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Full Name: Richard Hannay
Nationality: British
Organization: British Intelligence
Occupation Agent

Creator: John Buchan
Time Span: 1915 - 2017


Richard Hannay is gentleman spy for British Intelligence.

Born in Scotland in 1877, Hannay was the son of a highly successful Scottish entrepeneur. Because his father's dealings with Europe took them around the continent often, he grew to be no stranger to travel and different experiences, not to mention becoming an expert German speaker. When his father moved to South Africa, young Hannay went with him.

Growing up now in Africa, he studied to be a mining engineer and that was how he earned a very profitable living for over a decade, taking an occasional break to serve in the British military during several skirmishes including the Matabele Wars and the Boer War. It was in copper mining that Hannay made his small fortune that would allow him to live the life of a member of the gentry for the rest of his days.

In his mid 30s, Hannay decided to leave Africa, for which he would always retain a great fondness, and return to the country of his birth. It was early in 1914 and tensions were so high that everyone knew war was just around the corner. Hannay wanted to be back home when it came. Though he was not sure what he would do when hostilities erupted but he wanted to be on his native soil when it came time to do it.

Hannay had always been a personable, friendly fellow, quick to take a liking to and even quicker to help out a friend, even one of just a few days. It is this openness that would get him involved in several interesting adventures during his life.

As the series opens, he is 37 and appearing to be a confirmed bachelor ready to retire on his earnings and take up his favorite sport of hunting. The events of the first book, and the start of World War I, would change that for many years. His independent days would end when he meets Mary Lamington, twenty years his junior but every bit as tenatious and adventure loving as her future husband.

Hannay would serve in the military during the Great War, especially in the Intelligence ranks, and he would rise to be a Major General. He would also earn a knighthood, making him Major-General Sir Richard Hannay, KCB OBE DSO.


Number of Books:5
First Appearance:1915
Last Appearance:1941

The character Richard Hannay starred in five terrific novels spanning just over two decades. He also appeared as a minor character in two other novels by the author.

1 The Thirty-Nine Steps The Thirty-Nine Steps
Written by John Buchan
Copyright: 1915

Richard Hannay is not sure what to make of an American he just met claiming he knows of an upcoming German plan to kill the Greek Premier while in London. Hannay reluctantly lets the man stay with him and when the man is found dead, Hannay knows the story was true. Now he is on the run from the police and the killers.

First published in June in All-Story Weekly (2 issues), then in July - September in Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine (3 issues) before publication as a book in October, all in 1915.
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2 Greenmantle Greenmantle
Written by John Buchan
Copyright: 1916

While recovering from wounds suffered in battle, Richard Hannay is approached by a friend high up in British Intelligence who asks Hannay to take on a spy mission. The Germans are rumored to be trying to shake up the Middle East to hamper the British and Hannay is sent there to investigate.
First published in 19 issues of Land & Water, #99-117, July 6th thru November 9th prior to publication as a book.
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3 Mr. Standfast Mr. Standfast
aka Mr. Steadfast
Written by John Buchan
Copyright: 1919

First published in 4 issues of The Popular Magazine (January 7 - February 20, 1919) before publication as a book.
A Brigadier-General on the Western Front, Richard Hannay is recalled to London late in WWI to track down a German spy known to be operating in the UK.
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4 The Three Hostages The Three Hostages
Written by John Buchan
Copyright: 1924

First published in 8 issues of the magazine called Argosy All-Story Weekly (June 14 - August 2, 1924) before publication as a book.
Richard Hannay is happily married and has just been knighted. He is asked to help in the kidnapping of children of three important families. The clues are few and odd but he takes the job.
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4.1 The Runagates Club The Runagates Club
Written by John Buchan
Copyright: 1928

A collection of tales told to each other by members of the Runagates Club, a London 'dining-club'. Members include Richard Hannay, Sir Edward Leithen, Oliver Pugh, and others. The one story that pertains to Hannay is:
The Green Wildebeest
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4.5 The Courts Of The Morning The Courts Of The Morning
Written by John Buchan
Copyright: 1929

Richard Hannay narrates the opening to this adventure tale involving one of Hannay's closest friends, Sandy Arbuthnot as that man learns of a tycoon's plan to take over the world. Arbuthnot decides to stop him. Hannay is not involved except as the partial narrator.

5 The Island Of Sheep The Island Of Sheep
aka The Man From The Norlands
Written by John Buchan
Copyright: 1936

It has been over a decade since the last recorded adventure and Richard Hannay is now in his 50s. He is asked to fill an old promise to protect the son of a man Hannay knew. To do so he must get involved in a treasure hunt.
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5.5 Sick Heart River Sick Heart River
Written by John Buchan
Copyright: 1941

A close friend and colleague of Richard Hannay, Sir Edward Leithen, has been diagnosed with the final stages of tuberculosis and given a year at most. Another friend asks Leithen to help track down a missing man in the Canadian north and Leithen agrees. Hannay is not in this book but because it is about recurring characters in the series, it is often included in lists.
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Number of Stories:1
First Appearance:1928
Last Appearance:1928

1 The Green Wildebeest The Green Wildebeest
Written by John Buchan
Copyright: 1928

Contained in the collection The Runagates Club
[plot unknown]


Number of Movies:5
First Appearance:1935
Last Appearance:2008

1 The 39 Steps The 39 Steps
Director: Alfred Hitchcock
Writers: Charles Bennett, John Buchan
Actors: Robert Donat as Richard Hannay, Madeleine Carroll as Pamela, Lucie Mannheim as Annabella Smith, Wylie Watson as Mr. Memory
Released: 1935

Richard Hannay tries to help a spy-catcher but when that person is killed and Hannay suspected, he must flee to save himself and stop the foreign spies at work.

2 The 39 Steps The 39 Steps
Director: Ralph Thomas
Writers: Frank Harvey, John Buchan
Actors: Kenneth More as Richard Hannay, Taina Elg as Fisher, Barry Jones as Professor Logan, Joan Hickson as Miss Dobson, James Hayter as Mr. Memory
Released: 1959

Richard Hannay tries to help a spy-catcher but when that person is killed and Hannay suspected, he must flee to save himself and stop the foreign spies at work.

3 The Three Hostages The Three Hostages
Director: Clive Donner
Writers: John Prebble, John Buchan
Actors: Barry Foster as Richard Hannay, Diana Quick as Mary Hannay, John Castle as Dominick Medina
Released: 1977

A BBC-TV movie, this tells of Hannay being asked to investigate the disappearance of three people in Scotland.

4 The Thirty-Nine Steps The Thirty-Nine Steps
Director: Don Sharp
Writers: Michael Robson, John Buchan
Actors: Robert Powell as Richard Hannay, David Warner as Appleton, Eric Porter as Lomas, John Mills as Scudder
Released: 1978

Richard Hannay is surprised when a neighbor breaks into his hotel room to talk of spies at work. Then the man is murdered and Hannay framed.

5 The 39 Steps The 39 Steps
Director: John Hawes
Writers: Lizzie Mickery, John Buchan
Actors: Rupert Penry-Jones as Richard Hannay, Eddie Marsan as Scudder, Lydia Leonard as Victoria, David Haig as Sir George Sinclair
Released: 2008

Another, more modern-ish take on the classic.


Number of Episodes:19
First Appearance:1952
Last Appearance:1989
Network:BBC - UK

Patrick BarrRichard Hannay [ 1952 ]
Robert PowellRichard Hannay [ 1988-1989 ]

Two separate British television series existed concerning Richard Hannay.
       The first was a short-run 6-episode telling on BBC-TV of The Three Hostages in 1952. It starred Patrick Barr as Hannay.
       The second was a 13-episode series over two seasons on ITV with Robert Powell, who had played Hannay in a movie a decade earlier, reprising that role. According to one write-up this series did not have much in common with the book character.
1 The Thursday Club
Episode 1-1, first aired 06/21/1952
Director: Julian Amyes
Writer: C. A. Lejeune


2 The Blind Spinner
Episode 1-2, first aired 06/28/1952
Director: Julian Amyes
Writer: C. A. Lejeune


3 Kharama
Episode 1-3, first aired 07/05/1952
Director: Julian Amyes
Writer: C. A. Lejeune


4 The Midnight's Sun
Episode 1-4, first aired 07/21/1952
Director: Julian Amyes
Writer: C. A. Lejeune


5 The Fields Of Eden
Episode 1-5, first aired 07/19/1952
Director: Julian Amyes
Writer: C. A. Lejeune


6 The First Of June
Episode 1-6, first aired 07/21/1952
Director: Julian Amyes
Writer: J. A. Lejeune


7 The Fellowship of the Black Stone
Episode 1-1, first aired 01/06/1988
Director: David Giles
Writer: Michael Robson


8 A Point Of Honour
Episode 1-2, first aired 06/13/1988
Director: Guy Slater
Writer: Robin Miller


9 Voyage Into Fear
Episode 1-3, first aired 01/20/1988
Director: Guy Slater
Writer: Michael Robson


10 Death With Due Notice
Episode 1-4, first aired 01/27/1988
Director: -
Writer: Michael Robson


11 Act Of Riot
Episode 1-5, first aired 02/03/1988
Director: Jeremy Summers
Writer: Michael Robson


12 The Hazard of the Die
Episode 1-6, first aired 02/10/1988
Director: Jeremy Summers
Writer: Michael Robson


13 Coup de Grace
Episode 2-1, first aired 01/31/1989
Director: Robert Reed
Writer: Richard Carpenter


14 The Terrors of the Earth
Episode 2-2, first aired 02/07/1989
Director: Ken Hannam
Writer: Michael Robson


15 Double Jeopardy
Episode 2-3, first aired 02/14/1989
Director: Henry Herbert
Writer: Michael Robson


16 The Good Samaritan
Episode 2-4, first aired 02/21/1989
Director: Henry Herbert
Writer: Robin Miller


17 The Confidence Man
Episode 2-5, first aired 02/28/1989
Director: Robert Reed
Writer: Richard Carpenter


18 That Rough Music
Episode 2-6, first aired 03/07/1989
Director: Ken Hannam
Writer: Michael Robson


19 Say the Bells of Shoreditch
Episode 2-7, first aired 03/14/1989
Director: Guy Slater
Writer: Paul Wheeler



Number of Episodes:67
First Appearance:1937
Last Appearance:1989

Robert MontgomeryRichard Hannay [ 1 ]
Orson WellesRichard Hannay [ 2 ]
Jack LiveseyRichard Hannay [ 3 ]
Allan JeayesRichard Hannay [ 4 ]
Herbert MarshallRichard Hannay [ 5 & 11 ]
Richard WilliamsRichard Hannay [ 6 ]
David NivenRichard Hannay [ 7 ]
Budd KnappRichard Hannay [ 8 ]
Glenn FordRichard Hannay [ 9 ]
Derek WalkerRichard Hannay [ 10 ]
Alec ClunesRichard Hannay [ 12 ]
James McKechnieRichard Hannay [ 13 ]
Malcolm HayesRichard Hannay [ 14 ]
Fraser KerrRichard Hannay [ 15 ]
Noel JohnsonRichard Hannay [ 16 ]
Nigel AnthonyRichard Hannay [ 17 ]
David RintoulRichard Hannay [ 18 ]

       Numerous versions of the first novel were presented by various organizations as well as a couple other of the books in the series.

       Hitchcock's version of The 39 Step came to radio on 3 different occasions with the character of Pamela. The 1st was played by Ida Lupino for Lux Radio Theater. The 2nd was for The Phillip Morris Playhouse and Madeleine Carroll reprized the role she played in the Hitchcock film. The 3rd was for Studio One and played by Cathleen Cordell.

       Some well known actors would play Richard Hannay on radio, namely Robert Montgomery, Orson Welles, Herbert Marshall, David Niven and Glenn Ford. Montgomery would star in the 1941 Hitchcock film Mr. & Mrs. Smith and also play Phillip Marlowe in the 1947 film Lady in the Lake. Welles would go down in radio history for his War of the Worlds program and would gain fame cause of his 1941 film Citizen Kane. Marshall would gain fame as the agent Ken Thurston (Mr. X) in The Man Called X radio spy series and also played the writer W. Somerset Maugham in the 1946 film The Razor's Edge. Niven would go to star as Bishop Henry Brougham in 1947 film The Bishop's Wife that also starred Gray Grant, as Phileas Fogg in the 1956 film Around the world in 80 Days, as Miller in the 1961 film The Guns of Navarone, as Jason Love in the 1965 film Where The Spies Are, as Sir James Bond in the 1967 film spoof Casino Royale and as Sir William Stephenson (A Real Life Spy) in the 1979 TV Miniseries A Man Called Intrepid. Ford would gain fame for his many roles in western and war films. plus as Jonathan Kent in the 1978 film Superman.

       Another 7 actors would also play Richard Hannay on the radio. These were Jack Livesey, Allan Jeayes, Budd Knapp, Alec Clunes, James McKechnie, Fraser Kerr and Noel Johnson. Livesey would play Dr. Richardson in the 1962 film A Touch of Mink that also starred Gary Grant and Doris Day. Jeayes had played Charles the II in the 1934 British film Colonel Blood and was The Story Teller in the 1940 film The Thief of Baghdad. Knapp had play many roles on TV with his most famous one being that of Julius Caesar in the 1966 TV movies of the same name. Clunes is best known for replacing Rex Harrison as Henry Higgins in the stage musical of My Fair Lady. McKechnie also played on radio Conway in the 1951 Lost Horizon and Don Juan in the 1953 The Man Of Ashes. Kerr is best known for being the voice of Saruman The White Sorcerer in the 1978 animated film The Lord Of The Rings. Johnson is known for playing Lord Dangerfield in the 1979 film Licensed to Love and Kill and the Vice Admiral in the 1981 James Bond film For Your Eyes Only.
1 The 39 Steps
Episode 4-41, first aired 12/13/1937
Director: Frank Woodruff
Writer: George Wells
Guest Stars: Ida Lupino as Pamela, Robert Montgomery as Richard Hannay, Isabel Jewell as Annabella, Gene Lockhart as Mr. Memory

The Lux Radio Theater presentation of this Hannay adventure was aired on that show's Season 4, episode 41 and is based on the 1935 Hitchcock version of the story.

2 The 39 Steps
Episode 1-4, first aired 08/01/1938
Director: Orson Welles
Writer: Unknown
Guest Stars: Orson Welles as Marmaduke Jopley, Orson Welles as Richard Hannay

The Mercury Theater On The Air presentation of this Hannay adventure was aired on that show's Season 1, episode 4 and is adapted from the novel.

3 The Thirty-Nine Steps
Episode 3-1, first aired 07/23/1939
Writer: Winifred Carey
Guest Stars: David Mowat as Turnbull, the Roadman, Jack Sinclair as Scudder, Tom Smith as Malcolm, the Innkeeper, Halbert Tatlock as Hawk, Peter Moyes as Sir Harry

The BBC Radio presentation of this Hannay adventure is adapted from the novel and was broken into 6 episodes. The episodes were:
1. The Man Who Died - 07/23/1939
2. The Milkman and the Innkeeper - 07/30/1939
3. The Local M.P. and the Roadman - 08/06/1939
4. Mr. Hawk and the Dynamite - 08/13/1939
5. The Impostor - 08/20/1939
6. The Final Round - 08/27/1939

4 The Three Hostages
Episode 4-1 - 4-7, first aired 04/13/1942
Writer: Winifred Carey
Guest Stars: Dennis Arundell as Medina, Allan Jeayes as Richard Hannay

The BBC Home Service Radio dramatized the 4th book in the Richard Hannay series in 7 episodes. The air dates were:
1. 04/13/1942
2. 04/20/1942
3. 04/27/1942
4. 05/04/1942
5. 05/11/1942
6. 05/17/1942
7. 05/25/1942

5 The 39 Steps
Episode 3-20, first aired 05/21/1943
Director: Charles Martin
Writer: Charles Martin
Guest Stars: Herbert Marshall as Richard Hannay, Madeleine Carroll as Pamela

The Philip Morris Playhouse presented a variety of different stories during its run. In season 3 the 20th episode was a 30-minute version of the 1935 Hitchcock version of the story.
Note: Director and Writer are probable.

6 The Thirty-Nine Steps
Episode 1-1, first aired 02/04/1944
Writer: Winfred Carey
Guest Stars: Richard Williams as Richard Hannay, Alan Keith as Scudder, Gordon MacLeon as Sir Harry, Leslie Perrins as Hawk, Deryck Guyler as Sir Walter

A remake of the 1939 Winfred Carey Dramatization with different actors and made for BBC Home Service Network. It was played during the Children's Hour on Fridays and had 6 episodes as follows:
1. The Man Who Died - 02/04/1944
2. The Milkman And The Innkeeper - 02/11/1944
3. The Local MP and the Roadman - 02/18/1944
4. Mr Hawk and Dynamite - 02/25/1944
5. The Impostor - 03/03/1944
6. The Final Round - 03/10/1944

7 The Thirty-Nine Steps
Episode 1-13, first aired 09/01/1946
Director: Kenneth Webb
Writer: Robert Cenedella
Guest Star: David Niven as Richard Hannay

The Hour of Mystery's 13th and final episode of the season had a new rendition of the story with a very famous actor as the lead.

8 John Buchan's The 39 Steps
Episode 4-33, first aired 1947
Director: Andrew Allen
Writer: Charles Rittenhouse
Guest Stars: John Drainie as Sir Harry, Lister Sinclair as Appleton, Budd Knapp as Richard Hannay, Richard Nelson as Scudder

Another version of the novel. A product of the Canadian Broadcast Company, it aired as the 33rd episode of the 4th season on that network's CBC Stage Series.

9 Studio One: The 39 Steps
Episode 2-12, first aired 03/23/1948
Director: Robert J. Landry
Writer: Vincent McConnor
Guest Stars: Miriam Wolfe as Annie, Mercedes McCambridge as Annabella Smith, Cathleen Cordell as Pamela, Glenn Ford as Richard Hannay, Hedley Rennie as Mr. Memory

The 12th episode of Studio One's 2nd season presented a radio take on Hitchcock's movie version but made Hannay be Canadian, not Scot, likely to match the star.

10 The Adventures Of Richard Hannay
Episode 9-1, first aired 07/22/1950
Writer: Winifred Carey
Guest Stars: John Kelly as Scudder, Harold Wightman as Sir Harry, Alexander Powis as Sir Walter, Derek Walker as Richard Hannay, Jean Brenda as Mary Hannay

This presentation by the BBC Home Service Radio consisted of 8 episodes depicting adventures in Richard Hannay's life. The episodes were:
1. The Man Who Died (07/22/1950)
2. The Hawk Swoops (07/29/1950)
3. The Thirty-Nine Steps (08/05/1950)
4. The S.O.S. From the Home Office (08/12/1950)
5. Hannay Gets Down To Work (08/19/1950)
6. Mr. Ivery Reveals Himself (08/26/1950)
7. Mr. Ivery's Revenge (09/02/1950)
8. Mr. Standfast (09/09/1950)

11 The Thirty-Nine Steps
Episode 11-9, first aired 03/03/1953
Director: Elliot Lewis
Writer: Sylvia Richards
Guest Star: Herbert Marshall as Richard Hannay

A 30-minute version of the first Hannay book, it was one of many quick adventures on the CBS Radio Network in an anthology program called Suspense, the 9th episode of the 11 season. Interestingly, Herbert Marshall returns as Richard Hannay so he is both the 5th and 11th person to portray him.

12 The Island Of Sheep
Episode 12-1, first aired 05/19/1954
Writer: Felix Felton
Guest Stars: Alec Clunes as Richard Hannay, Avice Landone as Mary Hannay, James McKechnie as Sandy

A 6-part adaptation of the last full book in the series, it was presented by the BBC Home Service Radio. The episodes were:
1. The Jade Tablet (05/19/1954)
2. Haraldsen's Son (05/26/1954)
3. Sandy Intervenes (06/02/1954)
4. Anna Haraldsen (06/09/1954)
5. In The Hands Of The Enemey (06/16/1954)
6. The Riddle Of The Tablet (06/23/1954)

13 The Thirty-Nine Steps
Episode 12-1, first aired 01/17/1960
Writer: J. C. Gosforth
Guest Stars: James McKechnie as Richard Hannay, Alfred Hoffman as Scudder, Eric Anderson as Sir Walter, John Scott as Paddock, Duncan McIntyne as Turnbull

BBC Light Programme Radio Network's version of the novel told in 6 parts:
1. The Man Who Died (17/01/1960)
2. The Adventure Of The Literary Innkeeper (24/01/1960)
3. The Adventure Of The Radical Candidate (31/01/1960)
4. The Adventure Of The Bald Archaeologist (07/02/1960)
5. The Adventure Of The Dry-Fly Fisherman (14/02/1960)
6. The Adventure Of The Thirty-Nine Steps (21/02/1960)

14 The Island Of Sheep
Episode 14-1, first aired 01/19/1966
Director: Felix Felton
Writer: Susan Ashman
Guest Stars: Ian Dewar as Haroldsen, Malcolm Hayes as Richard Hannay, Felix Felton as Sandy, Jean Hastings as Anna Haraldsen

BBC Home Service Radio presentation of the novel told in 8 parts:
1. The Tablet Of Jade (19/01/1966)
2. The Haraldsen Vendetta (26/01/1966)
3. Sandy Intervenes (02/02/1966)
4. Laverlaw (09/02/1966)
5. Anna Haraldsen (16/02/1966)
6. Council Of War (23/02/1966)
7. In Enemy Hands (02/03/1966)
8. The Riddle Of The Tablet (09/03/1966)

15 The Adventure of Richard Hannay
Episode 15-1, first aired 08/13/1972

A remake of the 1950 Dramatization only with 6 episodes that were based on the 1st book "The Thirty-Nine Steps" and the 3rd book "Mr. Standfast" presented on BBC Radio 4. The episodes were:
1. The Man Who Died (08/13/1972)
2. The Hawk Swoops (08/20/1972)
3. The 39 Steps (08/27/1972)
4. Hannay Gets Down To Work (09/13/1972)
5. Mr. Ivery Is Revealed (09/10/1972)
6. Mr. Standfast (09/17/1972)

16 The Island Of Sheep
Episode 16-1, first aired 08/31/1975
Writer: Antony Kearney
Guest Stars: Michael Deacon as Sandy, Anne Jameson as Mary Hannay, Noel Johnson as Richard Hannay, David March as Valdemer Haraldsen

BBC Radio 4's version of the novel told in 3 parts:
1. The Tablet of Jade (Aug 31, 1975)
2. Pursuit (Sep 7, 1975)
3. The Riddle of the Tablet (Sep 14, 1975)

17 The Island Of Sheep
Episode 17-1, first aired 01/23/1983
Director: Patrick Rayner
Writer: Antony Kearey
Guest Stars: Nigel Anthony as Richard Hannay, Sandra Clark as Mary Hannay, John Rowe as Lord Clanroyden, Geoffrey Matthews as Haralsen

Yet another version for BBC Radio 4 told in 3 parts as follows;
1. The Tablet Of Jade (Jan. 23, 1983)
2. The Dog Samr (Jan. 30, 1983)
3. The Riddle Of The Tablet (Feb. 6, 1983)

18 The Thirty-Nine Steps
Episode 18-1, first aired 12/28/1989
Director: Patrick Rayner
Writer: Peter Buckman
Guest Stars: Michael Elder as Sir Walter, David Rintoul as Richard Hannay, Crawford Long as Sir Harry, David Mckall as Appleton, Alexander Morton as Scudder

Yet another version of the first book made for BBC Radio 4 and lasting a total of 90 minutes.


Number of Stories:3
First Appearance:1950
Last Appearance:2007

1 The 39 Steps The 39 Steps
Published by Seaboard Publishing
Contributors: Dick Davis (adapter), Jim Lavery (artist)
Copyright: 01/1950

Fast Fiction #4 - A adaptation of the 1st Richard Hannay novel by John Buchan illustrated into a comic book.

2 The 39 Steps The 39 Steps
Published by Seaboard Publishing
Contributors: Dick Davis (adapter), Jim Lavery (artist)
Copyright: 02/1950

Stories by Famous Authors Illustrated #4 - A reprint of the above comic book only 1 month later under a different series of comics by the same publisher. - click on the image to read the comic.
Click here to read the story.

3 The 39 Steps The 39 Steps
Published by Seaboard Publishing
Contributors: Dick Davis (adapter), Jim Lavery (artist)
Copyright: 06/06/2007

The Comics Journal #283 - In the color section of this magazine was the 2nd reprint of the comic story that was first printed in early 1950. It appears the magazine staff might be the ones that found the possibly lost comic story when they did the reprint.


Number of Entries:4
First Appearance:1983
Last Appearance:2017

1 Combined Forces Combined Forces
Contributors: Jack Smithers
Copyright: 1983

The decade is the 50s. The setting is Portugal. Several members of what has been dubbed 'Clubland' have been forced by largely economics to more to a cheaper place. Though they are much older and not a spy, they all are itching for another adventure so they go in search of one. The unofficial members include Richard Hannay, the oldest of the lot, Hugh Drummond, Jonah Mansel, and Berry and Daphne (of Berry and Co. fame).

2 The Crucible The Crucible
Contributors: Matt Lynn
Copyright: 2014

On the ski slopes of Switzerland in 1923, Richard Hannay witnesses a murder but is surprised when the local police seem uninterested. The fiancée of the murdered man approaches Hannay with a request to get the answer to the killing and provides the man's ring, something which will unveil a huge conspiracy.

3 The Thirty-One Kings The Thirty-One Kings
Contributors: Robert J. Harris
Copyright: 2017

A pastiche written quite a few decades after the original series. An aged Richard Hannay is called back into service as World War II begins. An agent codenamed 'Roland' has disappeared in Paris and is feared in the hands of the Nazis. Hannay is sent to that capital to find and free him. Along the way he encounters old friends and new as well as an enemy who is determined to stop him.

4 Castle MacNab Castle MacNab
Contributors: Robert J. Harris
Copyright: 2018

Three old friends of Richard Hannay have just finished a spot of poaching when Hannay shows up needing help with a little problem. A foreign dignitary, visiting Scotland, has gone missing and may have been abducted.


Number of Games:1
First Appearance:2016
Last Appearance:2016

1 The 39 Steps Game The 39 Steps Game
Interactive Video
The Story Mechanics & GSP Software
Copyright: 2013

An interactive version of the book of the same title for many types of computers. The game is largely played as a visual novel with the player as Richard Hannay. There was a PC version that was classified as a Collector's Edition. All of the version were DVD ROMs.


Number of Collectibles:1
First Appearance:1935
Last Appearance:1935

1 The 39 Steps Pressbook The 39 Steps Pressbook
Press book
Gaumont Picture Corporation
Copyright: 1935

A book sent to theaters in all English speaking countries around the world that played the movie. It was for promotional purposes with
information the theaters could use about the cast, crew and the plot of the movie. It is now a rare and blazing beautiful artifact of one of the most foundational espionage thrillers of the 20th Century.


In the mid-70s I first read John Buchan and met Richard Hannay. I was looking for any and all James Bond-ish series I could find and discovered immediately that Hannay was NOT Bond. But I also learned that I could and did like the terrific prose that Buchan produced and Hannay's tenacity was awesome. I soon followed The Thirty Nine Steps with Greenmantle and some time later Mr. Standfast. The other two I did not know about (no Internet then). Decades, and Internet, later, I revisited Hannay and his adventures and relearned just how good Buchan was. I also learned about the other two books.

Buchan not only was one of the Founders of modern spy novels, he also really created an oft-used theme of movies, television, and, of course, books - that of the man-on-the-run. Hannay is pursuing the bad guys in the first, most famous novel but he is being pursued himself by police and the very people he wants to catch. Unable to trust and no where to hide, he is alone against the world and that is a very scary proposition. Buchan's immense skill at pulling it off so admirably set the bar tremendously high for those following and few have been able to come close.

In the books to follow, Hannay is no longer hunted by everyone but his survival chances are still quite slim though always in different forms and that is one thing that makes Buchan such a good read. Each book is different. Similar in style and replete with recurring characters but the trouble he throws Hannay and friends into varies and does not get old.


My Grade: A

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raven4 A+ 6/15/2014 6:48:53 AM

An archetype for those who followed, not to mention being "ripping yarns." Not to be missed.A warning, however. The books are decidedly not P.C. There is a distinct strain of "the wogs start at Calais" throughout the books, and John Blenkiron's American accent is a hoot. I never knew a single American, of whatever background, that talked like that.

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