Writing as: Brian Manning

According to the bio on Amazon: "Raised in Las Vegas, Nevada, Brian grew up reading mostly comic books and watching TV (mostly cartoons and professional wrestling). As he grew up, action and science fiction movies took up more of his time. It was his discovery of role playing games that sparked his desire to tell stories.

Starting with short stories, Brian finally wrote his first full length novel, Two Percent Power: Delivering Justice, paying homage to his love of comic books. But later he teamed up with his brother Allen, and branched out into the action thriller genre with the John Stone series.

When he’s not writing, Brian still enjoys action movies, comic books, anime, and professional wrestling. He still lives in Las Vegas with his wife, two sons, and two cats. You can follow him on social media if you would like to interact with him."

Series Books
Scott Maverick Miami Winter (2018)
  Nuclear Winter (2021)
  Patriots Winter (2024)
John Stone The Hard Kill (2017)
  Divide and Conquer (2018)
  Fractured Allegiance (2018)
  Head Of The Serpent (2018)
  The Hard Core (2018)
  Danger Close (2019)
  Black And White (2019)
  New World Order (2019)
  The Alpha and the Omega (2020)