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Full Name: Danny Nash
Nationality: British
Organization: MI6
Occupation Agent

Creator: Richard D. Handy
Time Span: 2015 - 2020


Danny Nash is an agent of MI6.

Operating in the years before the start of the Second World War, Nash is one of those operatives for whom the term 'gray man' is used, likely because while he works for the Firm, he also doesn't. "Sooner or later his luck would run out - and when it did, the powers that be back home wouldn't be mounting any rescue. He was on his own". 

Nash is technically an officer in the British Army but since at the time of these adventures, roughly 1933-34, MI6 really is Military Intelligence Department 6, his being assigned to that group is not surprising and was without difficulty. Nash holds the rank of Major in the service which is impressive because from the way he is portrayed, he is still in his 20s, albeit towards the end of that decade.

In MI6 working directly for the head of the department, Sir Hugh Sinclair, Nash has found himself with two obstructions of sorts to personal life he claims that he so deeply wants. The first is that he has shown over the years of working for Sinclair that he is a very capable operative and so likely the first man that Sinclair would think of to send on highly important, and thus certainly deadly, missions. As a result, Nash is seldom back in the UK for long before yet another problem arises necessitating his leaving. The second is that he is very much in love with, and has that affection reciprocated, by Sinclair's beautiful and independently minded daughter, Emily, a personal secretary to the First Lord of the Admiralty, Winston Churchill. Nash desires very much to marry the woman and even proposes but then another mission is needed by Sinclair and off Nash goes again. As much as Emily Sinclair would want to accept the proposal, she is determined that she will not be "a bride one day and a widow the next". To his credit, the elder Sinclair approves of the relationship and would not mind Nash as a son-in-law but then another problem comes up and ... the relationship stalls yet again.

It is prudent here to point out that while Nash is definitely annoyed at the state of his love interests, he cannot honestly say that he only accepts the missions he is given because of dedication to King and Country. Yes, he is very much a patriot but there is no doubt that Nash adores the excitement and danger that each new assignment brings him and would chafe were he to be given the time off he claims to desire.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2015
Last Appearance:2020

1 The Reich Dvice The Reich Dvice
Written by Richard D. Handy
Copyright: 2015

The year is 1933.
"Professor Gustav Mayer makes a monumental discovery, but a new menace rises in Germany …
Mayer is hunted by ruthless killers from the newly formed SS, with only his conscience and a mysterious agent, Major Danny Nash of the British Secret Intelligence to protect him. Mayer is captured and forced to work on the fledgling V1 rocket programme, but Germany has greater ambitions. The brutal Commandant Kessler knows Mayer is hiding something.
Nash has a stark choice: save Mayer or protect the world from a devastating new technology. A trail of espionage leads from Berlin to New York, Cairo, and then South Africa. German spies are trading gold for clandestine favours in Cape Town. But what does this have to do with big American corporations and V1 rockets?"
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2 The Wolfsberg Deception The Wolfsberg Deception
Written by Richard D. Handy
Copyright: 2020

The year is 1941.
A secret meeting between Nazi industrialists and representatives form the Soviet Union is taking place in Iran during which dangerous intelligence is being shared. Danny Nash has found a way into that meeting but "there’s a catch – he must send Emily Sinclair, daughter of the head of British Intelligence". Nash accompanies her to that region where he must constantly be on the look out for treachery and the likelihood of both of them dying, especially from a brutal SS officer who is "hires a Persian assassin from an ancient order of swordsmen. "
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The two (so far) adventures of Danny Nash are well-written, very exciting tales of pre-WWII espionage. The author goes to great length to let the reader know just how despicable most of the Nazi foes Nash faces are. There is no ambiguity about how evil men like Commandant Kessler are. It is often said the mark of a good hero is the difficulty of his opponents and in the case of Kessler, that is pretty high. As a reader, I keep hoping someone will end that S.O.B. and Nash comes close now and then but ... well, Kessler is a stubborn foe who just will not die.


My Grade: B


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