 117 Gagne Son Pari à Paris (OSS 117 Wins His Bet In Paris)

157  OSS 117 Et La Bombe De Bombay (OSS 117 And The Bomb In Bombay)

158  OSS 117 En Conflit à Bali (OSS 117 In Bali In Conflict)

159  OSS 117 Entre En Lice à L'îLe Maurice (OSS 117 From Competing In Mauritius)

160  Plein Chaos Chez Mao (Chaos In Mao)

161  Durs à Cuire à CuraçAo (Tough Guys In Curacao)

162  Cavalcade à Rio (Cavalcade In Rio)

163  Trois Maltaises Pour OSS 117 (Three Maltese To OSS 117)

164  OSS 117 Fin PrêT à Taipeh (OSS 117 Ready To Taipei)

165  Ultimatum Pour OSS 117 (Ultimatum For OSS 117)

166  Rencontres à Ibiza Pour OSS 117 (Dating In Ibiza For OSS 117)

167  Safari Pour OSS 117 (Safari For OSS 117)

168  Corps à Corps Pour OSS 117 (Melee For OSS 117)

169  OSS 117 Sur Un Volcan à Abidjan (OSS 117 On A Volcano In Abidjan)

170  OSS 117 PêChe En Islande (OSS 117 Fishing In Iceland)

171  TêTe De Turc En Turquie (Turk'S Head In Turkey)

172  Coup D'éClat à PréToria (After The Sunset In Pretoria)

173  OSS 117 Dernier Sursis En Yougoslavie (OSS 117 Last Stay In Yugoslavia)

174  Coup De Barre à Bahrein (Knackered In Bahrain)

175  Otan Pour OSS 117 (Nato OSS 117)

176  Coup De Main Pour OSS 117 (Hand To OSS 117)

177  Perfidies En Birmanie Pour OSS 117 (Treachery In Burma For OSS 117)

178  Dernier Round Au Cameroun (Last Round In Cameroon)

179  DéRapage En Alaska (Slippage In Alaska)

180  Vol De NoëL Pour OSS 117 (Flight From Christmas To OSS 117)

181  Coup De Projecteur Pour OSS 117 (Spotlight For OSS 117)

182  CroisièRe Atomique Pour OSS 117 (Atomic Cruise For OSS 117)

183  Imbroglio Pour OSS 117 (Imbroglio For OSS 117)

184  À Feu Et à Sang Pour OSS 117 (With Fire And Sword For OSS 117)

185  OSS 117 Gagne La Belle (OSS 117 Wins The Beautiful)

186  Combat Dans L'Ombre Pour OSS 117 (Fight In The Shade For OSS 117)

187  OSS 117 Joue Les Mercenaires (OSS 117 Plays Mercenaries)

188  Plan D'Urgence Pour OSS 117 (Emergency Plan For OSS 117)

189  Choc à Bangkok Pour OSS 117 (Clash In Bangkok For OSS 117)

190  Panique En Afrique Pour OSS 117 (Panic In Africa For OSS 117)

191  Bagarre Au Gabon Pour OSS 117 (Brawl In Gabon For OSS 117)

192  OSS 117 Remporte La Palme Au NéPal (OSS 117 Takes The Cake In Nepal)

193  OSS 117 SèMe La DéSunion à La RéUnion (OSS 117 Sow Discord In The Meeting)

194  OSS 117 Compte Les Coups (OSS 117 Strokes Account)

195  DéLuge à Delhi Pour OSS 117 (Flood In Delhi For OSS 117)

196  OSS 117 Chez Les Sorciers (OSS 117 In Stone)

197  Coup De Masse Aux Bahamas (Sudden Mass In The Bahamas)

198  OSS 117 Mise En ScèNe Au SéNéGal (OSS 117 Staged In Senegal)

199  Accrochage Sur L'Acropole Pour OSS 117 (Hanging On The Acropolis For OSS 117)

200  Rallye Pour OSS 117 (Rally For OSS 117)

201  OSS 117 Au Finish (OSS 117 To Finish)

202  Coup D'Arnaque Au Danemark (Quick Scam In Denmark)

203  Sans Fleurs Ni Floride Pour OSS 117 (Without Flowers Or Florida For OSS 117)

204  OSS 117 ArrêTe Le Massacre (OSS 117 Stops The Massacre)

205  OSS 117 Ne Perd Pas La TêTe (OSS 117 Does Not Lose His Head)

206  Folies En Italie Pour OSS 117 (Folies In Italy For OSS 117)

207  Alarme En Afrique Australe Pour OSS 117 (Alarm In Southern Africa For OSS 117)

208  Salades Maltaises Pour OSS 117 (Maltese Salads For OSS 117)

209  Panique à La Martinique Pour OSS 117 (Panic In Martinique For OSS 117)

210  Coup De Sang à Ceylan Pour OSS 117 (Stroke In Ceylon For OSS 117)

211  Cauchemar Irlandais Pour OSS 117 (Nightmare Irish OSS 117)

212  OSS 117 Sur Un Volcan (OSS 117 On A Volcano)

213  Sarabande Pour OSS 117 (Sarabande For OSS 117)

214  OSS 117 Au Levant (OSS 117 In The Levant)

215  Sos BréSil Pour OSS 117 (Sos Brazil For OSS 117)

216  California ZéRo Pour OSS 117 (California Zero OSS 117)

217  Coup De Poker Pour OSS 117 (Gamble For OSS 117)

218  Ko à Tokyo Pour OSS 117 (Ko In Tokyo For OSS 117)

219  Casse-TêTe Chinois Pour OSS 117 (Chinese Puzzle For OSS 117)

220  Pas De Pigeon à Venise Pour OSS 117 (No Pigeon In Venice For OSS 117)

221  Hallali En Australie Pour OSS 117 (Hallali In Australia For OSS 117)

222  Que Viva Mexico OSS 117 (Que Viva Mexico OSS 117)

223  QuéBec Point ZéRo Pour OSS 117 (QuéBec Zero For OSS 117)

224  Commando FantôMe Pour OSS 117 (Phantom Commando For 117)

225  Tuerie En Turquie (Killing In Turkey)

226  L'Enfer Du DéSert Pour OSS 117 (The Hell Of The Desert For OSS 117)

227  OSS 117 Traqué à L'îLe De PâQues (OSS 117 Tracked To Easter Island)

228  PièGe à Berlin Pour OSS 117 (Trap OSS 117 In Berlin)

229  Mission Pyramides Pour OSS 117 (Mission Pyramids For OSS 117)

230  Priorité Absolue Pour OSS 117 (Priority For OSS 117)

231  AnathèMe à AthèNes Pour OSS 117 (Anathema To Athens To OSS 117)

Adventures By Francois And Martine Bruce, Written From From 1987 To 1992:

232  OSS 117 Est Mort (OSS 117 Is Dead)

233  La Nubienne (The Nubian)

234  Le Contrat (The Contract)

235  Le Cartel (The Cartel)

236  Un DrôLe De Candidat (An Odd Candidate)

237  Viennoiseries Pour Hubert Bonisseur De La Bath (Hubert Bonisseur Pastries For The Bath)

238  Sos Kurdistan (Sos Kurdistan)

239  Quiproquo Corse (Misunderstanding Corse)

240  Mourir à El Paso (Died In El Paso)

241  Harlem Virus (Harlem Virus)

242  Le Vampire Des Carpates (The Carpathian Vampire)

243  Hong Kong Folies (Hong Kong Folies)

244  ParanoïA Parisienne (Paranoia Paris)

245  Une Ville En Otage (A City Hostage)

246  Rumba Roumaine (Rumba Romanian)

247  Casse-TêTe SuéDois (Puzzles Swedish)

248  RodéO Dans Rome (Rodeo In Rome)

249  Rendez-Vous à Berlin (Go To Berlin)

250  Des Carats Dans Le Caviar (Of Carats In Caviar)

251  Passe-Passe Pour Hubert Bonisseur De La Bath (Sleight Of Bonisseur For Hubert Bath)

252  Compte à Rebours (Countdown)

253  Toccata à Tokyo (Toccata In Tokyo)

254  Bangkok Cocktail (Bangkok Cocktail)

255  OSS 117 Prend Le Large (OSS 117 Takes Off)

1 A Coffin For Isa A Coffin For Isa
originally Un Sarcophage Pour Isa, #32
Written by Jean Bruce
Copyright: 1954

Clearly marked as an OSS117 adventure, he does not appear in it and the plot is that of a murder mystery. Several neighbors decide for fun to fake the assassination of one of them and they choose Isa. Then she turns up actually murdered.

2 Deep Freeze Deep Freeze
originally Tactique Arctique, #72
Written by Jean Bruce, Lawrence Wilson (translator)
Copyright: 1963

The Russian scientist's plans for the Arctic Circle and the ice it contains would prove a huge boon to the Motherland but a disaster to the low-lying regions of Europe. OSS-117 is in Leningrad to find the secret and get it back from the Iron Curtain.

3 Double Take Double Take
originally OSS 117 Rentre Dans La Danse, #45
Written by Jean Bruce, Lawrence Wilson (translator)
Copyright: 1964

OSS425 died getting the information proving a dangerous security leak in the American Project Fourteen but OSS117, meeting with him in Russia, now must find a way to get the data out of the Soviet Union, and staying alive in the process.

4 Short Wave Short Wave
originally Affaire Nr 1, #36
Written by Jean Bruce, Lawrence Wilson (translator)
Copyright: 1964

An Warsaw Pact radio tower is blocking the airwaves, preventing Radio Free Europe from operating. It is OSS-117's job to parachute into Poland to knock it out. He has two Poles to help in this matter but both seem to have their own issues slowing him down.

5 Pole Reaction Pole Reaction
originally OSS 117 Repond Toujours, #31
Written by Jean Bruce
Copyright: 1965

At the American Nuclear Base in Greenland, OSS-117 is one of several thousand men and women enduring sub-zero conditions. Amongst them is one woman who had decided to eradicate the opposite sex.

6 Shock Tactics Shock Tactics
originally Ombres Sur Le Bosphore, #35
Written by Jean Bruce, W. G. Corp (translator)
Copyright: 1965

Sent to Istanbul on a forced rest, OSS117 was just supposed to act as advisor on security matters for the upcoming NATO training exercises. Then it is learned that someone has stolen the plans and lives are at risk and the rest is at an end.

7 The Last Quarter Hour The Last Quarter Hour
aka Live Wire, originally Dernier Quart D'Heure #45
Written by Jean Bruce, Lowell Bair (translator)
Copyright: 1955

Someone has destroyed the CIA's network in Argentina and killed the agents leading it. OSS-117 is dispatched there to find out who did it and to get revenge for the fallen operatives.

8 Soft Sell Soft Sell
originally Plan De Bataille Pour OSS 117 #56
Written by Jean Bruce
Copyright: 1965


9 Trouble In Tokyo Trouble In Tokyo
aka Hot Line, originally A Tout Coeur à Tokyo #60
Written by Jean Bruce, Lowell Bair (translator)
Copyright: 1958

A secretary working for the US at the embassy in Tokyo has been approached by enemy agents and the CIA want to use her to track down their network.

10 Flash Point Flash Point
originally Moche Coup à Moscou #61
Written by Jean Bruce, W. G. Gray (translator)
Copyright: 1965


11 Photo Finish Photo Finish
originally OSS 117 à L'éCole #76
Written by Jean Bruce
Copyright: 1965


12 Dead Silence Dead Silence
originally Cadavre Au DéTail #7
Written by Jean Bruce
Copyright: 1967

Sent to Lisbon to meet with an informant, OSS117 heads to the man's hotel room and interrupts two men who have just drowned the contact and now would like to make a corpse of Hubert. Barely surviving, he is intrigued when the phone rings and he is asked if he has the Evil Eye.

13 High Treason High Treason
originally Trahison #9
Written by Jean Bruce
Copyright: 1967


14 Top Secret Top Secret
originally OSS 117 Top Secret #34
Written by Jean Bruce
Copyright: 1967

OSS117 was in Tangier on a very hush-hush assignment but on his first day in the city, his beautiful colleague is murdered and Hubert knows the secrecy is long gone.

15 Cold Spell Cold Spell
originally Cinq Gars Pour Singapour #66
Written by Jean Bruce
Copyright: 1967

Sent to Singapore to investigate the sudden desertion of an entire company of U.S. Marines, OSS117 thinks at first that the job will be a simple, swift one but when the bodies start showing up, he has to change his mind.

16 Strip Tease Strip Tease
originally Strip-Tease Pour OSS 117 #83
Written by Jean Bruce
Copyright: 1968



I cannot help thinking, now that some time has gone by since I first read the OSS-117 books that made it to the States, that the movies made in the decades since I first learned of him and enjoyed the action of this dashing and fun-loving but still dangerous and efficient hero should not have been made.

The two in the last decade, written to be spoofs of the genre, are a lot of fun and do a great job of elbowing the clichés quite nicely but to do so with an agent who has entertained people for decades without the humor seems just wrong. It is much like the Matt Helm movies starring Dean Martin - fun, fun movies that still did not need to put down one of spy-fi's best American agents.

Now that I've gotten that rant out - read the few OSS-117 stories that were translated into English. The two that made it to America are relatively inexpensive and well worth the time. They are translations and so much might have been lost but there is enough staying behind to make it a good read.

Or learn French and have a whole lot more available.


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Sir Gerald A+ 5/18/2012 11:49:56 AM

I read a couple of these in the '60s - "Short Wave" was certainly one. The thing I find most fascinating about 0SS-117 is that I am completely convinced that he was the template for Fleming's Bond and Jean Bruce never gets the credit for this. A shame!

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