1940 -

Writing as: Melvin Brown

According to the bio in his books: "MELVIN G. BROWN is the author of the autobiography, “The Sanctamooja and Me.” Mel was borne in 1940. He grew up in Eastern Washington, and spent a lot of his young life on a small homestead in Northern Idaho, with his grandparents. He also spent thirty years living in Alaska. He has amassed a lifetime of adventures and experiences. Mel is able to bring a bit of downhome feel to everything he writes. Mel lives and writes, on the Oregon coast."

Series Books
Vlad & Jim Flew-Bayou (2012)
  Unfinished Business (2014)
  Poor Choices (2014)
  It Started In Sitka (2015)
  Slate Creek Gold (2015)
  Good Intentions (2015)