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Full Name: Jack Emery
Nationality: American
Organization: None
Occupation Reporter

Creator: Steve P. Vincent
Time Span: 2017 - 2019


Jack Emery is a reporter.

He is, from what we discover quite early, a pretty darn good one, experienced and respected for his talents. We learn that in a prequel story detailing the time he spent embedded with a Marine detachment in Afghanistan, putting his life daily on the line to get an accurate story of what was happening on the other side of world from those reading his words.

In the first present-day adventure we have for him, it is a slightly different Emery that greets us. This one awakens in the morning in a hotel room in New York City, his face lying in a small pool of vomit from a long night of drinking away his troubles. They did not, of course, actually leave him and now in addition to that those problems he has a mess to clean up and one horrific hangover to survive.

When he is not involved in what he knows is 'self-annihilation', he is trying to keep his job with the New York Standard. He has given up trying to save his marriage to Erin, also a darn good reporter and a colleague/rival at the same newspaper. That is certainly history. His job just might be salvageable, though, if he can leave the booze behind. Far easier said than done.

But as we follow Emery, we will see life throw a whole lot more at him than a shaky career, a failed marriage, and a problem with the bottle. And in first covering and then taking a more active role in the stories that he will uncover, Emery will certainly have his hands full. For one important thing, his own life will be in them.

His career will change a great deal along and he will move from reporting on what the powers-that-be are doing to being behind the scenes of those powers as he is asked to help set policy for the current U.S. President.


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:2017
Last Appearance:2019

1 The Foundation The Foundation
Written by Steve P. Vincent
Copyright: 2017

Reporter Jack Emery already had enough to worry about with his messed up life but then he learns that the organization called The Foundation is implementing a plot to take over the nation's capitol. He becomes determined to find a way to stop them.
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2 State Of Emergency State Of Emergency
Written by Steve P. Vincent
Copyright: 2017

Can one man take on the entire Federal government? That is something Jack Emery is going to find out as the President declares a state of emergency and puts FEMA in charge of just about everything. Emery tries to save the country he loves and finds himself hunted by that organization and all the power it can bring.
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3 Nations Divided Nations Divided
Written by Steve P. Vincent
Copyright: 2017

After much effort, Jack Emery has convinced the President to broker a peace agreement between the Israelis and Palestinians but there are those on both sides of that struggle who do not want to see the fight end. This is especially true for some hardline Israelis who will stop at nothing to get their way.
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4 One Minute To Midnight One Minute To Midnight
Written by Steve P. Vincent
Copyright: 2019

Jack Emery's conviction that nuclear weapons must be eradicated is immense and he is pushing global disarmament with a passion. On the other side is a global arms dealer who has other plans and Emery is in the way of those goals.
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Number of Stories:1
First Appearance:2017
Last Appearance:2017

1 Fireplay Fireplay
Written by Steve P. Vincent
Copyright: 2017

Embedded with the 8th Marine Regiment in Afghanistan, Jack Emery is in a convoy that is attacked by a lone zealot. Seeing a great story behind the attack, Emery pursues it but will find it might consume him.
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The author, Steve Vincent, shows in every adventure we have of Jack Emery, as well as the half dozen so far of another fellow named Mitch Herron, that he really knows how to tell an action-filled story that also contains a whole lot of 'think about this' material, the latter being present but not be forced on the reader.

I was not really a fan of Emery when I met him but then I do not think I am supposed to; that's the thing about being down and out. It is interesting to watch him slowly pull his sorry butt back into a semblance of the man he once was.


My Grade: B+


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