1950 -

Writing as: Scott Watts

According to the bio in his books: "SCOTT S. WATTS was born, in 1950, in Wallace, Idaho. He joined the United States Air Force in 1969. He served eight years, then received a commission in the United States Army. He served another four years active duty, then spent another sixteen years in the Army Reserve. Scott graduated from the University of Idaho, with a degree in Clinical Psychology. Much later, he completed a Master’s Degree in Psychology, from the University of Phoenix. Scott presently lives in Northern Idaho, and works in social services."

Series Books
Vlad & Jim Flew-Bayou (2012)
  Unfinished Business (2014)
  Poor Choices (2014)
  It Started In Sitka (2015)
  Slate Creek Gold (2015)
  Good Intentions (2015)