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Full Name: Nathan Grant
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Kenneth Rosenberg
Time Span: 2021 - 2023


Nathan Grant is an agent with the CIA.

As we meet him in one of the first recorded adventure of his, he is nearing the time to say goodbye to the Agency, both in years and in often frustration. That adventure starts with his meeting a contact in a former infamous Soviet prison in Estonia and he is a tad unhappy about going the meeting and the locale without a weapon but he was told not to because the CIA "didn't want him shooting up the place". From the thoughts of Grant at the time, he would likely not have done such a thing but having the option would have been preferred.

And if gunplay had come into the matter, he would have been able to hold his own quite nicely as his old Army Ranger skills would certainly have come into play. Unfortunately for Grant, in that encounter, shots are fired and Grant has to rely on other abilities to stay alive.

Moving forward, Grant will decide that his time with the CIA had come to a logical end and he was ready to settle down. When that does not work out as he expected, he will be approached by the Agency to again work for them, this time on a contract basis which meant that while he would be largely on his own and would be disavowed if caught, he at least was free to carry his form of protection and that would make him feel a whole lot safer.

Grant is likely in his late 30s based on several tours of duty in the Middle East as a Ranger before joining the Agency and then just over a decade working for Langley. He is described as "tall and sturdy, with a chiseled jaw, the perfect nose and short, dark hair" and as having "chiseled abs". He is confident in himself and therefore quite at ease with the opposite sex, possibly do to his having a "buoyant, optimistic personality" in which he "couldn't help but smile and focus squarely on the brighter side of life". At least so thought very beautiful and quite capable Natalia Nicolaeva with whom he has an exciting adventure.

Good Lines:
- In a blurb for an adventure, "Why is it that when Nathan Grant is involved, everything always seems to go south?"


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:2021
Last Appearance:2023

1 Mystery Girl Mystery Girl
Written by Kenneth Rosenberg
Copyright: 2021

Book 4 in the Natalia Nicolaeva series.
"Natalia and her friends are off to Budapest for a wild weekend in celebration of her roommate's wedding engagement. Wherever Natalia Nicolaeva goes, though, trouble never seems far behind. Things go off the rails very quickly, but does Natalia have it in her to somehow set things right?"
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2 The American The American
Written by Kenneth Rosenberg
Copyright: 2021

"One last mission. Too bad it went so horribly wrong.
Following a distinguished career as an American spy, Nathan Grant is ready to part ways with the CIA. Unfortunately, his adversaries aren't as eager to let him go. When a final mission ends in the deaths of two Russian spies, Grant is a marked man. Russian assassins are gunning for him, but to stay one step ahead, Grant must uncover the identity of a mole buried deep within the CIA. After traversing the globe in search of clues, the truth will shock him to his core. Now it is Nathan Grant who will use his skills as a former Army Ranger to stop at nothing for revenge."

3 The Paris Conspiracy The Paris Conspiracy
Written by Kenneth Rosenberg
Copyright: 2022

"Nathan Grant is at it again, this time hunting down a group of international assassins as they try to take out some of America's highest-ranking diplomats. After breaking with his bosses at the CIA, Nathan is left to solve this mystery on his own. What he uncovers is a conspiracy stretching all across the globe and involving corrupt politicians, notorious drug cartels and ruthless weapons smugglers. Only Nathan Grant could possibly tie these many threads together and get to the truth."
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4 The Berlin Connection The Berlin Connection
Written by Kenneth Rosenberg
Copyright: 2022

"When a former Army Ranger buddy tries to recruit Nathan Grant for a new private venture, things quickly go off the rails. Nathan had hoped to settle into a quiet life, renovating an old cottage in the south of France, but a peaceful retirement just doesn't seem to be in the cards. Instead, he's forced to avenge the brutal murder of his old friend and figure out what, if anything, this all has to do with their old unit, the 75th Ranger Regiment, 3rd Battalion. One thing is for sure, Nathan won't stop digging until he gets to the bottom of it all, and exacts his revenge."
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5 London On Fire London On Fire
Written by Kenneth Rosenberg
Copyright: 2023

Coming in August, 2023.
"Nathan Grant is in London, so why not catch up with his old pal, Natalia Nicoleava? They haven't seen each other in ages and truth be told, he's always had a thing for Natalia ever since they first met three years earlier. This time their reunion goes swimmingly, until one of her contacts is murdered in broad daylight. When terrorists strike the financial district soon after, Nathan and Natalia are left unraveling the connections. One thing quickly becomes clear, they'd better act fast or the whole city might go up in flames."
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Number of Stories:1
First Appearance:2023
Last Appearance:2023

1 The Vienna Assignment The Vienna Assignment
Written by Kenneth Rosenberg
Copyright: 2023

"This story follows Nathan on his very first posting as a rookie intelligence operative with the CIA."


Okay I am admitting that I liked the Nathan Grant series for two reasons.

The first is that Grant is a pretty interesting fellow who has to at times put up with idiots but at no time does he have to like it. Watching him handle things his own way is a lot of fun especially knowing how pale that would make his bosses back in Langley if they ever learned.

The other is the pretty amazing Natalia Nicolaeva who was actually around before Grant (in publishing history terms) with her own well deserved series. It is in one of her terrific adventures that we first meet Grant. So is she playing in his sandbox or he in hers?

Either way, the author, Kenneth Rosenberg, tells really good stories.


My Grade: A-


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