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Full Name: Karl Adams
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Trevor Scott
Time Span: 2013 - 2024


Karl Adams is an agent with the CIA.

He is also, or very soon will be, an agent with the Russian SVR.

While there will be other changes in his life over time, those two facts are what make the majority of his adult life (so far) the most interesting.

Adams is the child of occasional CIA operative Jake Adams, a legendary operative with a large and impressive resume in the intelligence business and Toni Contardo, herself one of the Agency's most valuable and experienced field agents. Those two enjoyed a long term deep friendship dating back two decades, though it was one with sizeable gaps due to each having their individual missions to perform for the government. One of their earlier liaisons had resulted in Contardo getting pregnant and having Karl. For reasons never quite explained, she chose to keep the existence of Karl a secret from her lover Jake; he learned about Karl and his relationship only at the mother's funeral. Karl was a young Air Force Lieutenant by that time. Over the next few years, son and father would meet on numerous occasions and become close.

When we first meet him (in his own series) he is living in Murmansk under the alias of a Spanish citizen, Nicolas Lobo, a student in the university in that city becoming even more of an expert in the Russian language as he was when he first traveled there. He had no particular mission when in that first recorded adventure other than to immerse himself in the city and the school but that will change fairly quickly. So will his identities as he will shuck off that Spanish one to become Nikolai Krupin and then later Nikolai Markin; the legend makers at Langley doing excellent work as usual.

In time his identity will shift to being a more "permanent" Nikolai Ivanov as he makes the transition, under Agency orders, of course, to being a recruit for the SVR and eventually becoming one of its operatives. His life becomes quite complicated as he works to spy on the Russian intelligence operations for his American bosses even as his Russian employers find opportunities for him to travel to the States to spy on America for them!


Number of Books:10
First Appearance:2013
Last Appearance:2024

Before he is given his own series of adventures, Karl Adams will be introduced, ever so quickly, at the end of a Jake Adams adventure. Then, a couple of years later, Karl will be on a mission of his own and run into trouble, resulting in his needed the help of his father.

At that point, Karl Adams will be on his own for his sequence of exciting tales before being reunited with his father.

0 Lethal Force Lethal Force
Written by Trevor Scott
Copyright: 2013

Book #9 in the Jake Adams series.
Jake Adams is pulled from vacation to testify before Congress and even as the uproar over his statements is heating up, he is sent west to find a missing college professor who has technology that could make nuclear weapons passé.
In a cameo appearance at the end of the adventure taking place at the funeral of his friend and ofttimes lover, Toni Contardo, Adams meets her grown son, Karl, and learns that Jake is biological father.
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1 Gates Of Dawn Gates Of Dawn
Written by Trevor Scott
Copyright: 2016

Book #12 in the Jake Adams series.
An agent in the Baltics needs help and Jake Adams is sent to provide it, learning that the Russians are acting like the Soviets of old and an invasion seems inevitable. Jake knows the mission is going to be tough but this one has given him extra incentive - the missing agent is his son, Karl.
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2 The Man From Murmansk The Man From Murmansk
Written by Trevor Scott
Copyright: 2017

Book #1 in the Karl Adams series.
Karl Adams is a new CIA officer living undercover in Murmansk, Russia, as a Spanish graduate student at the local university. On a chilly evening while out with a friend flying a drone, he videos a missile on a transporter erector launcher being loaded aboard a merchant ship. When he tells Langley, he is whisked back to the States for debrief and then to South America to follow up on what could be a major break in the Russia-America arms treaty.
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3 Siberian Protocol Siberian Protocol
Written by Trevor Scott
Copyright: 2017

Book #2 in the Karl Adams series.
CIA agent Karl Adams is back in Russia, now undercover in Moscow tracking a professor of international relations and geostrategic studies. When events turn bad and Adams must flee via the Trans-Siberian Railway, he will land in even greater trouble as the prime suspect on a murder on that train.
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4 The Spy Within The Spy Within
Written by Trevor Scott
Copyright: 2018

Book #3 in the Karl Adams series.
Karl Adams is now deep undercover for the CIA working inside Russia and just completing training as an SVR officer. In a fascinating twist, one of his first assignments for that Russian spy organization is to travel to America to go undercover in a high-tech aerospace company as an engineer. His dilemma is that the more hi-tech he steals, the better his rise in the SVR but the more harm he does to his actual country.
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5 Double Impact Double Impact
Written by Trevor Scott
Copyright: 2020

Book #4 in the Karl Adams series.
Now an established SVR officer, CIA agent Karl Adams is living in Moscow with a beautiful GRU officer in Moscow, the daughter of the minister of defense. He is so deeply undercover the folks back at Langley do not know what is going on. His latest SVR mission is to recruit agents across Europe.
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6 Ratchet Up Ratchet Up
Written by Trevor Scott
Copyright: 2020

Book #5 in the Karl Adams series.
CIA agent Karl Adams is finding his rise inside the SVR going very well and he is given a plum assignment; fly to Hong Kong to recruit a high-level engineer to defect with top secret info on the Chinese space program. When Langley learns of the mission, they want to make sure Adams remembers who he is really working for - and to bring the Chinese intel and asset to them instead.
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7 Into The Darkness Into The Darkness
Written by Trevor Scott
Copyright: 2021

Book #6 in the Karl Adams series.
"Deep undercover CIA Officer Karl Adams finds himself on a mission with his GRU officer wife in the U.S. Virgin Islands, where he and Olga must trade wits with American intelligence officers. Karl soon discovers that things are not as they seem in this serene Caribbean paradise. Meanwhile, the CIA is in transition during a change of administrations, and Karl is concerned that his status could change without warning. While the husband-and-wife team struggle with life together, Karl begins to question how he can keep his various personas alive."
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8 Terminal Force Terminal Force
Written by Trevor Scott
Copyright: 2022

Book #20 in the Jake Adams series.
Learning from an old colleague that there is a contract out on him, paid for the Chinese Communist Party, Jake Adams decides the best defense is a good offense. He puts together a small team to help him take the fight to the enemy, one of the members of that team being his own son, Karl.
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9 Endless Resolve Endless Resolve
Written by Trevor Scott
Copyright: 2023

Book #7 in the Karl Adams series.
After his great loss, Karl Adams disappeared for a couple of years, thought dead by both the CIA and SVR. When the mother of his son goes missing somewhere in Europe, Adams comes out into the open and uses every trick he knows and calls in every favor he has to find her.
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10 Supreme Power Supreme Power
Written by Trevor Scott
Copyright: 2024

Book #8 in the Karl Adams series.
"As Karl and his girlfriend, Kadri Kask, tour the Gomez organization headquarters in Porto, Portugal, their boss sends them on a mission to secure a new technology that could transform the world’s communications and power structure. This supreme new development has been acquired by billionaire Carlos Gomez, and he will do anything to bring this discovery to everyone on Earth. But Karl and Kadri soon discover that their organization isn’t the only suitor for this technology. From the streets of Amsterdam to the frigid shores of Greenland, Karl must fight many factions who will stop at nothing to secure this work—including mass murder."
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I was a fan of author Trevor Scott's first series about Jake Adams for many years. While I did not know about him when I started this website, I learned about him very soon thereafter and have enjoyed following his adventures for many years.

I was surprised, as was Jake, to learn in his ninth adventure that he had a son. I expected that I would be seeing more of the young military officer in the future and was proven correct when in Jake's 12th book Karl played an important role throughout.

The year after that book was released, the author gave we readers the first Karl Adams adventure and for the next few years, I for one wondered if the next year would give me a new Jake and a new Karl or maybe both. Whichever way it went, I would be happy.


My Grade: A-


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