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Full Name: Jacob Welker and Geoffrey Saboy
Nationality: American, British
Organization: OSI
Occupation Agent

Creator: Michael Kurland
Time Span: 2019 - 2019


Jacob Welker is an agent with OSI.

Geoffrey Saboy is a cultural attache to the British Embassy in D.C.

The time frame is the late 30's, 1938 to be exact, when we first meet these gentlemen. War in Europe has not actually started but most people know and fear it is just a matter of months before hostilities begin. Back in the States, the determination to remain out of the fighting looks strong but it is fairly common knowledge that the enemy is constantly bringing in forces to fuel the neutrality sentiment as well as sabotage plans to assist England and France with supplies.

Which explains the existence of the OSI. According to Welker, the acronym stands for the Office of Special Intelligence which is a very new member of the nascent American Intelligence community. Welker admits early on that the OSI consists of him "and about six other guys right now" working out of an office in Manhattan. The OSI is officially connected to the State Department but gets its orders from the President.

The small size of the organization explains why Welker is not adverse to calling upon other people, civilians or not, to lend assistance in his inquiries. That explains how and why he becomes connected with Saboy.

In addition to being a member of the diplomatic entourage from the U.K., Saboy is also part of the aristocracy there. His full title is Lord Geoffrey Saboy, Viscount McComb, Second Son of the Duke of Caneben. Saboy's name and title makes him sound quite important and officious but while Saboy is well aware that any action he takes will reflect good or ill on his family's reputation as well as his country's, he does not take himself too seriously. Nor does his lovely wife Patricia.

One important fact on the Saboy's is that while they have considerable affection for each other and get along quite well, Patricia knows that she is 'a beard', a disguise meant to cover the fact that their marriage is a matter of convenience since Lord Saboy is a gay man in a time where one does not admit to being gay.

Also playing a major role in at least the first adventure is Andrew Blake, a 34-year old homeless man who provides the initial bit of vital intelligence in Welker's first recorded mission and who will be one of those civilians that Welker will draw into his sphere.

Good Line:
- "I have found that it is precisely those things that one does not wish to know that one cannot do without knowing."


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2019
Last Appearance:2019

Jacob Welker is undoubtedly the star of this series but he is happy to share the marquee with those who help him in his investigations. The first adventure is identified by the author or publisher as a 'Blake and Welker' thriller. The second is a 'Welker and Saboy' thriller. If asked, which understandably I was not, I would have said both were the latter although I would likely have pluralized the Saboy part because Patricia Saboy is as interesting and important in my opinion as Geoffrey Saboy is.

1 The Bells Of Hell The Bells Of Hell
Written by Michael Kurland
Copyright: 2019

March, 1938. Otto Lehman arrives in New York by ship and is immediately picked up by two men with FBI badges - except that is not his real name and the men are not really FBI. The next day Lehman is discovered in an abandoned warehouse, tied naked to a chair and beaten to death. The only witness, a homeless man, said the two men spoke German. Counter-intelligence agent Jacob Welker is handed the investigation and he will recruit several civilians to help thwart a suspected Nazi terrorist attack. This will include Lord Geoffrey Saboy, a British 'cultural attache', and his wife Lady Patricia. They just have to first determine who the Nazis are and then what they are about to attack.
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2 Whatever the Cost Whatever the Cost
Written by Michael Kurland
Copyright: 2019

September 1939. Germany has just declared war on Poland. In German Pomerania, Professor Josef Brun is being chased by the SS as he possesses secret documents that could change the course of the war. In America, President Roosevelt hands agent Jacob Welker a special assignment. Einstein believes the Nazis are aware of a new atomic weapon. The way to stop them getting it requires the help of small group of scientists. Welker must find the scientists and get them out of Germany from under the Nazi's noses. To accomplish this, he needs the help of Lord Geoffrey Saboy and his wife Patricia.
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Okay, confession time here. I was a huge Michael Kurland fan from way, way back so when I grabbed the first of the two books, I was predisposed to like it. Everything I found in that adventure just proved how good the author is.

Now, about the characters, I like Jacob Welker a bunch. I really like Geoffrey Saboy. I adore Saboy's wife, Patricia, who has a major role in this series. If ever a supposedly costarring character deserved her own series, she does. She is just awesome.

I do not know if the author, 84 years old as of this writing, will be crafting anymore in this series but I absolutely hope so.


My Grade: A-


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