1938 -

Writing as: Michael Kurland

According to the bio on FantasticFiction: "Michael Kurland has written many non-fiction books on a vast array of topics, including How to Solve a Murder, as well as many novels. Twice a finalist for the Edgar Award (once for The Infernal Device) given by the Mystery Writers of America, Kurland is perhaps best known for his novels about Professor Moriarty. He lives in Petaluma, California."

Series Books
The Man From War Mission: Third Force (1967)
  Mission: Tank War (1968)
  A Plague Of Spies (1969)
Welker & Saboy The Bells Of Hell (2019)
  Whatever the Cost (2019)
Other Ten Years to Doomsday (1964)
  Transmission Error (1970)
  The Secret of Benjamin Square (1972)
  Pluribus (1975)
  The Whenabouts of Burr (1975)
  Tomorrow Knight (1976)
  The Princes of Earth (1978)
  The Infernal Device [Professor Moriarty] (1979)
  The Last President (1980)
  Psi Hunt (1980)
  Death by Gaslight [Professor Moriarty] (1982)
  Frist Cycle (1982)
  Star Griffin (1987)
  A Study In Sorcery [Lord Darcy] (1988)
  Ten Little Wizards [Lord Darcy] (1988)
  Perchance (1989)
  Button Bright (1990)
  Too Soon Dead [Alexander Brass] (1997)
  The Girls in the High-Heeled Shoes [Alexander Brass] (1998)
  The Great Game [Professor Moriarty] (2001)
  The Empress of India [Professor Moriarty] (2006)
  Who Thinks Evil [Professor Moriarty] (2014)