Writing as: Richard D. Handy

According to the bio on his website: "I have over thirty years of experience in academic publishing and editing. This includes authoring nearly two hundred scientific papers, book chapters, textbooks, symposium volumes, book reviews and editing for scientific journals.

My commercial publishing experience includes setting up new imprints, commissioning volumes, e-book production for novels, paperbacks, and producing non-fiction books for other authors.

My novels include the historical spy thrillers, The Reich Device, and recently, The Wolfsberg Deception. My latest novel, Loyalty and Lunacy, a tragic love story set at the start of WWI is available now.

I have taught the art of writing for many years, being a qualified teacher for higher education and a professor. I am available for teaching, writing workshops, public speaking, manuscript reviews, editing and proof reading."

Series Books
Danny Nash The Reich Dvice (2015)
  The Wolfsberg Deception (2020)
Other Loyalty And Lunacy (2021)