1943 -

Writing as: David Morrell

Born in Ontario, David Morrell earned a BA in English from St. Jerome's University and moved to the US from Canada to study at Penn State where he eventually earned a Ph.D. in American Lit. He earned a living as a professor in Iowa and it was there that he published his first novel, First Blood which became famous as the origin of Rambo.

Series Books
Saul Grisman The Brotherhood Of The Rose (1984)
  The League Of Night And Fog (1987)
  The Abelard Sanction (ss) (2005)
Drew MacLane The Fraternity Of The Stone (1985)
  The League Of Night And Fog (1987)
Other First Blood (1972)
  Testament (1975)
  Last Reveille (1977)
  The Totem (1979)
  Blood Oath (1982)
  The Hundred-Year Christmas (1983)
  Rambo: First Blood Part II (1985)
  Rambo III (1988)
  Fifth Profession (1990)
  The Covenant of the Flame (1991)
  Assumed identity (1993)
  The Totem - unabridged (1994)
  Desperate Measures (1994)
  Extreme Denial (1996)
  Double Image (1998)
  Black Evening (1999)
  Burnt Sienna (2000)
  Long Lost (2002)
  The Protector (2003)
  Nightscape (2004)
  Creepers (2005)
  Scavenger (2007)
  The Spy Who Came for Christmas (2008)
  The Shimmer (2009)
  The Naked Edge (2010)