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Full Name: Peter Carthage
Series Name: The Man From War
Nationality: American
Organization: WAR
Occupation Agent

Creator: Michael Kurland
Time Span: 1967 - 1969


Peter Carthage is an employee of, and chief troubleshooter for, WAR.

With a company name of Weapons Analysis and Research, Incorporated, abbreviated WAR, it would be easy to expect a mercenary outfit but that is not the case with this organization whose lead agent, or representative, is Peter Carthage. The purpose of WAR, Inc. is to provide just about everything else: training, equipment, systems, and advice.

The company, based in New Jersey, was founded to fill a vacuum. Many smaller third-world countries were in need of assistance to defend themselves but in the world of two super-powers, getting it without unwanted strings was difficult. Ask the U.S. and the country was suddenly a die-hard anti-communist, possibly even an imperialist. Ask the Soviet and it was a Red-loving, freedom-hating socialist. So War, Inc was there to let the country be itself, for a price. And with the hiring came the services of Carthage, known best as the Expeditor.

Carthage is a man used to wearing suits for meetings with the clients and fatigues for work in the field. Whether it is a briefcase or an automatic in his hand, he is able to handle the job. He doesn't particularly want to fight. He wants to sell the tools for others to fight. He also doesn't want to get killed, though, so fighting becomes necessary and when it does, having an intimate knowledge of the tools of the trade is one very good bonus.

Note: this series had two names to it, which is odd considering there are only 3 books. The first is The Man From WAR and that other is The Mission Series.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:1967
Last Appearance:1969

1 Mission: Third Force Mission: Third Force
Written by Michael Kurland
Copyright: 1967

The small country of Bonterre is an absolute monarchy whose leader is trying to bring in democracy but a neighboring country is not in favor of progress.

2 Mission: Tank War Mission: Tank War
Written by Michael Kurland
Copyright: 1968

The man behind the rebels trying to take over an oil rich shiekdom is said to be over 900 years old. Whether he is or isn't, he leads a band of assassins who pose a new type of danger to Peter Carthage and his people.

3 A Plague Of Spies A Plague Of Spies
aka Mission: Police Action
Written by Michael Kurland
Copyright: 1969

A band of assassins were massing on the island of Alba in the Adriatic. What their purpose was remained a mystery but WAR, Inc is hired to find out and to break up the gathering. Peter Carthage must go undercover to infiltrate.


I love the concept that war may be hell but if you do it right, it can also be profitable. This is a well-written action series with lots of explosions and gun fights and lots of behind-the-scenes intrigue. It is fun to take the side of the provider of the weapons as he works to make sure he stays alive and his company makes a profit. It is like a mercenary but not quite. This series is unique for giving a character such an unusual profession.

The author is a very eclectic writer having made most of his acclaim in the science fiction genre but also know for four books about the devious Professor Moriarty. His first books, though, were the Carthage novels.


My Grade: B+


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