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Full Name: Jess Montgomery
Nationality: American
Organization: NAIL
Occupation Analyst

Creator: K. J. Kalis
Time Span: 2021 - 2023


Jess Montgomery is an analyst for the NAII.

That acronym stands for the North American Intelligence Institute, a private though (I believe) largely government-funded think tank located in Washington, DC. It has a nice set of offices in the nation's capital except for the fact that from the description it had "a not so lovely view of the back of a cluster of office buildings. If [one] stood up, [one] could see the tip of the Capitol building, but that was it in terms of view".

As an FBI agent in the know says cryptically when asked about the NAII, "they are one of the organizations that do a lot more for us than just think, if you know what I mean".

According to Charlie Burns, the Executive Director and her boss at the NAII, Montgomery "was his best analyst. There was no one that even came close to her ability to piece together chunks of information that weren't connected and make sense of them." His admiration for her is based on her superb skills at taking large amounts of data, sifting through it, and coming up with threats to deal with and answers to questions asked by the organization's many clients. For example, when we first meet her, she was wrapping up a presentation for the Navy dealing with "an analysis of ongoing border threats, both from the north and south and how US waterways and territorial waters were being used to allow sex traffickers, cartels, and most importantly, terrorists and espionage into the United States". Montgomery has been with the NAII for several years by the time we first meet her.

Montgomery is in her mid-30s at the time of that first meeting; single though that will change. Though her work was for a DC company, she was given leeway to work from home in the Tucson area - desirable for her but an annoyance for her boss.


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:2021
Last Appearance:2023

1 The Trident Conspiracy The Trident Conspiracy
Written by K. J. Kalis
Copyright: 2021

"Twelve-year-old Abby Montgomery is gone… 
A Saturday morning stop at South Ridge Bank with her aunt, intelligence analyst, Jess Montgomery, sends the family on a high-stakes rescue mission to save Abby after she's kidnapped in a bank heist.
The kidnappers want one thing, and one thing only – an invention that’s so secret it’s a matter of national security.
Jess has nowhere to turn. Involving the police will get Abby, and probably the rest of the family, killed.
Can Jess save her niece and protect the secret that she’s been entrusted with? Can she get justice for the family in the process?"
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2 The Patriarch Code The Patriarch Code
Written by K. J. Kalis
Copyright: 2021

"Ransomware attacks are popping up all over the nation, with millions of dollars being demanded in return, the exposure of top-secret government technology, energy and lives on the line.
Jess Montgomery gets the call to work on the case. She doesn’t realize getting involved has put a target on her back. The hackers will stop at nothing to achieve their global goals, even if it means eliminating anyone who is in their way, including her..."
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3 Never Call Home Never Call Home
Written by K. J. Kalis
Copyright: 2021

A frantic call for help turns into silence...Rachel Montgomery, the sister of intelligence analyst, Jess Montgomery, placed a cryptic call for help on Jess's phone. 
She doesn't call again. 
Terrified for her sister and what she might be facing on the roughest streets in Boston, Jess begins a desperate search for Rachel.
What Jess finds drags her into a web of murder, lies and addiction, forcing Jess to face her past and rely on her instincts."
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4 The Last Body The Last Body
Written by K. J. Kalis
Copyright: 2023

"A home invasion gone wrong leaves an entire family dead after a mysterious blackout. When a local detective discovers something that simply shouldn’t be at the house, intelligence analyst Jess Montgomery is called to the scene to decipher what he’s found. It’s the one thing that changes everything…"
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I discovered some time ago that any chance to read any book by K.J. Kalis is an opportunity to be grabbed immediately. This awareness came from enjoying immensely her Kat Beckman detective series and then her Emily Tizzano series. Which led me to the terrific Travis Bishop series. So, when I got hold of the Jess Montgomery books, well, you betcha!

And I absolutely was not disappointed. I scarfed up the first three right away and then, some time late when the fourth adventure came out, I wasted no time snatching it. And I am on the lookout for more Montgomery tales .. or anything from this highly talented and enjoyable author.


My Grade: A-


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