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Full Name: Steve Crown
Series Name: Counter Force
Nationality: American
Organization: Counter Force
Occupation Agent

Creator: Dan Streib
Time Span: 1983 - 1985


Steve Crown is an agent with Counter Force.

When the intelligence agencies of the free world were proving too ineffective to stop the advance of communism, Adam Crown, head of a gigantic conglomerate, started his own. Using his influence, and his money, he and his group, named Counter Force, soon became a force that the agencies would turn to themselves when things became too hot politically.

Chief among the many agents working for Counter Force and the powerful old man who created it was the founder's only grandchild, Steve Crown. At 29 years of age, this Crown stood 6'4 and in excellent shape. A love of danger and challenge, he engaged in a variety of extreme sports such as mountain climbing and scuba diving. He also possessed a keen intellect and, surprisingly considering the ruthlessness of his only relative, a sense of morality and compassion.

Crown grew up having the very best of everything from fast cars to a luxury mansion to as much money as he felt he needed. What he didn't have was a family. His mother was dead since he was a baby. His father, a noted space scientist, was said to have defected to the Soviet Union shortly thereafter. That left Crown in the sole care of his grandfather but with the aging industrialist fixated on his work, Crown was alone.

As the heir to the Crown fortune and being the man of adventure that he is, Crown is not only one of the Counter Force directors, he is also its best agent. But whereas the mission of the organization is to further the elder Crown's battle against the Soviets, it is mission of the younger to see some justice is done.


Number of Books:9
First Appearance:1983
Last Appearance:1985

1 Counter Force Counter Force
Written by Dan Streib
Copyright: 1983

The arrest of his father in Russia, charged with treason, is the first stage in a mission that will confront a scheme that uses laser beams from a killer satellite.

2 Death Shuttle Death Shuttle
Written by Dan Streib
Copyright: 1983

Steve Crown is faced with a challenge probably beyond even his abilities as the existence of a bomb is discovered on board an orbiting space shuttle.

3 The Karate Killers The Karate Killers
Written by Dan Streib
Copyright: 1983

As the Premier of Red China prepares to visit San Francisco, a team of silent martial arts killers prepare to take his life and ruin diplomatic relations.

4 The Mind Breakers The Mind Breakers
Written by Dan Streib
Copyright: 1983

The ability to control minds is one of the great dreams for any would-be conqueror. Now a deranged scientist has come up with a technique to deliver it.

5 The Trident Hijacking The Trident Hijacking
Written by Dan Streib
Copyright: 1983

It was bad enough that a crew of madmen somehow hijack the latest Trident nuclear sub but they demand $1 million for each man. And the life of Steve Crown.

6 Terror For Sale Terror For Sale
Written by Dan Streib
Copyright: 1984

Terrorists from both sides strike at each other over the matter of independence for province of Quebec and thousands of innocents are caught in the middle.

7 Titans Duel Titans Duel
Written by Dan Streib
Copyright: 1984

Someone has marked Steve Crown and sent in one of the greatest freelance hitmen, a man known as the Titan. The question Crown asks is who wants him dead.

8 The Body Hunters The Body Hunters
Written by Dan Streib
Copyright: 1984

Steve Crown finds his life even more hectic than normal as he must rescue his father from Central American guerillas before taking on a dictator with nuclear dreams.

9 The Bloody Rose The Bloody Rose
Written by Dan Streib
Copyright: 1985

The ruthless gang lead by the Bloody Rose has had incredible luck. Whether it is robbery or murder, they hit and then get away clean. Now they are after Steve Crown.


It takes a considerable amount of effort to get any kind of handle on the main character. At times he seems as disinterested as could be possible and then he becomes a huge champion of the mission. It is disconcerting. I had thought for a while that the author was a house name but that turned out not true so answers lies elsewhere. It might be a passage of time as the books were all released around the same time indicating they were written earlier.

The missions are fairly standard but well presented with plenty of action and no shortage of beautiful women. Still, there seems something missing.


My Grade: C


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