Writing as: K. J. Kalis

According to the bio on Amazon: "I’ve been putting pen to paper and fingers to a keyboard as long as I can remember. From journaling and poetry as a teenager to copywriting and fiction as an adult, if it involves words, I’ve probably done it. I hope you'll enjoy my thriller books!

As a writer, my goal is to help you escape from your everyday life, whether that means taking a break during a long work day, relaxing with a book on a weekend afternoon or keeping your mind off difficult situations. You are so very important to what I do!

When I’m not writing, I’m reading, playing with my dogs and trying to get my husband to pick up his socks."

Series Books
Travis Bishop The Moscow Brief (2022)
  Threat Rising (2022)
  Tainted Asset (2022)
  The 173 (2023)
Jess Montgomery The Trident Conspiracy (2021)
  The Patriarch Code (2021)
  Never Call Home (2021)
  The Last Body (2023)
Other Fourteen Days [Kat Beckman] (2020)
  The Cure [Kat Beckman] (2020)
  Lakeview Vendetta [Emily Tizzano Vigilante Justice] (2021)
  The Blackout [Kat Beckman] (2021)
  Burned [Kat Beckman] (2021)
  One Cold Heart [Detective Max Grady] (2021)
  Four Cold Months [Detective Max Grady] (2021)
  West End Justice [Detective Morgan Foster] (2021)
  Twelve Years Gone [Emily Tizzano Vigilante Justice] (2021)
  Deep Deceit [Detective Morgan Foster] (2022)
  Blister [Detective Morgan Foster] (2022)
  Five Cold Bodies [Detective Max Grady] (2022)
  Soon To Be Mine (2022)
  Victim 14 [Emily Tizzano Vigilante Justice] (2022)
  The Bloody Canvas (2022)
  Sauk Valley Killer (2022)
  The Project (2022)