Writing as: Allen Manning

According to the bio on FantasticFiction: "Allen Manning grew up in Las Vegas, raised on a steady diet of Saturday morning cartoons, video games, and tons of action movies. He also became a fan of fiction books while he was young, reading science fiction and fantasy adventure stories.

Now, he writes together with his twin brother, Brian Manning, to create fast-paced thriller books, filled with quippy dialogue and action movie inspired sequences."

Series Books
Scott Maverick Miami Winter (2018)
  Nuclear Winter (2021)
  Patriots Winter (2024)
John Stone The Hard Kill (2017)
  Divide and Conquer (2018)
  Fractured Allegiance (2018)
  Head Of The Serpent (2018)
  The Hard Core (2018)
  Danger Close (2019)
  Black And White (2019)
  New World Order (2019)
  The Alpha and the Omega (2020)