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Full Name: Travis Bishop
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Former Agent

Creator: K. J. Kalis
Time Span: 2022 - 2023


Travis Bishop is a former agent with the CIA.

That was all five years before we first meet him. During that half decade away from the Agency, he had been relatively happy living on his horse ranch in Texas. The nightmares from his time with first Delta Force and then as an operative still came to me on many nights but at least the work one ranch, which he largely did himself, was neverending enough to not give him time to think about the old days. He prefers that.

He bought the ranch just a few months before he and the love of his life, Kara, had scheduled to leave the Agency and start a new life raising and training horses. Then Kara went on her final mission to Ecuador and never came back. Now the ranch is his way to deal with her absence.

That and the little sideline he has to earn extra income and to keep in practice - he is a skip-tracer. As he describes what he specializes in is, "It's like being a private investigator. Except I only look for things that have been lost. I don't go after bail jumpers or anything like that. I look for people and things that have skipped town and need to be found and brought back". He does not do it often as he prefers to stay on the ranch but when he does accept a job, he is very good at it.

We learn early on that 6'2" Bishop is a loner. He was also not ""a touchy-feely person. Never had been. He'd spent most of his childhood in foster care, ripped away from the house he knew when his mom died. His heart had broken that day and become shuttered off from the rest of him". The foster home he was sent to was not a nice place and he "spent months trying to avoid nightly beatings when his foster dad .. got drunk. After eight months of it, Travis escaped from the foster home one night, taking what he had in a beat-up backpack and living on the streets until he could join the Army".

"I was with the Army for a while" Bishop tells a guy about his skillset, "was deployed, and managed to pick up a bunch of languages. As my time in the military was coming to the end, I was approached by the CIA. They were looking for people who could speak Russian and some of the other derivatives - things like Croatian, Hungarian, and a few of the other Russian dialects. I picked all those up in my spare time when I was deployed". Obviously someone with extensive spec-ops experience as he had gained in Delta plus the talent with languages made him extremely attractive.

Having served his time and having to deal with the remembrance of some of the things he saw in both services, Bishop was more than ready to leave and with the vanishing of his fiancée, he knew he had no real other choice than to leave.

Now, though, with his recently perfected skills in finding lost things and people that did not want to be found, his usefulness to the Agency has returned.


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:2022
Last Appearance:2023

1 The Moscow Brief The Moscow Brief
Written by K. J. Kalis
Copyright: 2022

"The arrival of an unexpected guest at [his] ranch throws Travis headfirst into trouble.
A man shows up on his doorstep claiming an agent that saved his life has gone dark and is nowhere to be found. Worse yet, the CIA believes her to be a traitor.
A simple dinner to talk through the details leads to murder and a plan to topple the entire US government, a threat that even Travis can't ignore.
Now it's Travis's mission to save the agent and uncover the truth, if he can find her in time..."
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2 Threat Rising Threat Rising
Written by K. J. Kalis
Copyright: 2022

"Former CIA Agent Travis Bishop gets roped into the case by the local sheriff and coroner who know they are out of their depths when the body of a John Doe disappears from inside the coroner’s office.
The condition of the body was bad enough – shot and burned until it was unrecognizable.
But what they found inside the body was even worse…
As he investigates, Travis gets more than he bargained for, drawn into a web of terrorism, a plot to install a global caliphate, and the release of powerful biotech the world hasn’t ever seen before."
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3 Tainted Asset Tainted Asset
Written by K. J. Kalis
Copyright: 2022

"There’s a bounty out on Travis Bishop’s head.
How it’s possible, he has no idea. He’s been out of the CIA for more than five years…
And yet, two attacks on his life in less than twenty-four hours says otherwise.
Drawn into a web of conspiracy, espionage and a plan to topple the world’s financial system, Travis embarks on a mission to save his life and protect the country he loves, if he can figure out the plot in time..."
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4 The 173 The 173
Written by K. J. Kalis
Copyright: 2023

"CIA assets compromised in war-torn Ukraine. The Agency has given up protecting them. Can Travis recover their identities before more innocents lose their lives?
Faced with the knowledge a CIA agent and friend will have to cross into the Ukraine alone in the midst of war, Travis puts aside his anger at the Agency and joins her. As they search for a missing list that has put more than five hundred critical assets in danger, Travis comes across the unthinkable…
The list isn't what he thought at all."
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When an author like Ms. Kalis pens an adventure, I have learned through many many hours of highly enjoyable reading that it is in my own best interest to grab a copy and park my too wide a rear in a chair and prepare to be entertained. She does not fail to deliver the goods.

So with that in mind, I opened the first of the Travis Bishop books and ... her record remains intact. Another terrific character put into terrific scenarios and allowed to find terrific solutions to problems. Too many 'terrific' references? Not if you read her works!


My Grade: A-


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