Writing as: William H. Blair

According to the bio on Amazon: "I have written twenty-three books, including “10” Top Tennis Tips and my latest, The Scorpion: Diary of an Assassin. The first has just been republished in an updated edition, How to Win at Tennis: For Adults Only, a great guide to enjoying and improving your tennis game. I have also written The Execution of Dreams for entrepreneurs and small-business owners; and Chasing God, about what we think about when we refer to God, full of questions of the heart. I also just published a few books with humorous essays called Incidence of Stupidity and A Conversation with Fuzzball & Baron, the humorous novel The Togglemyer Epic , and a series of action thrillers, including The Scorpion: Diary of an Assassin, The Cortés Treasure, The Money Tree, The Big Eye, Three Degrees, The Stratton Formula, The Omega Department and the UFO, The Code Book, and The Expedition, along with the historical adventure, The Revengeful Child of Dachau Prison. All my novels and non-fiction are available on Amazon and at my website, I hope to have audiobook versions soon. I am a small town boy from Wheeling, West Virginia who was chosen as Entrepreneur of the Year for West Virginia back in 1972. I have been in business for fifty-five years."

Series Books
The Omega Department The Omega Department and the Gold Train (ss) (2015)
  The Omega Department and the UFO (ss) (2016)
  The Omega Department and the Terrorist's A-Bomb (ss) (2016)
  The Omega Department and the Four Horsemen (ss) (2018)