Full Name: Dox
Nationality: American
Organization: None
Occupation Freelance Agent

Creator: Barry Eisler
Time Span: 2004 - 2019


       Dox is a freelance sniper.
       By that identification, I mean that he is an independent operative who specializes in long-range elimination and he is very, very good. He was trained by the U.S. Marines and when they did so, they were out to make someone who was already a fantastic shot into an extremely deadly force and they succeeded quite well.
       After he had proven himself more than once, he was recruited by the CIA in their program of equipping and educating the Mujaheddin in Afghanistan during their fight to oust the Soviets back in the 80's.
       Dox is not the man's real name, of course. What that is I never found out. The nickname of 'Dox' came from the fact that it seemed no matter what he was doing, be it fighting or training or exercising or even relaxing, he would find a way of doing it in an 'unorthodox' manner.
       To most people meeting him, Dox is a country hick, eager to please, always there with an 'ah shucks', talking in an easy, friendly way saying a lot of words but really giving nothing away in the Texas twang he employed. He stands six feet tall and is a solid 225 lbs of muscle. He has sandy-colored hair with a goatee.
       Dox makes his home in Bali and has loved the Southeast Asia area ever since he first set foot in it many years ago. He travels that region extensively and has made a lot of friends, and a few enemies in each country in the region.

       One interesting quote of his which caught my eye: "Act as if a passel of nameless badasses is looking to punch your ticket even if you yourself can't imagine a single thing you've done to deserve it."


Number of Books:78
First Appearance:2004
Last Appearance:2019


Number of Stories:1
First Appearance:2012
Last Appearance:2012


       Dox started out as a support character in the John Rain series and stayed that way for several years. As such I would not have given him his own entry in this compendium, even when a short story about him alone came out. When he showed up in the author's new Livia Lone series and played a major role with her latest adventure, I changed my mind and decided 'why not?'
       I like the way the author lets him seem to almost breeze through situations; by that I am not meaning things are easy for him but rather he seems to take life as it comes. This definitely contrasts nicely against the earnest ways of both Rain and Lone and makes him a unique individual I would love to see more of (hint hint).


My Grade: A-


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