Writing as: Trevor Scott

Born in Minnesota where he became an Eagle Scout before joining the military, Mr. Scott served first in the Navy where he loaded weapons onto aircraft aboard carriers then switched services to be an officer in the Air Force. When this highly experienced writer puts down anything dealing with the military or suspense or danger, he does so with considerable expertise.

Series Books
Jake Adams Fatal Network (1998)
  Extreme Faction (1999)
  The Dolomite Solution (2000)
  Vital Force (2006)
  Rise Of The Order (2007)
  The Cold Edge (2008)
  Without Options (2012)
  The Stone Of Archimedes (2012)
  Lethal Force (2013)
  Rising Tiger (2014)
  Reykjavik Sanction (ss) (2015)
  Wueschheim Imperative (ss) (2015)
  Counter Caliphate (2015)
  Napoli Intercept (ss) (2015)
  Counter Terror (2016)
  Gates Of Dawn (2016)
  Covert Network (2017)
  Shadow Warrior (2017)
  Sedition (2018)
  Choke Points (2019)
  Deadly Cabal (2020)
  Cold Enemies (2021)
  Terminal Force (2022)
Chad Hunter Hyper Shot (2012)
  Global Shot (2012)
  Cyber Shot (2013)
Other The Company of Thieves (1994)
  Strong Conviction (2002)
  The Dawn of Midnight (2003)
  Boom Town [Tony Caruso] (2006)
  Burst of Sound [Tony Caruso] (2008)
  Drifting Back (2010)
  The Tenacious Spy (2010)
  The Nature of Man (2012)
  Way of the Sword (2012)
  Shadows of Berlin (2012)
  Discernment (2012)
  Isolated [Keenan Fitzpatrick] (2013)
  Burning Down the House [Keenan Fitzpatrick] (2014)
  Edge of Delirium (2015)
  Running Game [Tony Caruso] (2015)
  Witness to Murder [Keenan Fitzpatrick] (2015)
  Cantina Valley (2016)
  Relative Impact [Max Kane] (2018)
  Stolen Honor [Max Kane] (2018)
  Truth or Justice [Max Kane] (2018)
  Embrace the Great Nothing (2019)
  Honor's End [Galactic Space Opera] (2019)
  Fatal Accord [Galactic Space Opera] (2019)
  Reaper Corps [Galactic Space Opera] (2019)
  Quantum Trigger [Galactic Space Opera] (2019)
  Sweet Home Betrayal [Max Kane] (2019)
  Without Virtue [Max Kane] (2019)
  Powder Keg [Max Kane] (2020)
  No Retreat [Max Kane] (2021)
  Liberty Lost (2021)