Full Name: Carrie O'Connor
Series Name: Carrie Chronicles
Nationality: Canadian
Organization: Canadian Intelligence Service
Occupation Agent

Creator: Ethan Jones
Time Span: 2011 - 2020


       Carrie O'Connor is an agent with the CIS.
       The Canadian Intelligence Service is responsible for the security of the largest country in the Americas but in the series its outlook goes beyond its shores. O'Connor is one of its senior agents and has been handling operations for several years before the first recorded adventure.
       Most of the adventures that O'Connor is a part of are those of fellow agent and senior partner, Justin Hall. While that partnership is truly one and not a boss-subordinate collaboration, most of the attention goes to Hall. O'Connor, however, is not one to be ignored as she shows on many occasions where she save the backside of her teammate.
       O'Connor is formerly of the Canadian Army Special Forces with two tours in Afghanistan behind her. She and fellow agent Justin Hall were partners for a time before they became romantically involved. Now as the series starts they are six months from having broken off their relationship (reasons unknown) but their affection and dedication for each other has not suffered. Either would willingly give their life for the other, though both work very hard to keep that from happening.
       O'Connor has a special 'dislike' of Russians and it comes across on several occasions. Her father had been a colonel in the Canadian Army who "disappeared during a covert mission in the late eighties in the Soviet Union". When time and missions permitted, she searched for him or his grave-site and once it was uncovered, in Grozny, Chechnya, she brought his remains back to Canada for a proper burial and honor.
       O'Connor has auburn hair which has more than a few strands of gray, products of the many harrowing adventures she had been in, whether working with Hall or on her own.


Number of Books:17
First Appearance:2011
Last Appearance:2020

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       At first I was planning to just include the couple solo books of Carrie O'Connor as 'extras' in the Justin Hall series. In the books dealing with Hall, O'Connor is a vital partner and has lots of 'air-time' but it is most certainly the Hall series. Thinking about these two on-her-own adventures, though, I decided that she should be more than just honorable mention. Hence her own entry in the compendium.
       These stories are as action-packed as the Hall books. O'Connor hardly stops for a breath let alone a life and it is not easy to tell whether this is by her design or life just being unkind. Whichever it is, it means lots and lots of danger and trouble for the auburn beauty and lots and lots of fun reading for armchair adventurers like me.


My Grade: B+


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