Full Name: Jake Adams
Nationality: American
Organization: -
Occupation Other - Security Consultant

Creator: Trevor Scott
Time Span: 1998 - 2018

       Jake Adams runs his own security agency.
       This business is a mixture of detective and bodyguard work. With considerable contacts around the world, he is often called upon for odd, confidential work and his reputation is backed by a good deal of success. He remains friendly with the American military and with the Intelligence community and often does work for them.
       Adams worked for several years in Air Force Intelligence where his area of expertise was chemical and biological weaponry. After becoming proficient in Russian while with them, learning more about the Ukraine than he ever wanted. He also became an expert in counter-terrorism, especially as it might use such weapons. It was this knowledge that made the CIA make him an offer too appealing to turn down. He switched to the Agency and begane a period of several years in which he was an agent who traveled extensively about Europe.
       Eventually the routine of just following orders from above without real input got to him and he decided he needed another break. It was the work he did for the Air Force and the Agency that brought him to the attention of numerous corporation heads who tried to get him to work for them upon leaving the CIA. When he finally decided to go to the private sector, however, it was on his own terms. He chose to start his own company. He now takes their jobs but he does things his way and for a very good rate of pay.
       Adams moved back to the States, Portland to be exact, and located his company there. He has been on his own for about three years at the start of the series.


Number of Books:16
First Appearance:1998
Last Appearance:2018

1 Fatal Network Fatal Network
Written by Trevor Scott
Copyright: 1998

Jake Adams is hired to find a technical representative of a avionics company who went missing from an Air Force base in Germany. Did he take off with vital secrets, was kidnapped for ransom, or was there something in his past that caused him to run.

2 Extreme Faction Extreme Faction
Written by Trevor Scott
Copyright: 1999

Jake Adams is hired to bodyguard two agriculture businessmen on a trip to Ukraine but while there he is pressured by the Agency to investigate the death of a biochemist who might have working on nerve agents.

3 The Dolomite Solution The Dolomite Solution
Written by Trevor Scott
Copyright: 2000

Two scientists find a valuable DNA link with heart disease, a discovery that could greatly reduce the deaths from that killer. They also discover there are those who make too much from the sick to want a cure.

4 Vital Force Vital Force
Written by Trevor Scott
Copyright: 2006

Asked to be an observer on a Russion missile test, Jake Adams is there when it is learned that an American plane has shot the missile down. As tensions reach a fever pitch, Adams realizes somehow the Chinese are involved.

5 Rise Of The Order Rise Of The Order
Written by Trevor Scott
Copyright: 2007

Back in Europe investigating a murder becomes another chance to get himself killed as Jake Adams manages to get noticed by an old Teutonic Order who is using modern technology to bring back an old regime.

6 The Cold Edge The Cold Edge
Written by Trevor Scott
Copyright: 2008

Talked into a vacation in Norway, Jake Adams is again asked by his old boss to retrieve the body of an officer killed two decades before. That favor brings on unexpected trouble in the form of an old KGB enemy.

7 Without Options Without Options
Written by Trevor Scott
Copyright: 2012

Someone seriously wants Jake Adams dead and is pulling out all stops to get it done. As he races across Europe to stay alive, Adams is determined to find out who is out to kill him and to get revenge for the loved one Adams has lost.

8 The Stone Of Archimedes The Stone Of Archimedes
Written by Trevor Scott
Copyright: 2012

Held in a Tunisian prison for the murder of a powerful terrorist, Jake Adams is suspicious of an offer to get him out but his options are none. The job is to find a Senator's missing sister but heading to Italy to start the assignment also starts the attempts on his life.

9 Lethal Force Lethal Force
Written by Trevor Scott
Copyright: 2013

Jake Adams is pulled from vacation to testify before Congress and even as the uproar over his statements is heating up, he is sent west to find a missing college professor who has technology that could make nuclear weapons passe.

10 Rising Tiger Rising Tiger
Written by Trevor Scott
Copyright: 2014

The Deputy Director of the CIA has gone missing, apparently having sold secrets to the Chinese. Jake Adams is hired off-the-books to track down the spy master but as he tracks him to the Far East, he becomes the target of killers.

11 Counter Caliphate Counter Caliphate
Written by Trevor Scott
Copyright: 2015

Having a fine time in Italy, Jake Adams receives a call for help from an old friend. Terrorists have kidnapped Christian relief workers, last seen off the coast of Morocco. As he prepares to go, his girl friend is also called to duty, this time to take on neo-Nazis.

12 Gates Of Dawn Gates Of Dawn
Written by Trevor Scott
Copyright: 2016

An agent in the Baltics needs help and Jake Adams is sent to provide it, learning that the Russians are acting like the Soviets of old and an invasion seems inevitable.

13 Counter Terror Counter Terror
Written by Trevor Scott
Copyright: 2016

Europe has been facing a huge increase in terrorism and Italy is its latest hotspot. Since that is also Jake Adams' recent home, he is asked to get involved and his girl friend urges him to accept, assuming she can also help out.

14 Covert Network Covert Network
Written by Trevor Scott
Copyright: 2017

Jake Adams is about as low as he could imagine, living alone on the island of Iceland and trying to drink himself into a coma. Then he is called back to work to look into the disappearance of young women in South America. In Argentina, he finds there is a whole lot more involved, though saving the girls would have been cause enough for him.

15 Shadow Warrior Shadow Warrior
Written by Trevor Scott
Copyright: 2017

He had barely arrived in Innsbruk, Austria, when the shooting started. Someone obviously did not want him to look in the disappearance of a young female police officer but being shot at just intensifies Jake Adams' determination.

16 Sedition Sedition
Written by Trevor Scott
Copyright: 2018

Jake Adams' boss, the Spanish billionaire, wants him to curtail his vacation and go on the hunt in the Basque region of Spain for a missing computer hacker. Adams is not getting good vibes on the mission and it gets worse when he learns others are after the same individual and not ready to play nice.


Number of Stories:3
First Appearance:2015
Last Appearance:2015

1 Reykjavik Sanction Reykjavik Sanction
Written by Trevor Scott
Copyright: 2015

2 Napoli Intercept Napoli Intercept
Written by Trevor Scott
Copyright: 2015


3 Wueschheim Imperative Wueschheim Imperative
Written by Trevor Scott
Copyright: 2015



       Adams is the kind of agent you like reading about. He is good at his job and well respected. He is not perfect and can and does make mistakes but he comes through in the end. He is also a good guy, likeable, and dependable. I'm a fan.
       The adventures that Adams gets involved in often fit, naturally, in with his area of expertise, namely chemical and biological weaponry and the author does a very good job making a scientific Luddite such as myself actually pretend that he thinks he understands what it going on. Truthfully, I understand that bad things are happening and if Adams doesn't do whatever it is he is doing, people including himself will die, so it is exciting enough. I trust the author to either have his facts straight or made it sound like he does.


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A+ 1/30/2013 4:33:43 PM

Reading the series now, up to "Without Options". When did Jake and Toni get married? What book? I thought Jake grew up in Oregon, now its Montana? If you overlook some of these facts, books are generally good.

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