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Full Name: Vladimir Choskey and Jim Waters
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Melvin Brown, Scott Watts
Time Span: 2012 - 2015


Vlad Choskey is an agent with the CIA.

Jim Waters is retired Special Forces sniper.

Together they are a pair of long-time friends, both living in Juneau, Alaska, who get involved in a fair number of exciting and often extreme adventures. For Choskey, it is just doing his job. For Waters, it is being thrown back into a world that he claims he has no desire to revisit (and seems to thrive in when it happens).

The two met many years before in the very unfriendly mountains of Afghanistan where Waters was a sniper with the Army, rank of Sergeant-Major showing he had been around the block a few times. Choskey was also a veteran, in his case being with the Agency, who was there to help in the fight with Al-Qaeda. Their friendship was just starting, formed out of weeks working together, when it was set as steel when, temporarily assigned to a team, they made the decision to stop that team from committing atrocities and found themselves the hunted by a skilled group of killers.

Years later Waters' retirement saw him head from a chilly Idaho of his birth to the often chillier region of Alaska. Choskey's assignment to the same area allowed them to restore their deep friendship. It also gave each a good and solid friend to call on when trouble called. And trouble calls a fair amount.

Oh, while Choskey has the weight and might of the CIA to call upon when it matters, Waters has his own rather unique power-base. An intense relationship with a lovely woman named Andrea had been put on the back burner because her job as one of the Senators from Alaska took her to the nation's Capitol and into the spotlight, two places Waters had no desire to be. That nearness would be rekindled and intensified in the first recorded adventure culminating in their getting married. And the Senator, having a not-insignificant job already, was also the sole child of the current American President.


Number of Books:6
First Appearance:2012
Last Appearance:2015

Note: the copyright date of the 6th boo, Flew-Bayou, puts it out before the others but it could be a misprint (or a misread on my part).

1 Unfinished Business Unfinished Business
Written by Melvin Brown, Scott Watts
Copyright: 2014

The daughter of the U.S. President along with several international dignitaries are kidnapped in Juneau and thought killed in an explosion. The man behind the attack is a very wealthy and totally unscrupulous magnate out for even more profit. The man doing the actual work is a former CIA agent with a huge grudge. The two men determined to stop them are Vlad Choskey and Jim Waters and they are both quite miffed.
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2 Poor Choices Poor Choices
Written by Melvin Brown, Scott Watts
Copyright: 2014

The woman helping the man behind the attack on Juneau, and his lover, is majorly ticked her man was killed and their plan destroyed. Now she is out for revenge by going after the two men responsible, Vlad Choskey and Jim Waters, and people they care for.
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3 It Started In Sitka It Started In Sitka
Written by Melvin Brown, Scott Watts
Copyright: 2015

As Vladimir Choskey and Jim Waters head to Afghanistan on a mission, Vlad's orphaned niece in Ohio decides she and two fellow residents of the orphanage decide to head to Sitka to look up relatives. Their journey is not an easy one and it will need Vlad and Jim to help out.
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4 Slate Creek Gold Slate Creek Gold
Written by Melvin Brown, Scott Watts
Copyright: 2015

Vladimir Choskey is intrigued when he learns of a family secret which might lead to a treasure and he cannot resist the challenge. Jim Waters joins him on the journey which will take them all over the western U.S. and up against more than one nasty opponent.
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5 Good Intentions Good Intentions
Written by Melvin Brown, Scott Watts
Copyright: 2015

A friend of Vlad and Jim, Bill Banes, accidentally came upon a young girl and an old Navy pilot in the Alaskan wilderness. That begins an adventure which will pull in Vlad and Jim and end up taking on an ex-governor and a good number of henchmen.
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6 Flew-Bayou Flew-Bayou
Written by Melvin Brown, Scott Watts
Copyright: 2012

Nash Marcos is a successful businessman who, while in the bayou of Louisiana, falls for a woman and in doing so gets involved with a whole lot of trouble which means he needs the help of his old friend, Vlad and Jim, up in Alaska.
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I have always enjoyed B-movies and B-books (okay, maybe I'm the only one who uses that latter term). Not the main attraction but fun enough to not be upset at the time spent viewing or reading. In the case of a series, to be at all enjoyable, the characters have to be people I can get interested in and want to watch live their lives.

That is what I found in the Vlad & Jim series. That name, by the way, is the authors' though they are nice enough (or maybe the publisher is) to switch it a time or two and make it the Jim & Vlad series.

Bad guys in this series are super-over-the-top bad. Need to mask a kidnapping? Let's kidnap a whole lot of people. Need to confound the authorities? Let's blow up a state capital. That kind of excessive. But it was fun to watch.

After that things get varied, which is a good thing, and new people are introduced and new troubles come and go but Vlad & Jim remain steadfast and ready to battle the baddies.

And fun.

Don't go expecting LeCarré or Deighton or Fleming. But for just a bit of fun, check 'em out.


My Grade: B


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