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Full Name: The Omega Department
Nationality: American
Organization: Omega Department
Occupation Agency

Creator: William H. Blair
Time Span: 2015 - 2018


The Omega Department is an American Intelligence organization.

This ultra, ultra-secret department is said by its current Director to be "the most powerful organization in the country, actually in the world". It has been around about as long as several of the more well-known 'alphabet' agencies, it just has made sure that keeping its existence a secret has been one of its top priorities.

Again according to its Director, "the Omega Department has been around for quite a few years. It was started back in the early cold war days as a safety valve for the continuation of our government if something should happen. They threw money at this program like you wouldn't believe. Problem is, the program morphed itself over the years, and is now so big and strong it has become scary. Make no mistake. Its main purpose is still the protection of our country, its people, and its secrets, but it has now expanded to our allies as well. I think the fact that someone like you, who spent twenty five years working around it, yet you never had an inkling it existed. I think that speaks volumes for our programs security". Additionally, "the Omega Department, became so secret, not even the president of the United States knows about it. This is a case of need to know or better yet, plausible deniability."

The Director doing the explaining is William Bolton, the 'you' is the Director's brother, Austin.

The Bolton brothers are twins with Austin being the older by four minutes. They come from a family of quite wealthy parents though they were hardly well off in the early years.

The elder Austin had joined the military after college and went on to become part of the elite Green Berets. When we meet him he has reached the rank of Colonel.

The junior William went into politics right out of university and quickly worked his way to the Senate where he soon became chairman of the ultra-powerful Appropriations Committee. It was then that he was approached to be part of Omega in order to become its latest Director.

When it became known to William that Omega had a traitor in its ranks, he brought Austin in to help root him out. Having been made aware of the organization, Austin sticks around to become second-in-command.

Oh, in the first adventure we learn that back when the twins were very young, their still poor parents had a second set of twin boys, Ronald and James, which they were forced by financial reasons into giving up for adoption. They play a big part in that first story but then fade into memory.


Number of Stories:4
First Appearance:2015
Last Appearance:2018

1 The Omega Department and the Four Horsemen The Omega Department and the Four Horsemen
Written by William H. Blair
Copyright: 2018

"The Bolton's give birth to a set of twin boys early in their marriage,while just starting out in life. Fortune has decided to bestow a second set of twins upon them a year later. Unable to financially raise four children they have decided to put the second set of twins up for adoption.The two sets of twins will mature and take their places in society, but circumstances are about to bring the four brothers together in a life and death confrontation.The invention of a High Tech Laser at the Omega Department-- is going to pit them against themselves, forcing them to deal with a dilemma.Follow our four twins as they meet , to do battle and then discover who each really is."
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2 The Omega Department and the Gold Train The Omega Department and the Gold Train
Written by William H. Blair
Copyright: 2015

"The Omega Department and it's main characters are trying to figure out what a small terrorist group is up to. So far they have given indications that they are going to spread Anthrax across the country then they made plans to blow up all the power plants in the country-- now they are in the process of trying to set off a nuclear bomb at Fort Knox. Are all these just a cover for something else? Join our hero's Col. Austin Bolton , his brother William and Agent Colleen Yang as they chase the bad the guys while trying to save our country."
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3 The Omega Department and the UFO The Omega Department and the UFO
Written by William H. Blair
Copyright: 2016

"The Omega Department is a U.S. government black ops organization. One of its many responsibilities is to develop new technologies as well as keep the world safe for future generations.In The Omega Department and the UFO, they have just developed a very special type of new aircraft. When they are on a top secret training mission, however, the craft is spotted above a small town, panicking the people who jumpt to the conclusion that they have been visited by aliens.After dealing with the problem caused by this inadvertent sighting, the Department sends the craft on a special mission to North Korea to destroy their nuclear program. When problems arise behind enemy lines, the Omega team finds themselves fighting for their lives to escape North Korea and bring their special aircraft to safety, as well. In a tense, action-packed adventure with the enemy bearing down on them, only the Omega Department team has the skills and wherewithal to succeed and save the day."
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4 The Omega Department and the Terrorist's A-Bomb The Omega Department and the Terrorist's A-Bomb
Written by William H. Blair
Copyright: 2016

"A U.S.Army nuclear bomb has been stolen by a terrorist group who are intent on killing the president by using a U.A.V. to drop the bomb on Camp David. Col Austin Bolten and his brother William along with Agent Colleen Yang of the Omega Department are hot in pursuit trying to stop them. The bomb is dropped but did it do its job. follow our hero's as they chase the bad the guys."
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Whenever I give a series a low grade, like I did this one, I feel it important to point out that while I did not care for the four books in the series, the author was able to get into print four more books than I ever did.

That said, the first thing that was off-putting was the formatting which is not particularly a fault of the author but still detracted from the stories. Some things were bolded for reasons that escaped me and some in a larger font and some underlined. It was confusing.

The bigger reason for not caring for it was the dialogue did not ring true and the pacing was uneven.

Also, the idea of an agency like Omega not being known to the President for plausible deniability is, well, odd to me. That made William Bolton, the Senator, supposedly one of the most powerful man in the country. I think not. Or at least I hope not.


My Grade: C+


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