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Full Name: Saul Grisman
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: David Morrell
Time Span: 1984 - 2005


Saul Grisman is an assassin with the CIA.

As an orphan growing up in the state facility, Grisman had one friend, another boy named Chris. Though Grisman was Jewish and Chris a Catholic, they became inseparable. Between Chris' brains and ability to observe and Saul's physical prowess and willingness to stand up to the other kids, they survived.

After a few years, when the boys were in their early teens, the old man came. At first he befriended Chris, bringing him candy and taking him to baseball games and other outings. Then at the old man's insistance and to Chris' delight, Saul was added to the events. Over the course of several years and many sporadic visits, they grew to have a deep affection for the old man and he seemed to feel the same.

What he never bothered to tell them was that he worked for the CIA and was grooming them to be become assassins, willing to obey his commands without hesitation and without questioning. It took years but when he felt the time was right, he put them to work, creating his own pair of operatives that the Agency didn't know about, his own two killing machines.

It should have gone on like this indefinitely but trouble at home made the old man worried about his future and he grew to fear what would happen when their existance became known. He had risen far enough in power that they were becoming a potential embarrishment or worse, the means to destroy him if they were discovered. To eliminate the possible danger he now perceived them to be, he set them up to die.

Chris dies. Grisman lives. Bad luck for the old man.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:1984
Last Appearance:1987

1 The Brotherhood Of The Rose The Brotherhood Of The Rose
Written by David Morrell
Copyright: 1984

For years the old man they loved as a father used them as assassins as he did operations for the CIA. When trouble hit, though, he turned against them and one died. Now the survivor, Saul Grisman, wants revenge. And the truth.

2 The League Of Night And Fog The League Of Night And Fog
Written by David Morrell
Copyright: 1987

Old men are disappearing. If they were dieing no one would probably notice but these were disappearing and that makes Grisman very curious. His investigation leads him to David MacLane who also wants to know why.


Number of Stories:1
First Appearance:2005
Last Appearance:2005

1 The Abelard Sanction The Abelard Sanction
short story
Written by David Morrell
Copyright: 2005

Published in Thriller, an anthology edited by James Patterson.
Saul Grisman seeks sanctuary in a monastery safe house that is not very pleased to see him but Grisman's mission is too important to him to let anyone turn his away.


Number of Movies:1
First Appearance:1989
Last Appearance:1989

1 The Brotherhood of the Rose The Brotherhood of the Rose
Director: Marvin J. Chomsky
Writers: Gy Waldron, David Morrell
Actors: Robert Mitchum as John Eliot, Peter Strauss as Romulus, David Morse as Remus, Connie Sellecca as Erika Bernstein, James Sikking as Felix, M. Emmet Walsh as Hardy
Released: 1989

A two-part tv mini-series. Two orphans, raised as brothers by a CIA spymaster, are sent on a mission which, when it goes very wrong, leaves them in danger and hunted by the very people who once employed them.


I think the world of David Morrell. His novels are compelling, his action awesome, and his characters are realistic. From the day I read First Blood I liked his work. When I read his next book, I cried in several spots and cursed in others, it was so good.

It is with pleasure that I include two of his two-book series to this group. These two books are linked and form a sort of trilogy as the second book in this series co-stars the lead character from the other series, David MacLane.

All three books deserve reading.


My Grade: A-


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