The Scarlet Code

The Scarlet Code

Written by C. S. Quinn

The year is 1789.
"The Bastille has fallen...As Parisians pick souvenirs from the rubble, a killer stalks the lawless streets. His victims are female aristocrats. His executions use the most terrible methods of the ancient regime. English spy Attica Morgan is laying low in Paris, helping nobles escape.
When her next charge falls victim to the killer's twisted machinations, Attica realizes she alone can unmask him. But now it seems his deadly sights are set on her. As the city prisons empty, and a mob mobilizes to storm Versailles, finding a dangerous criminal is never going to be easy. Attica's only hope is to enlist her old ally, reformed pirate Jemmy Avery, to track the killer though his revolutionary haunts. But even with a pirate and her fast knife, it seems Attica might not manage to stay alive."