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Full Name: Natalia Nicolaeva
Nationality: Moldovan
Organization: None
Occupation Other - Survivor

Creator: Kenneth Rosenberg
Time Span: 2019 - 2021


Natalia Nicolaeva is a vigilante.

I started to describe her as a survivor since considering the terrible things that happen to her when she had the audacity to try to make a better life for herself than chopping grain with a scythe on a tiny impoverished farm in her native Moldova. That last is where we meet her at the beginning of the first recorded adventure. She might have still been living there with no real prospects other than to marry someone she probably would not truly love and work another tiny farm with him, had it not been for a friend who was told of a great opportunity to work as a waitress in distant Italy. The friend needed someone to go with her for safety and reluctantly, Nicolaeva agreed. That will be when needing to be a survivor steps in.

But I then almost put down as her 'occupation' that of a student because that is what she will become after a while and it is as such that she will be first approached by MI5 and asked to help in a matter. 'Ask' is putting it far too politely but then Nicolaeva has gotten pushed into things in a lot rougher ways and has managed to survive.

Nicolaeva has her stories told in this compendium because in trying to first survive and later do the right thing, she will come up against international criminals, Russian computer hackers, corrupt government officials, and even hired killers. And after holding her own against those dangers, she will work on an ad hoc basis with both British Intelligence, as mentioned above, and then with a CIA operative.

Back to the 'vigilante' moniker assigned her - it is given because there are several times that she could have, once out of immediate danger, left it behind and sought safety. That is not, though, the kind of person that she is. As mentioned in one particularly nasty situation, she does "whatever she can to make the killers pay for their crimes". She might not have formal training in such matters but what she 'can' is quite a bit.


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:2019
Last Appearance:2021

1 Russia Girl Russia Girl
Written by Kenneth Rosenberg
Copyright: 2019

"Born into poverty in the heart of Eastern Europe, Natalia Nicolaeva dreams of a better life. When she is offered a job abroad, however, the promise of the outside world is as terrifying as it is thrilling. After gathering the courage to leave her tiny village, it doesn’t take long before Natalia’s worst fears are confirmed. Kidnapped and forced into prostitution, Natalia must fight first for her honor and then for her life."
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2 Vendetta Girl Vendetta Girl
Written by Kenneth Rosenberg
Copyright: 2019

"Natalia Nicolaeva is off to study in St. Petersburg, Russia, but when another student is murdered, her life goes spiraling out of control once more. She could choose to just stay out of it, but then, that's not really Natalia's nature. Instead, she opts for the opposite tactic; doing whatever she can to make the killers pay for their crimes."
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3 Spy Girl Spy Girl
Written by Kenneth Rosenberg
Copyright: 2020

Natalia Nicolaeva is "studying in London, where a group of domestic extremists is terrorizing the city. Caught up in events through association, Natalia is offered a choice by the British intelligence services. She can go undercover for MI5 or face deportation to Russia, where dire consequences await. After agreeing to do her part, the question remains; can Natalia stop these mad bombers from carrying out their diabolical plans before it's too late?"
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4 Mystery Girl Mystery Girl
Written by Kenneth Rosenberg
Copyright: 2021

"Natalia and her friends are off to Budapest for a wild weekend in celebration of her roommate's wedding engagement. Wherever Natalia Nicolaeva goes, though, trouble never seems far behind. Things go off the rails very quickly, but does Natalia have it in her to somehow set things right?"
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I like Natalia Nicolaeva a whole lot. I love her grit and determination and her unwillingness to just 'take it'. Naturally that is because the author, Kenneth Rosenberg, wrote her that way but in doing so, he made a fan of me. I have read just about everything he has penned and enjoyed them all. [I have not tried and probably won't his Hollywood Romance four-book series.]

Speaking of the author, there is nothing in his brief history which suggests any experience that would aid him in writing Nicolaeva's life tale so well. Then again, it is only a very short bio.


My Grade: A-


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