Full Name: Maxine Dangerfield
Nationality: British
Organization: MI5
Occupation Agent

Creator: Charles Franklin
Time Span: 1964 - 1968


       Maxine Dangerfield is an agent with MI-5.
       At least that is what the people she deals with on a day-to-day basis. She is consistently coy about it when asked and invariably someone will ask her who she really worked for because she tends to obfuscate matters with her non-answers. Considering the activities she gets involved in, MI-5 is a safe base to land on.
       Mrs. Dangerfield is a widow in her late 20s, her late husband having dies several years before while involved in a mission for British Intelligence, or so she states in one adventure. On another she states that her departed spouse had been a Detective-Inspector and "the most normal of men" who had been awarded the George Cross posthumously. Naturally she could have been fabricating this but more likely is both are tru.
       She is a lithe 5'6" fair-haired beauty with blue eyes that are quite useful at captivating men's attentions. Her athletic prowess as well as her ability with impromptu weaponry comes in handy when those attentions get more than she wants them to be, not to mention when those she is going up against decide one lone woman cannot be a danger.
       Unlike most of the women of her era, which is the early to mid 60s, Dangerfield dresses in slacks, partly because she looks good in them and knows it, partly because they make it easier to do the climbing, crawling, and slithering she so often has to perform on her jobs, and partly because she darn well wants to and if someone were to be so bold as to question her, she would quickly give them "that look" that lets them know she does not care what they think.
       When one throws in the ease of banter she employs, the confidence in herself, and her incredible memory, Dangerfield makes for a fascinating operative to follow and a dangerous one to fight.


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:1964
Last Appearance:1968


       I first learned of this series through Colleen Barnett's incredible Mystery Women, Volume 1. Ms. Barnett provided a lot of information, for which I was appreciative since it let me know this was a spy series and thus one I needed to investigate. However, she ended her synopsis with the comment, "Second Rate". As a result, I dawdled in getting and then even more in reading the first two books which I figured would be enough to write intelligently about the character.
       After I read the first book, I immediately grabbed the second and half way through that one, I ordered the last two. I really, really liked Maxine Dangerfield. I also liked the writing of the books and the mysteries the characters were thrown into. I am grading this series a lot higher than Ms. Barnett. I still thank her for telling me about her in the first place.


My Grade: B+


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