The Reich Dvice
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The Reich Dvice

Written by Richard D. Handy

The year is 1933.
"Professor Gustav Mayer makes a monumental discovery, but a new menace rises in Germany …
Mayer is hunted by ruthless killers from the newly formed SS, with only his conscience and a mysterious agent, Major Danny Nash of the British Secret Intelligence to protect him. Mayer is captured and forced to work on the fledgling V1 rocket programme, but Germany has greater ambitions. The brutal Commandant Kessler knows Mayer is hiding something.
Nash has a stark choice: save Mayer or protect the world from a devastating new technology. A trail of espionage leads from Berlin to New York, Cairo, and then South Africa. German spies are trading gold for clandestine favours in Cape Town. But what does this have to do with big American corporations and V1 rockets?"