1928 - 1996

Writing as: Dan Streib

According to Serial Vigilantes of Paperback Fiction by Grant Mengel [great book, btw]: "Dan Streib, born 1928, served in the US army during the Korean War (1950-53) and died in 1996 of a heart attack. An extensive traveler for both work and pleasure, San Diego based Streib used the locales he visited in his works which include the Counter Force series under his own name, Death Squad series as Frank Colter, romances under the names of Louis Grandville and Lee Davis Whilloughby, and westerns under the names Jonathon Schofield and J. Faragut Jones."

Series Books
Nick Carter (1964) The Night of the Avenger (1973)
Counter Force Counter Force (1983)
  Death Shuttle (1983)
  The Karate Killers (1983)
  The Mind Breakers (1983)
  The Trident Hijacking (1983)
  Terror For Sale (1984)
  Titans Duel (1984)
  The Body Hunters (1984)
  The Bloody Rose (1985)
Grant Fowler The President Has Been Kidnapped (1971)
  Moscow At Noon Is The Target (1973)
Michael Hawk The Deadly Crusader (1980)
  The Mind Twisters (1980)
  The Power Barons (1980)
  The Predators (1980)
  California Shakedown (1981)
  The Seeds Of Evil (1981)
  The Death Riders (1981)
  The Enemy Within (1981)
  Down Under And Dirty (1981)
  The Cargo Gods (1981)
  The Terror Merchants (1981)
  The Virgin Stealers (1981)
  The Hawaiian Takeover (1981)
  The Treasure Divers (1981)
Phoenix Force Show of Force (1988)
  Rim of Fire (1989)