Writing as: C. S. Quinn

According to the bio on Amazon: "C.S. Quinn was a travel and lifestyle journalist for The Times, The Guardian and many others before turning to fiction. Early in her career, Quinn’s background in historic research won prestigious postgraduate funding from the British Art Council. She pooled these resources, combining historical research with first-hand experiences in far-flung places to create her fictional worlds.

After many years in Brighton, C.S. has moved Devon with her beloved partner and two children. She is seriously considering staying, but secretly misses Pret and Wagamama."

Series Books
Attica Morgan The Bastille Spy (2019)
  The Scarlet Code (2020)
Other The Thief Taker (2014)
  Death Magic (2015)
  Fire Catcher (2015)
  Dark Stars (2016)
  The Changeling Murders (2018)