Writing as: Deek Rhew

According to the bio on his website: "Deek may or may not be a cyborg.

Though he won't say for sure, he did (allegedly) escape the Pacific Northwest to protect his gears from rusting in the rain. He now lives on a Southern beach where the sand grinds his cybernetics and the salt air erodes his pneumatics, but the sun and surf are worth the frequent repairs.

When he's not writing sci-fi, futuristic military, and adult thrillers, he and his brilliant but stunning author bride, Erin Rhew (a non-cyborgian geek), are adventuring the beach life. Being part computer, it's only natural Deek has spent a lot of his adult career—outside of writing—engineering and nerding over technology."

Series Books
Sam Bradford 122 Rules (2016)
  122 Rules: Redemption (2018)