Writing as: Kenneth Rosenberg

According to the bio on his website: "When Kenneth Rosenberg was a small child, the very first thing he ever wanted to be was an airline pilot. On a family trip to see the grandparents in upstate New York, he was invited into the cockpit of a commercial airline by the flight crew and was enamored with all of the buttons and knobs and flashing lights. On top of that, the pilots made for such striking figures in their clean-pressed uniforms. Yes, that was the life for him, jetting off around the world for a living.

In the end, Kenneth did get his private pilot’s license along the way, and never lost his love of travel. As he grew into adulthood, however, he found himself intrigued by an entirely different profession. In a family that promoted a love of reading, he was inspired by authors like George Orwell, Ernest Hemingway and Joseph Conrad. These writers lived wildly adventurous lives of their own, and told stories that matched them.

In the years since, Kenneth has bounced around the globe as an itinerant writer. To earn a living he worked as a journalist, snowboard instructor, dive master, merchant seaman and substitute teacher, among many other jobs. In 2011 he began to self publish his books online and has spent the years since creating various series and stand-alone books, eventually leading to his current Nathan Grant thriller series.

These days, Kenneth splits his time between Southern California and Budapest, with various sojourns in between along the way. Wherever he finds himself, you can bet it will show up at some point in an upcoming Nathan Grant novel. It ends up that the writer’s life is not so bad at all."

Series Books
Nathan Grant The American (2021)
  Mystery Girl (2021)
  The Paris Conspiracy (2022)
  The Berlin Connection (2022)
  London On Fire (2023)
  The Vienna Assignment (ss) (2023)
Natalia Nicolaeva Russia Girl (2019)
  Vendetta Girl (2019)
  Spy Girl (2020)
  Mystery Girl (2021)
Other No Cure for the Broken Hearted (2010)
  The Extra [Hollywood Romance] (2014)
  Bachelor Number Five [Hollywood Romance] (2014)
  Bachelor Number Nine [Hollywood Romance] (2015)
  The Art of Love [Hollywood Romance] (2015)
  Enemies: A War Story (2018)