Writing as: Samuel Marquis

According to the bio on his website: "The ninth great-grandson of legendary privateer Captain William Kidd, Samuel Marquis is a Colorado #1 bestselling and award-winning historical fiction author. He works by day as a VP–Principal Hydrogeologist with an environmental consulting firm in Boulder, Colorado, and by night as a writer of the world’s most heralded and entertaining historical novels (hyperbole intended). Born and raised in the Mile High City, Samuel was, to put it mildly, an absolute hellion as a youth. He was so greatly feared for his prowess at throwing snowballs at cars, buses, and other motorized conveyances that the corner of 3rd and Race became widely known as “The Devil’s Corner.” He attended Bromwell and Graland Country Day School in these tumultuous years and was known for chasing girls (literally because they were running away from him), his blazing slapshot, and, of course, his sneaky quick stick in lacrosse, which would later go on to earn him the moniker “Sneaky Sam” and “The Spider” in his Men’s Lacrosse League, which he participates in on Sundays to this day. His role models growing up were assorted rogues two- and three-years his senior with nicknames like Jake Stogebart, Sidlobe, and Wee, nefarious lads whom his mother Anne attempted in vain to discourage all contact with and his father Austin secretly enjoyed."

Series Books
Nick Lassiter The Devil's Brigade (2015)
  The Fourth Pularchek (2017)
Skyler The Devil's Brigade (2015)
  The Coalition (2016)
  The Fourth Pularchek (2017)