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Full Name: Skyler
Nationality: Italian
Organization: None
Occupation Assassin

Creator: Samuel Marquis
Time Span: 2015 - 2017


Skyler is an assassin.

More specifically she is an impressive sniper, able to eliminate targets from a distance under extremely difficult conditions. Our introduction to her is in the recounting of an adventure of someone else, Skyler just showing up towards the end to  remove an individual from living by making an important shot from a hovering helicopter. After the shot was taken and the target dispatched, she flies away.

In that encounter, we readers are told: "the killer was actually a much-sought after professional female assassin. In fact, the woman was of Italian heritage, but with her routine clever disguises, polyglot mastery of languages, and surgical alteration of her Roman nose, it was never possible to know for sure. Her given name was Angela Valentina Ferrara, but years ago she had become a full-time contract killer and forsaken her real name for aliases. Her current alias was Skyler, no last name. She also had a nom de guerre - Diego Gomez - a fictitious name created by her control agent. The invented Spanish assassin Gomez remained a mystery, a phantom of the files in the hands of the international law enforcement community. For her own security, Skyler was determined to keep it that way." So far "no one knew what she looked like or her true identity, except her control agent, Xavier." 

When we meet her later in her own adventure, we are told "she had taken out oligarchs, powerful businessman, high-ranking government officials, "most wanted" terrorists, and rival snipers - a total of fourteen individuals in Europe, the U.S., Canada, and South America." We also learn "all of Skyler's targets in the past had been men. She hated men - how the hell could she not after what Don Scarpello and Alberto had done to her - and wanted to kill them all. But she had never harmed a woman or child, accidentally or otherwise. Nor would she ever kill a man in front of his family."

She definitely comes across to those learning of her exploits as a cold-blooded killer and at the time she pulls the trigger, she is. Later, though, was a different matter. "When the nightmares came - and they always did - she would quake with shame. With sweat pouring from her body and teeth grinding, she would see the faces of her victims, one after another. They always came through clearly, framed in the perfect circle of her sniper-scope with the crosshairs centered on the forehead. When she squeezed the trigger, the smooth, clear faces would explode in a spray of blood and she would gasp for air and leap up in her bed, covered in sweat."


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2015
Last Appearance:2017

The author has created a series he calls the "Nick Lassiter - Skyler Series". I have chosen to separate them since Skyler has such a small role in the first of the three books and he has none at all in the second, with the two both having major parts to play in the third.

Though I have opted to do things differently, I strongly recommend for best enjoyment of all that the books be read in order:

The Devil's Brigade

The Coalition

The Fourth Pularchek

1 The Devil's Brigade The Devil's Brigade
Written by Samuel Marquis
Copyright: 2015

Nick Lassiter is having a bad year. He just lost his girlfriend and his job. And he finds that an unpublished thriller he had penned was stolen and turned into a blockbuster movie. Deciding he wants justice for the latter, he and a couple of odd friends head to NYC. There they will find trouble from the NYPD as well as the Russian mob. Only the intervention of his high-ranking CIA father will keep help keep them alive long enough to make sense of everything.
Skyler plays a small but extremely important part at the end of this adventure.
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2 The Coalition The Coalition
Written by Samuel Marquis
Copyright: 2016

Skyler's latest assassination was a huge one - eliminating the U.S. President-elect. Now a huge international task force led by a dedicated anti-terror FBI agent is out to find her identity and bring her in. On her side, though, is a secret society with enormous powers and a scheme that reaches deep inside the American government.
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3 The Fourth Pularchek The Fourth Pularchek
Written by Samuel Marquis
Copyright: 2017

When Nick Lassiter learns of his biological father who turns out to be a Polish billionaire and high ranking intelligence officer, he also finds tremendous trouble dealing with secrets from WWII. Only with the help of his adopted father, a high-ranking CIA official, not to mention the very dangerous and scary Italian assassin known only as Skyler, does he have a chance of survival.
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There is something seriously wrong with me when I take such delight in reading adventures about women as lethal and frankly scary as Skyler. I mean, she kills people ... for money.  And then she heads back home, to presumably eat meals and do the dishes afterwards, to sleep and then make the bed in the morning, to do laundry and vacuum and go shopping - living her life while waiting for another assignment to go stop someone else from doing the same.

And I dig it! That be just some sort of weird, right?

It has been several years since the last of the adventures with Skyler was penned leaving me to think her chronicles have ended. But since she is very much alive at the end of the last one, who knows if she might show up again. I would enjoy that - unless I am in her crosshairs, then not so much.


My Grade: B


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