1911 - 1986

Writing as: Gardner Fox, Rod Gray, Bart Somers

Gardner Fox was a man of incredible imagination and the remarkable ability to put his ideas down on paper, whether it was in prose form or in thousands of comic books.

Born in Brooklyn, New York, he earned a law degree and started practicing law but the Great Depression forced him to find other ways to make money. He found that in the offices of Detective Comics. Though he did not create Batman, he was one of the earliest writers on the series and cmae up with many of the 'standards' including the very handy utility belt.

Other characters he either helped create or flesh out include the first Flash and Hawkman. He created the Justice League, a rework of the Justice Society.

Series Books
Gardner Fox
Nick Carter Night of the Condor (1987)
The Coxeman The Best Laid Plans (1969)
  Up And Coming (1972)
Cherry Delight The Italian Connection (1971)
  Tong In Cheek (1973)
  Silverfinger (1973)
  Up Your Ante (1973)
  Crack Shot (1973)
  I'm Cherry, Fly Me (1973)
  Chuck You, Farley (1973)
  Hot Rocks (1973)
  Hang Loose (1974)
  Treasure Chest (1974)
  Busted! (1974)
  What A Way To Go (1974)
  In A Pinch (1974)
  Fire In The Hole (1974)
  Broad Jump (1974)
  Made In Japan (1974)
  The Jersey Bounce (1974)
  Over the Hump (1974)
  Lights! Action! Murder! (1975)
  In A Bind (1975)
  Always On Sunday (1975)
  Mexican Standoff (1975)
  The Big Bankroll (1975)
  Roman Candle (1975)
Lady From L.U.S.T. The Poisoned Pussy (1968)
  Laid In The Future (1970)
  The Copulation Explosion (1970)
  Blow My Mind (1971)
Starr Flagg Dinner Date With Death (ss) (1947)
Spy-Chief [creator]
Rod Gray
Lady From L.U.S.T. The Lady From L.U.S.T. (1967)
  Lay Me Odds (1967)
  The 69 Pleasures (1967)
  Five Beds To Mecca (1968)
  The Hot Mahatma (1968)
  To Russia With L.U.S.T. (1968)
  Kiss My Assassin (1968)
  South Of The Bordello (1968)
  The Big Snatch (1970)
  Lady In Heat (1970)
  Turned On To Lust (1971)
  Easy Ride (1971)
  The Lady Takes It All Off (1971)
  Skin Game Dame (1972)
  The Lady Killer (1975)
  Go For Broke (1975)
  Have A Snort! (1975)
  Target For Tonight (1975)
  The Maracaibo Affair (1975)
  Voodoo Kill (1975)
  Kill Her With Love (1975)
Other Jules Verne's Five Weeks in a Balloon: Movie Novel (1962)
  Warrior of Llarn [Llarn] (1964)
  Escape Across the Cosmos (1964)
  The Arsenal of Miracles (1964)
  Beyond the Black Enigma (1965)
  The Hunter Out of Time (1965)
  Thief of Llarn [Llarn] (1966)
  Abandon Galaxy! (1967)
  Kothar and the Demon Queen (1969) [Kothar] (1969)
  Kothar of the Magic Sword (1969) [Kothar] (1969)
  Barbarian Swordsman (1969) [Kothar] (1969)
  The Druid Stone (1970)
  Kothar and the Wizard Slayer (1970) [Kothar] (1970)
  Kothar and the Conjurer's Curse (1970) [Kothar] (1970)
  Conehead (1973)
  Warlock Warrior (1975) [Kyrik] (1975)
  Kyrik Fights the Demon World (1975) [Kyrik] (1975)
  Kyrik and the Lost Queen (1976) [Kyrik] (1976)
  Kyrik and the Wizard's Sword (1976) [Kyrik] (1976)
  Carty (1977)
Bart Somers
Commander Craig Beyond The Black Enigma (1965)
  Abandon Galaxy! (1967)