Full Name: Blake MacKay
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Thom Tate
Time Span: 2012 - 2014


       Blake MacKay is an agent with the CIA.
       MacKay is not the sort of operative one would send in handle a dead drop or surveille a potential target. He is more of a blunt instrument sort of guy - the kind of tool a carpenter would pick up when something needed pounding. Or eliminating. He is good at both and probably would not want it any other way.
       Being described as a hammer might be offensive to some but probably not to MacKay; I could easily imagine him thinking for a moment and then shrugging. MacKay is very comfortable with his position in life. He gets along pretty well with his boss who seems quite understanding when things go sideways on a mission and MacKay has to remove more people that were targeted.
       Still, it is important to note that MacKay, for all his bluntness, is a very intelligent and capable agent and one definitely plans his moves ahead of time whenever possible. When he knows he is soon heading to an elimination, he monitors his movements carefully with emphasis on cameras in the vicinity and people who might spot and remember him. Additionally, he works diligently at preparing Plan B and C as alternatives for when things do not go quite as planned which he observes, "when do they ever?".
       A lot of MacKay's missions are in Europe and he is very familiar with many of the capitals and enjoys visiting there. He also can be sent to other regions and knows how to adapt but it is fairly obvious he prefers the Continental approach.
       MacKay answers directly to the Director of Clandestine Operations at Langley and enjoys a relaxed but respectful relationship with his boss. That Director is also very familiar with MacKay's proclivities and is never surprised when calling the man out of the blue to find he is enjoying yet again the attentions of some lovely newly met young woman whose name MacKay is likely to not recall.
       MacKay's attitude towards subordinates, though, is more in line with the 'hammer' approach. He can and does get a bit testy when things are not on his time schedule or up to his standards. He is never mean but he can be snippy.


Number of Stories:5
First Appearance:2012
Last Appearance:2014

This of short stories were released in ebook format individually.




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