The Omega Department and the UFO

The Omega Department and the UFO

Written by William H. Blair

"The Omega Department is a U.S. government black ops organization. One of its many responsibilities is to develop new technologies as well as keep the world safe for future generations.In The Omega Department and the UFO, they have just developed a very special type of new aircraft. When they are on a top secret training mission, however, the craft is spotted above a small town, panicking the people who jumpt to the conclusion that they have been visited by aliens.After dealing with the problem caused by this inadvertent sighting, the Department sends the craft on a special mission to North Korea to destroy their nuclear program. When problems arise behind enemy lines, the Omega team finds themselves fighting for their lives to escape North Korea and bring their special aircraft to safety, as well. In a tense, action-packed adventure with the enemy bearing down on them, only the Omega Department team has the skills and wherewithal to succeed and save the day."

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