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Full Name: John Stone
Nationality: American
Organization: None
Occupation Adventurer

Creator: The Manning Brothers
Time Span: 2017 - 2020


John Stone is an adventurer.

That probably sounds a lot more dashing than being a bartender, though the tips are certainly better as the latter. Stone would know because when he feels like it, behind the bar is where he often stands, being part-owner of the 'Fox Hole'. I chose the 'adventurer' identification because no other option seemed better and this one at least alludes to the fact that Stone can and does drop everything when something important (and dangerous) pops up. And that, from the number of adventures we have of him, is not uncommon.

Stone is described as having "weathered and worn hands of a blue-collar grinder" with a "barrel-chested build", built "while fighting for the freedom and security of his countrymen as an Army Ranger". Though that was now several years in the past, Stone took pride in maintaining his strength and his fitness. He wore his brown hair in a close-cropped flat top style and possessed "piercing eyes and a rugged appearance". "A thick mustache that covered his top lip separated his chiseled granite jawline and cheekbones, ending just at the corners of his mouth. His head sat atop a powerful neck that started at his ears and splayed out like a pyramid." All this made this occasional bartender perfect for when also needing to be an occasional bouncer. It also comes in very handy when Stone leaves the darkened saloon for far more dangerous locales.

These 'side projects' that call for his attention now and then will often involve groups out to either bring down his country or try to take it over, hence his membership here. That might bring him into close contact with officialdom both nationally like the CIA and locally like different police departments but he does a pretty fair job of playing nice with them while remaining very much his own man.


Number of Books:9
First Appearance:2017
Last Appearance:2020

1 The Hard Kill The Hard Kill
Written by Allen Manning, Brian Manning
Copyright: 2017

"News about the death of one of his brothers-in-arms and the kidnapping of his goddaughter shakes his world apart. John learns the murder and abduction might involve the ex-wife of his fallen brother, and a prototype technology that could threaten the security of the free world. Now, with time running out, John must rely on the abilities of his former life, and help from an unlikely ally, to save his goddaughter from the same fate as her father."
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2 Divide and Conquer Divide and Conquer
Written by Allen Manning, Brian Manning
Copyright: 2018

"After the one-man war he waged to save his goddaughter, John Stone is hunting down the man who murdered his friend and fellow Ranger. With the support of a privately funded special mission force, John and his new brothers-in-arms pursue a team of highly trained mercenary operatives connected to his target. 
As the case unfolds, they find themselves in a race to discover the truth behind a top secret joint-military venture. The only clue John has is a name…Project: Guardian."
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3 Fractured Allegiance Fractured Allegiance
Written by Allen Manning, Brian Manning
Copyright: 2018

"John’s discovery of Project: Guardian reveals deeper levels of corruption than anyone knew. But when someone with considerable power shakes things up, John becomes a primary suspect, wanted for terrorist acts committed on American soil. 
Forced into hiding, unable to trust his former teammates, John Stone must clear his name before a shadowy cabal undoes everything he and his team worked so hard to accomplish. To finish the job, John must confront a threat from his past."
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4 Head Of The Serpent Head Of The Serpent
Written by Allen Manning, Brian Manning
Copyright: 2018

"A vicious new terrorist cell emerges.
With the Hostile Response Division disbanded, John Stone wants to go back to a quiet life. But word of a tragic terrorist attack draws John back into the fight.
Now the Retired Army Ranger and former HRD member must find the leader of a new terror cell, and stop their plan to unleash chaos and destruction on a scale never before seen."
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5 The Hard Core The Hard Core
Written by Allen Manning, Brian Manning
Copyright: 2018

"Worlds collide when John joins forces with a Detroit homicide detective to bring down a sinister organization destroying young lives for financial gain.
The CARR Group, a privatized prison provider, takes the battle to the streets to stop John. Now he must work with a group of unlikely allies from both sides of the law to fight back.
But the enemy has a skilled team of their own, backed by considerable resources."
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6 Danger Close Danger Close
Written by Allen Manning, Brian Manning
Copyright: 2019

"Now John Stone must pursue his quarry onto the enemy's home turf.
As the battle threatens to claim another in John's inner circle, he is driven to lead the fight, chasing another power player in The Order's web of power and influence.
But to do that, he and his team must step into dangerous territory. John has entered the hunting grounds on a mission for revenge.
But who is the predator, and who is the prey?"
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7 Black And White Black And White
Written by Allen Manning, Brian Manning
Copyright: 2019

"With the help of retired detective Scott Maverick, John Stone is on the trail of the assassins that almost killed a friend. But they soon find themselves pulled away from the mission, when a group of rogue mercenaries shake things up and get onto the radar of the Hard Core.
Roland Forrester has been adjusting to life after his own near-fatal injury, and reconnects with an old military friend from his past. Is there more to this meeting than he knows?
To further complicate matters, the man that enlists John's aid to bring the mercenaries down is affiliated with The Order, the shadowy cabal that has been trying to take out John and everyone close to him. 
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8 New World Order New World Order
Written by Allen Manning, Brian Manning
Copyright: 2019

"Behind bars, awaiting trial for first-degree murder, [John Stone] becomes a target for the mysterious organization he is threatening to expose.
The Hard Core must once again come together to help their friend. With John’s life in danger, they risk their lives and freedom to help.
But what they uncover is an insidious plot casting its shadow over the world’s nations."
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9 The Alpha and the Omega The Alpha and the Omega
Written by Allen Manning, Brian Manning
Copyright: 2020

"The Omega Protocol is active. Rebecca Flair is missing. The authorities are on the hunt for John Stone and all of his associates, the Hard Core.
When a sudden string of assassinations throws a wrench into the works, John and the others must now throw caution to the wind and bring down the Order once and for all.
Broken down and worn out, how can John pull off the impossible and defeat this new threat?"
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You would not expect a 'bartender' to have as many people routinely annoyed with him as John Stone does - unless he refuses to replenish your libation when you ask; that could do it.

Stone irks his people by sticking his nose into things they want untouched and when he pokes that snout into a mess, he often follows it with a couple of fists. Messing with Stone is not a good idea but reading about people who have not caught onto that safety tip makes for a lot of fun.

Stone is now a member in this compendium because a bunch of the people who learn reasons to not like Stone are spies or spy-related.


My Grade: B+


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