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Full Name: Ben Treven
Nationality: American
Organization: Department Of Defense
Occupation Agent

Creator: Barry Eisler
Time Span: 2009 - 2019


Ben Treven is an agent for the Department of Defense.

Having joined the military fresh out of high school, eschewing college, he had the intention of becoming a Seal and his tenacity and his superior athletic abilities got him through. Another driving force was the guilt felt over the death of his younger sister in a car crash, an accident she was in because he had not been there to drive her. That death caused him to be estranged from his family and added greatly to his already natural tendency towards solitude.

After several years with the Seals, Treven accepted a role in a highly secretive Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) under a man named Hort. Still in the military, Treven was in the enlisted ranks with the rank of E-8, or Senior Chief Petty Officer. His new role was in the area of black ops, more often than not involving wet works. In other words, Traven was an assassin. When the military brass ruled someone needed elimination and they didn't trust the CIA to carry it out, they used their own people for the job and Treven was one of their best.

Though he was still in the service, his job gave him far more latitude and freedom to accomplish his mission than normal. Within the mission parameters, he was able to travel when and how he saw fit, perform the job at a time of his own choosing, and get out however he could. Treven was told straightforwardly that though he was a member of the Armed Forces, should he be caught, he was totally on his own. The military would deny he ever existed.

Treven is a man used to working alone and this fits well with his natural tendency to solitude. It gives him an air of aloofness that is not really felt. He never feels superior to others as his manner suggests; he just feels apart from them. This reclusiveness works well for him as an assassin. It doesn't work so well for his personal life.


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:2009
Last Appearance:2019

1 Fault Line Fault Line
Written by Barry Eisler
Copyright: 2009

When Ben Treven's estranged brother, Alex, calls for help, Ben knew the matter was serious. Alex's client, an inventor of a new encryption method, was murdered and someone has tried to kill him as well. Ben quickly learns both Russians and American are after the technology.

2 Inside Out Inside Out
Written by Barry Eisler
Copyright: 2010

To get released from a Filipino jail after a minor altercation, Ben Treven must agreed to hunt down a fellow agent who is using a cache of stolen tapes to extort millions from the US. The tapes show extreme torture authorized by the Vice President.

3 The Detachment The Detachment
Written by Barry Eisler
Copyright: 2011

Though he wanted to retire, the offer from an old enemy was too good, several millions of dollars to take out three targets planning to attack America. To pull it off, assassin John Rain must call upon old friends to help. One of those is Ben Treven.

4 The Killer Collective The Killer Collective
Written by Barry Eisler
Copyright: 2019

Seattle sex-crimes detective Livia Lone is the target of a hit, one that had been offered to John Rain. Worried that the FBI might be behind it, she appeals to Dox to help her out and he, in turn, looks to Rain and to Ben Treven and Daniel Larison to assist.
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There is no doubt that Ben Treven is a good man, despite his violent job. Still, I don't think Treven would make a good friend. Certainly you couldn't ask for anyone better to have your back in a pinch but a friend is someone you can talk to and share with and Treven doesn't know how to do either with ticking people off.

But the books about Treven, those are a different matter. I can be friends with them. I have with the first two. The action is quick and straightforward. There are enough twists in the plot to keep you guessing and enough fun and excitement to keep you reading. I devoured the books in a day each. I'm sure other things happened in my life those days but I couldn't tell you what. I could tell you about the books.

They are good!


My Grade: A-


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