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Full Name: Sam Bradford
Series Name: 122 Rules
Nationality: American
Organization: The Agency
Occupation Agent

Creator: Deek Rhew
Time Span: 2016 - 2018


Sam Bradford is an assassin for the Agency.

This Agency is not in any way connected to the CIA, the organization which is most often associated with that nickname. The Agency that Bradford works for is ultra-secret as it does not officially exist. And it is ultra-scary as its primary purpose is handling wet work, a nasty euphemism for the elimination of enemies of the State; the state in this case being the United States but what makes the department so worrisome is the question of who determines someone is an 'enemy' and thus deserving of elimination. That is a quandary that Bradford will come to face.

But that questioning will not come right away. Bradford, a former Marine who likely would have stated a Marine as long as they let him but who suffered an injury that they decided should end that career. The separation was tough for a man of action like Bradford and that brought about severe depression which brought about a divorce from his wife which brought about even more depression. That was when he was approached with an offer to work for the Agency.

Bradford seemed ready-made for the job. He was now without emotional entanglements and ready to get back to something useful. After a lengthy period of intense training, including an impressive amount of study into the human anatomy and psyche, Bradford was set to become one of the best operatives the Agency had.

The next ten years would pass with him proving over and over he was very, very good at dispatching targets and since he had "no wife, no friends, and no family" and he lived "only for the job", he was certain to stay with them for even longer.

That is when he make what the Agency would consider a major mistake: he thought for himself. Agents like Bradford were not supposed to do that.

The "Rules" mentioned in the title of these adventures are not Bradford's creation; they were taught him and his fellow operatives from the moment their training began. As the name indicates, there are "122 Rules of Psychology" and these rules are designed to keep the agent alive and functioning and make it easier to get the job done.

The large number of them might seem excessive but each one is extremely simple to understand, remember, and follow, starting with the very first one: Rule #1 - Keep it simple.

Not all the Rules are explained in the adventures but a nice amount of them are and each one is very intelligent and reasonable and obviously helpful to the operative.

Three consecutive one are very straightforward and very true and worth mentioning here:

Rule #45: Frustrated people do not think clearly.
Rule #46: Angry people do not think rationally.
Rule #47: Furious people do not think at all.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2016
Last Appearance:2018

1 122 Rules 122 Rules
Written by Deek Rhew
Copyright: 2016

Sam Bradford was given the job of eliminating yet another enemy, a woman named Monica, but what he finds does not match what he was led to believe and when he chooses to not finish the job, both he and she are now the targets.
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2 122 Rules: Redemption 122 Rules: Redemption
Written by Deek Rhew
Copyright: 2018

As Sam Bradford awaits the decision of the Agency for his having gone rogue - reinstatement or death - he learns that someone he thought he has killed is out there killing. He pushes away the beer cans and cleans up the takeout food cartons and picks up his guns. Even directives from his bosses to stand down will not stop him from finding the Redeemer and finishing his clean-up.
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There are not that many series I have read which made a set of rules which are explained to us - those that do are usually, like this series', logical and important to the behavior of the main character. They are also good entertainment. That is definitely the case with Bradford and his 122 Rules. We do not get anywhere close to that many but what we do get are cool.

Since it has been a half decade since the second book came out, I doubt we will see any more but I am grateful for these. Thanks for the author for making an entertaining character.


My Grade: B+


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