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Full Name: Mitch Herron
Nationality: American
Organization: The Enclave
Occupation Agent

Creator: Steve P. Vincent
Time Span: 2017 - 2023


Mitch Herron is an agent with the Enclave.

In answer to the question of what is the Enclave, it is useful here to repeat a question asked by Herron roughly halfway through the second recorded adventure, "The Enclave> What the **** is the Enclave?" Obviously it is the same question but the salient point here is that Herron is the one doing the asking and he works for it!

Throughout the entire first adventure we know that the Herron is an assassin working for some organization; we just do not know what the name of that group is or anything else about it except that Herron was told to stand down from an assignment and chose for the greater good to disobey the order. Why he was told to go on the mission in the first place and then why he was told to leave it remains a bit of a mystery. Not so hidden is the fact that Herron kills people for them. We know this because he not only lets us know he is a paid killer, he keeps track of the number of eliminations he does along the way, the last one being #148.

What we do know from the beginning about his occupation is that "Death was Herron's business and business was good. He was a scalpel, used by the U.S. Government to slice out cancers." What we will not learn for a while yet, nor will Herron, is that the Enclave for whom he was doing these excising was itself a very nasty infection. When he learns that sad truth, his whole life and his reason for existing will change a lot.

     We do not know much about Herron for the longest time and even then it is not much. He is likely in his mid to late 30s, single with no attachments (at least none he talks about or even thinks about).

     We know that he is very good at killing and he also has a sense of humor which when coupled with the first part of that sentence is both interesting and a little morbid (okay, I enjoyed it!).

     He is also a survivor which is good because a whole lot of very bad things are thrown at Herron, one right after another and sometimes on top of the other.


Number of Books:9
First Appearance:2017
Last Appearance:2023

1 The Omega Strain The Omega Strain
Written by Steve P. Vincent
Copyright: 2017

When Mitch Herron is sent to eliminate a subject he finds himself interfering with a plan by a team of extremely radical scientists out to cleanse the world of humanity by unleashing a deadly mutated virus. Being very good at his own form of cleansing, Herron knows he has to be quick to eliminate all those infected before they can infect the masses - and the last one on his list is himself.
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2 The Shadow Enclave The Shadow Enclave
Written by Steve P. Vincent
Copyright: 2018

When Mitch Herron disobeyed his orders and in doing so stopped the murder of millions of innocents, he might have thought his transgression would be overlooked. No such luck when working for an organization like the Enclave. Now to stay alive, he has to take on the very organization that helped him become the dangerous killer he is.
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3 The Lazarus Protocol The Lazarus Protocol
Written by Steve P. Vincent
Copyright: 2018

Mitch Herron had destroyed the Enclave and ended the problem that had plagued him for some time. So so he thought. When Herron discovers that The Master was still alive, he also learns that the Master wanted his revenge. Herron will also learn that friends cannot always be counted on to stay friends.
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4 The Capricorn Deception The Capricorn Deception
Written by Steve P. Vincent
Copyright: 2018

Finally free from all the killing and the danger of being killed, Mitch Herron was very happy in his home in the South Pacific. Unfortunately, no place is really free from danger and trouble comes to his spot of paradise and lands him in the middle of a civil war between two sides willing to kill anything and everything to get their way. They are soon to learn how much Herron knows about killing.
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5 The Azure Backlash The Azure Backlash
Written by Steve P. Vincent
Copyright: 2021

"Retirement sounded so good. When Mitch Herron’s plans go up in flames, he hunts down the crime cartel responsible, but his simple quest for vengeance soon twists into an unpredictable and deadly game. With his future and his identity on the line, Herron is forced to deal with old friends and new enemies down the barrel of a gun. Yet none of them were ready for the most deadly player of them all - Herron himself. If he loses, his retirement might be permanent…"
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6 The Jade Stratagem The Jade Stratagem
Written by Steve P. Vincent
Copyright: 2022

"One shot to stop an empire. Mitch Herron has a bullet in his gut and a cell to call home. But when a problem arises that only Herron’s unique brand of carnage can solve, he’s put to work for his captor in return for the chance to keep breathing. As he plays his part in a gambit that will kill thousands and enslave millions, Herron baulks when the mission gets personal. But extracting himself from this mess will mean defying an empire. If he fails, there’s a hole with his name on it."
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7 The Crisis Vector The Crisis Vector
Written by Steve P. Vincent
Copyright: 2023

"When he went on the run from the authorities, Mitch Herron knew he could never return home to the United States. But after an ambush in Hong Kong that almost left him dead, he found the American government wasn’t ready to let him vanish.
Now, the ultimate deniable asset has agreed to one last job to save a key intelligence asset. If he fails, America will lose one of its key weapons in an increasingly unstable world, and a key United States ally will be ripe for the picking by its enemies.
The man who’s tried to evade America’s intelligence agencies now has to save them…"
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8 The Gilded Disciple The Gilded Disciple
Written by Steve P. Vincent
Copyright: 2023

An old foe returns. To save the United States intelligence community from a catastrophe, Mitch Herron came out of the shadows and into the spotlight, exposing himself to plenty of foes who want payback.
But only one of them has the resources and the ruthlessness to take down Herron, an old foe returned from the grave. Previously wanted by the same enemies as Herron, he’s now a rich man, who descends back into the murky shadows to hunt Herron. Both men are wanted, but only one will prevail…"
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9 The Final Gambit The Final Gambit
Written by Steve P. Vincent
Copyright: 2023

"Mitch Herron has given up thoughts of retirement. A life he thought was possible proved anything but, his enemies constantly dragging him back into a battle in the shadows that he wanted no part of. 
Done with hiding, Herron faces his final act - a do or die mission to save the one person he gives a damn about, the woman who's been with him from the start. Success will likely involve his death, but failure will cost so much more. Herron steps into the ring one final time, knowing this is his last fight..."
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     It is always better to give a character some motivation to completing a mission in addition to 'it needs to be done' or 'it is your job' and the author does that quite nicely in the first adventure. Then he does it again in a totally different way for the second. Then a third way ... you get the picture. Well done to the author!

     Herron is not the kind of guy I think I would want to sit around and have drinks with. He is sorta always dour, with darned good reason. Plus people always seem to want to start a fight with him and collateral damage is quite real near him.

     But for someone to read about and root for from a distance? Herron is the guy.


My Grade: A-


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