Full Name: Rod Damon
Series Name: The Coxeman
Nationality: American
Organization: Coxe Foundation
Occupation Agent

Creator: Troy Conway
Time Span: 1967 - 1973


Rod Damon, the Coxeman, is an agent for a secret U.S. government agency.

Born in Wisconsin, Damon enjoyed a normal childhood and went on to college. At 21, he received his B.S. in Sociology before entering the service for a 3-year stint as a U.S. Army Intelligence officer. Graduate school came next but for the next few years, he was a grad student, struggling with the studies of Kinsey and getting nowhere, until he thought of a better approach.

Finding several willing co-eds and a few ancient manuals on sexual practices, Damon set about to recreate each activity in order to determine the 'emotional responses of contemporary collegians to practices of civilizations past.' Three months and a lot of fun later, he had enough material to finish his doctoral thesis. This research was published, became famous in academic circles, and the newly titled Dr. Damon was awarded a huge grant by a prominent research foundation to continue his excellent work.

That is how Rod Damon, now a professor of sociology at one of America's major university, became the founder and director of L.S.D., the League for Sexual Dynamics. This position gave Damon the chance to earn a good living and continue the constant research on sexuality that has been so important to him thus far.

Damon got his start as the Coxeman when he was railroaded into the espionage service by a threat of criminal prosecution. It seems that an eager college co-ed, happy to assist in the study of the 20 different positions of the Saluka Goddess of Love, was not the 18 Damon thought her but actually a finely developed 16 genius. It was working for the government or being a guest of it. Damon chose work.

The Coxeman title refers to his cover as a grantee of the Thaddeus X. Coxe Foundation, a cover organization for the ultra-secret American espionage group so clandestine that not even the CIA know about them.

Using this position as camouflage, Rod Damon is able to go just about anywhere to continue his studies into something done just about everywhere: sex.

Damon loves sex. He loves getting pleasure and he loves greatly giving pleasure. His knowledge of the history of the research this enjoyable activity is tremendous and fills the pages as he passes that learning on to the readers.

With all the research he personally does, it would be astronomical the number of little girl and boy Damons he would have produced if he had not been ethical enough at 25 to have himself fixed.

Though he is not 'loaded for bear', however, does not mean he is not ever-ready for action for Damon possesses a unique ability, or handicap, that makes him always able to answer the call for duty. What a hero!

6' tall and weighs 180 pounds. To help him survive his work with the League as well as staying alive during his Coxeman capers, he has maintained his body in tiptop shape and has even learned the tools of his new trade such as judo, karate, and savate as well as handling firearms.

Oh, as if the whole concept of the series isn't strange enough, the leader of the organization that Damon is forced to work with is never named. Instead, he is always referred to by the nickname given by Rod when they first met - Walrus-Moustache. Described as tall, thin, well groomed, and well-clothed, this head of the Coxe foundation appears in virtually every adventure. He is simply referred to as Walrus-Moustache due to his most prominent feature, the thin but long moustache he possesses.


Number of Books:34
First Appearance:1967
Last Appearance:1973


Let's face it. A series written primarily with sex as the emphasis and adventure secondary is not going to win any awards. Furthermore, series written by different authors have a terrible time with continuity. So the Coxeman series has two major strikes against it at the beginning. It is, therefore, no surprise that the Coxeman does eventually strike out.

That's the bad news. The good news is that there are several of the books in the series that are quite good with thought-out plots and darn good writing. They are the exception, however. It is interesting that those books that are good have one main facet that the other authors, most notably Michael Avallone, seemed to ignore. If the sex comes as a part of the adventure, it can be titillating and fun. If the adventure comes as a sometime interlude between sexual bouts, it is usually a bore.


My Grade: D+

Your Average Grade:   A


David A+ 4/19/2014 10:34:10 PM

If not for Avallone it wouldn't even get D+, but those by him are worth the effort.

The Antic A 2021-03-19

A perfect read for laid back enjoyment. Fun and original.

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