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Full Name: Freya Williams and Stone Smith
Series Name: Legacy
Nationality: American
Organization: CURE
Occupation Agent

Creator: Warren Murphy, Gerald Welch
Time Span: 2012 - 2021


Freya Willims and Stone Smith are agents of CURE.

More accurately, they are novice agents of a brand new branch of that highly secret government agency that no one but the President knows exists. Its director, Harold Smith (no relation to Stone Smith), decided that a good deal more attention was needed on border infiltration and he created this offshoot to concentrate on it. The man in charge is assigned these two rookie agents to be his entire force.

Williams and Smith are half-siblings, sharing a common father but raised separately and unaware of each other for much of their lives. They knew only slightly more about their absent father growing up just as he did not know of them for quite a while. When they learned of him, and he of them, their lives changed dramatically for he was Remo Williams, aka The Destroyer, the current Master of Sinanju, and one of the deadliest assassins on the planet.

Remo Williams has been an agent of CURE, and a disciple of Sinanju, the sun-source of all martial arts, for several decades. Trained by the then-reigning Master, for tradition allows only one Master at a time, Chiun, he has become one of the greatest Masters in the 5,000 year history of the Korean House of assassins. Since taking the title as Chiun reluctantly assumed the role of Master Emeritus, he has worked for CURE fighting the enemies of the U.S. while earning the money needed to keep the North Korean village of Sinanju alive. Along the way in his many missions, Remo had an occasional dalliance or two. A couple of them resulted in children he only became aware of later.

The older of the two is Winston "Stone" Smith, the product of Remo and a beautiful nurse that he met when he was first brought to the headquarters of CURE. The CURE Director knew that having a family would distract Remo from the jobs he had to do so the information was kept from him. The child grew to be a man and that man became a Navy SEAL. Despite the military training, however, there were time when Smith would act out and one such event forced his being sent, for his own good, to live with his paternal grandfather, Remo's father, William Rome.

Freya Williams is a good ten years younger than her brother. Fifteen as the series begins, she is the child of Remo and the impressive Jilda of Lakluun. Jilda was the best warrior that a reclusive Viking civilization on a remote island in the Faeroes of the Norwegian Sea, and as such she was sent to combat Remo during a ritual as he neared reaching Master status. Instead of killing him, or being slain by him, she fell in love. When she learned she would bear his child, she also knew that child would always be a target so she kept the truth from him until the child was 5. Even then, when Freya and Remo finally met, it was agreed that the girl would stay with her mother. Only when the mother was killed years later that a newly orphaned Freya was sent to be with Remo's father.

William Rome, the grandfather suddenly entrusted with the two wards, was himself a descendant of a Sinanju offshoot, known as the Sun On Joe tribe of Arizona (long story). His knowledge of Sinanju fighting is tremendous, though nowhere approaching his son's. It is good enough, however, to make the two grandchildren, now his students, extremely dangerous to upset.


Number of Books:8
First Appearance:2012
Last Appearance:2021

1 Forgotten Son Forgotten Son
Written by Warren Murphy, Gerald Welch
Copyright: 2012

A powerful Mexican drug lord is hired to smuggle a box into the States. When his attempts fail due to crossing the area protected by Stone Smith and Freya Williams, he and his crazy nephew send in an army, disguised as ninjas.
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2 The Killing Fields The Killing Fields
Written by Warren Murphy, Gerald Welch
Copyright: 2013

Children grabbed at a very young age, trained in nothing but killing and survival, physically enhanced internally, are the weapons a powerful secret organization is using. 14 is the name of a teenage girl sent on a mission to kill. Freya Williams is determined to save her and her intended victim.
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3 Overload Overload
Written by Warren Murphy, Gerald Welch
Copyright: 2014

The grandfather of Freya Williams and Stone Smith made an enemy years ago who has come back for revenge. He hires the pair to take part in a video game where dying is for real.
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4 Trial And Terror Trial And Terror
Written by Warren Murphy, Gerald Welch
Copyright: 2014

The most dangerous spy in the world is Marcus Eames, a man who is as ruthless as he is dangerous, and his services have been bought by a terrorist ring who want him to shut down the US power grid. As Stone and Freya seeks to stop him, they learn he knows quite a bit about them, and how to fight them.
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5 Mother Mine Mother Mine
Written by Warren Murphy, Gerald Welch
Copyright: 2015

Freya and Stone are pulled in different directions by personal matters. Stone finds his long-lost mother and heads to what he hopes will be a great reunion. Freya heads back to visit her warrior people. Both will find considerable difficulties.
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6 Laughing Matter Laughing Matter
Written by Warren Murphy, Gerald Welch
Copyright: 2017

Kwame is a member of a new species of human, Homo Magis, far superior to normal man. Just ask him. Or his many followers in the college where he teaches. But be careful because he teaches his disciples that killing lesser folk is not only okay, it is required. Stopping him is the latest assignment for Stone and Freya.
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7 100 Proof 100 Proof
Written by Warren Murphy, Gerald Welch
Copyright: 2018

With Stone and Dale heading to North Korea with Master Chiun, where they and the country will both get a history lesson and then some, Freya and Ben must go up against the Gordons Initiative and the sexy android who is out to destroy NASA.
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8 Homecoming Homecoming
Written by Warren Murphy, Gerald Welch
Copyright: 2021

"The Desteen Nation will stop at nothing to reclaim their land. For eight generations, the Desteen have vowed revenge against the Sinanju. For eight generations, their hatred has simmered.
For eight generations, they have trained…and now, the time has finally come to fight!"
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I have been a devoted Destroyer fan since the early 70s. I own every book and have read each, some of them several times. There are some pretty bad ones in the mix (just a few, thankfully) and some really, really good ones. The first two dozen by the creators, Murphy and Sapir, and the last half dozen by Jim Mulhaney are by far the best of the good group. They deserve to be savored.

The Legacy books are approaching that in quality. I devoured the books and wanted more. Hopefully the authors will keep them coming. The characters of Freya and Stone are pretty terrific. Freya is a fantastic student of Sinanju and is becoming a major force to be reckoned with. Stone is older and more mature and darned dangerous in his own right but since he has not totally adopted Sinanju, including eating meat and smoking, his prowess there is far less. He makes up for it, though, with his SEAL training and his own determination.

The adventures are as over-the-top as the Destroyer ones were. The social satire is ever present, skewering anything and everything but still letting you know that good people still exist. The writing is excellent, fast paced and exciting.

As spy novels, they really never try to pretend to be anything they are not. But they are a hoot and I will be a fan for hopefully quite a few more stories.


My Grade: B


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