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Full Name: Attica Morgan
Series Name: Revolution Spy
Nationality: British
Organization: British Intelligence
Occupation Agent

Creator: C. S. Quinn
Time Span: 2019 - 2020


Attica Morgan is an agent with British Intelligence.

Since the time frame for her activities starts in 1789, there was no real official organization that she could pinpoint to as her employer. She answers to Lord Pole, "one of the most important men in English intelligence", and a man that Morgan is fairly close to, if anyone could be considered close to this cold man.

We meet Morgan in the first recorded adventure when she is about to be sold as a slave in the streets of St. Petersburg. The reigning tsar is the Empress Catherine the Great and she had years before outlawed slavery but that enlightened attitude has not oozed down to the marketplace. Morgan is in the control of the human traffickers of that time, pretending to be a Kurd, all so she can be thrown in a large cell to locate a single person; when she finds him she identifies herself as "an English spy. I'm here to rescue you".

Morgan is the sole offspring of the first marriage of Lord Morgan, a wealthy member of the English peerage, and a dusky woman of Africa who did not survive long enough to reach England but who was still adored by her grieving husband enough so her portrait hangs in the hall of the mansion he owns in King's Cross. Morgan is described as being a tall woman (by several people with different frames of references) with grey eyes and considerable beauty whose relishes her mixed blood because "I can look like many different people. I can be, say a Jewess or a Spanish dancer or an Italian heiress or a coal-eyed beggar girl. This is a great advantage for a woman who travels in disguise".

In addition to the physical traits that allow her to blend in as needed around Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East, Morgan has a keen gift with languages. She Speaks French, Russian, and Kurdish, along with who knows how many other languages. ....

As stated, she works under the stern control of her uncle, a man quite adept at, if not totally dedicated to, hatching schemes to learn things from other nations for England's benefit. Just as Morgan considers herself largely an outcast, as are all of "us in the low business of espionage", so at times does Pole - "his long nose and swarthy features are courtesy of his German father - a Bavarian count whose scandalous lineage [he] dedicates his life to nullifying. The rest of his time is spent plotting, an activity at which he is masterly".

The relationship between Pole and Morgan is an interesting one. He seems determined to show little or no kindness to her and she responds by demonstrating no reaction to his aloofness. Pole has no qualms about making use of her espionage skills though he feels she would be of much better use married to some foreign dignitary and able to spy from that vantage point. She is not so inclined. He chides her once that she was seeking to "become indispensable in the active spy network. That has been your game, has it not?" to which she replies, "It isn't a game".


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2019
Last Appearance:2020

1 The Bastille Spy The Bastille Spy
Written by C. S. Quinn
Copyright: 2019

"The year is 1789 and revolution is in the air. Attica Morgan - a rebellious and resourceful English spy - is laying low after an abortive mission. So when she's offered a pardon in return for solving a gruesome murder in Paris, she jumps at the chance to redeem herself. Once in the city, it becomes clear that tensions have risen to breaking point and the citizens are on the cusp of revolt. And, as she investigates, Attica uncovers a plot that leads her from the sewers of Paris to the court of Marie Antoinette. She quickly realizes that she's in a race to save more lives than her own before the revolution takes its bloody turn."
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2 The Scarlet Code The Scarlet Code
Written by C. S. Quinn
Copyright: 2020

The year is 1789.
"The Bastille has fallen...As Parisians pick souvenirs from the rubble, a killer stalks the lawless streets. His victims are female aristocrats. His executions use the most terrible methods of the ancient regime. English spy Attica Morgan is laying low in Paris, helping nobles escape.
When her next charge falls victim to the killer's twisted machinations, Attica realizes she alone can unmask him. But now it seems his deadly sights are set on her. As the city prisons empty, and a mob mobilizes to storm Versailles, finding a dangerous criminal is never going to be easy. Attica's only hope is to enlist her old ally, reformed pirate Jemmy Avery, to track the killer though his revolutionary haunts. But even with a pirate and her fast knife, it seems Attica might not manage to stay alive."
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The delicious character of Attica Morgan is a wonderful homage - IMHO - to the delightful tales of the Scarlet Pimpernel. Morgan is a whole lot different, of course, beyond being female. She is a kick-butt action hero when she needs to be - which is often enough to keep things exciting - and a cunning and resourceful shadowy operative when that is called for.

It has been a couple of years since the late thing from this highly gifted author ahs come out. If and when she gives us something new, whether it be about Morgan or her other terrific historical fiction series, the Thief Taker, I will be ready to get my copy.


My Grade: A-


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