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Full Name: Livia Lone
Nationality: American
Organization: Seattle PD
Occupation Police Officer

Creator: Barry Eisler
Time Span: 2016 - 2019


Livia Lone is a police detective.

More specifically, she is a sex-crimes investigator for the Seattle Police Department and has been for several years, racking up some impressive wins which definitely puts her in the good with her bosses. That is on the official side.

Unofficially and most definitely covertly, she goes on her own assignments, tracking down and eliminating serial rapists who have either totally scammed the system or be able to avoid leaving evidentiary proof behind.

When the rules break against her and a guilty perp walks free, she frets and fumes like her fellow cops and growl at the injustice and then moves on to the next case because that is all she can do. Except, of course, when she puts on her special duds designed to leave no DNA behind and puts on a disguise and heads out into the night to remove the garbage the law couldn't.

And while she works by the law's rules during the daytime and by her own rules at night, she also works diligently to track down what happened to her little sister, Nason, who, like her, was a victim of human trafficking but who, separated from her by the evil ones who sold her away, did not manage to escape and make a new life for herself.

This search will take her to other countries and up against some pretty powerful people in those other lands as well as a few back in her own land. Own being her adopted home in the United States and not Thailand where she had been lived the first 13 years of her life before her parents sold her and her 11 year old sister.

Along the way while she is working on her own most of the time, she will come into contact with, and assume temporary partnerships with, Dox, John Rain, and Ben Treven, people who have quite different career paths from each other but who interact now and then. She gets to join the party and she belongs.


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:2016
Last Appearance:2019

1 Livia Lone Livia Lone
Written by Barry Eisler
Copyright: 2016

Livia Lone, a Seattle sex-crimes police detective, is still hunting her missing sister even as she put sexual predators away, either in a cell or a grave. Now the latest lead will find her going up against one of the most powerful people in the U.S. government. It is an impossible task but her lust for vengeance will not let her step away.
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2 The Night Trade The Night Trade
Written by Barry Eisler
Copyright: 2018

Though she was pleased to be put on the human trafficking task force since it meant she had a change to find Sorm, the man responsible for buying and selling her and her sister, she is surprised to find she is not the only one on the lookout for this man. A former marine sniper named Dox is also out for this man's blood and he plays differently than she does.
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3 The Killer Collective The Killer Collective
Written by Barry Eisler
Copyright: 2019

Book 10 in the John Rain series and Book 6 in the Dox series.
Seattle sex-crimes detective Livia Lone is the target of a hit, one that had been offered to John Rain. Worried that the FBI might be behind it, she appeals to Dox to help her out and he, in turn, looks to Rain and to Ben Treven and Daniel Larison to assist.
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4 All The Devils All The Devils
Written by Barry Eisler
Copyright: 2019

For ten years, Homeland Security agent B. D. Little has searched for his missing daughter, a young girl with disappeared at the same time seven other went missing, all with the same m.o. Now that pattern has started up again and he appeals to Livia Lone to help find who is behind it. She discovered two very dangerous SpecOps men are deeply involved and one of them is a son of the Vice President.
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Oh boy! Do I enjoy these books. This character is as devoted as one could ever get to her goal - first finding what happened to her sister and then going after the monsters that would hurt and misuse and sometimes kill children for their own sick fantasies or for profit. She gives no quarter to any of them and Lord help anyone who gets in her way.

I also like the fact that the author has made Livia Lone her own person. She is not a female version of his other main character, John Rain. Far from it, in my opinion. She has a drive inside her that focuses her attention like a laser and an intensity that almost burns.

And yet, the same smooth, delicious writing the author gives us exists in both sets of adventures. That is talent.


My Grade: A

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dbuhler A 2021-01-30

Truly a lethal female on a mission to rid the world of all sorts of bad guys. More noble than John Rain, but equally interesting and action packed.

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