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Full Name: Javin Pierce
Codename: The Janitor
Nationality: Canadian
Organization: CIS
Occupation Agent

Creator: Ethan Jones
Time Span: 2018 - 2020


Javin Pierce is an agent with the Canadian Intelligence Service (CIS).

Born in Edmonton, Alberta, 31 years before we first meet him, he was, according to the dossier provided the reader at the end of his first recorded adventure, "recruited shortly after completing his studies at the Sapienze Univerisyt of Rome". At the CIA training facility of The Plant he was in the top 10% of his class and excelled in "surveillance, intelligence gathering, and asset recruitment".

He worked for a few years in Canada and the U.K. before being transferred to the Middle East where he continued for a time "establishing a network of contacts, assets, and resources" all over the region. It was at this point that he was moved up to being a "Covert Operative", after more intensive training at The Plant. His job then became more offense than defense - he was no longer learning about the actions of terrorist cells around the world but was dispatched to hunting them down and eliminating them.

Pierce is widowed, having lost his wife, Steffi, of only a couple years to a car accident. He has had no significant attachments since her loss. He now seems to live for his work and devotes his energies to it, resulting in being an exceptional operative determined to get the job done. His only flaws, it seems, are his quickness to anger (his temper is well known) and his impatience with stupid leadership (and his tendency to point it out).

While he would probably say he prefers to work along, Pierce has as a partner in Claudia Aquarone. When we meet them they are both coming off of serious events; his with the death of his wife and her with a mission that had done pear-shaped through no fault of her own. He was certain he was more than ready to get back into the action but was less than sure of her. It is likely she reciprocated. Whatever doubts they had, though, get tossed away when the trouble starts and both see how well they work together as a team.


Number of Books:6
First Appearance:2018
Last Appearance:2020

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1 The Corrector The Corrector
Written by Ethan Jones
Copyright: 2018

When CIS agents messed up a retrieval mission in Albania, Javin Pierce is dispatched to 'correct' the situation. He is partnered with Claudia, a woman he is not confident about when they learn of a flash drive with secrets on it that can bring down several government. They job is to get hold of that drive and get out of the area without being discovered.
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2 Betrayal Betrayal
Written by Ethan Jones
Copyright: 2018

As Javin Pierce attempts to take out two terrorist masterminds, his actions are betrayed and he is forced to work with Mossad and the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard in a bizarre alliance. Besides being determined to finish the mission, Pierce is determined to learn who betrayed him.
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3 Closure Closure
Written by Ethan Jones
Copyright: 2018

Javin Pierce is trying to lie low to give his wounds a chance to heal when he learns he must make a deal with old enemies to get his partner out of a Saudi prison - all to find a way to get hold of the traitor that caused them so much grief.
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4 Retrieval Retrieval
Written by Ethan Jones
Copyright: 2018

The CIS makes an offer to Javin Pierce and his partner, Claudia: find and remove two ISIS leaders hiding in Iraq in order to be welcome back into the organization.
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5 Interception Interception
Written by Ethan Jones
Copyright: 2019

To find a traitor, Javin Pierce and Claudia must work with Chinese Intelligence to take down a very nasty but very skilled hacker.
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6 Deception Deception
Written by Ethan Jones
Copyright: 2020

While suffering a personal loss, Javin Pierce is given the mission of taking down a scientist helping Iran create their own atomic bomb. To accomplish this mission he must team up with a Mossad agent who tried to kill Pierce before - twice.
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7 Counterblow Counterblow
Written by Ethan Jones
Copyright: 2020

Mossad agents had betrayed Javin Pierce and tried to take out his team. They got away with it and Pierce's bosses are ready to move on. He isn't. Getting even means working with an SVR agent but the two may not be enough and revenge might have a cost too high to pay.
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Once again the seasoned and experienced author of the Justin Hall books and the Carrie Chronicles brings us an interesting character (well, in my opinion, two of them) in Javin Pierce and his partner Claudia. As in those other two series, the characters work well together and mesh nicely.

The action is hot and heavy wherever either of these two go and since they go to lots of places, there is stuff happening everywhere. Pierce is the star of the series and possibly the senior partner of the two but both play major roles in the action and one would be dead many times over if not for the other. That gives them a closeness and deep friendship that is obvious and quite enjoyable to read.


My Grade: B+


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